LumaBooth: the professional
photo booth & booth app
for iPad, iPhone and Mac

Screenshot of capture screen of dslrBooth photo booth software

The easiest and quickest way to run a photo booth for your next event. Get your iPad, iPhone or Mac, install the LumaBooth event photo booth app and you are all set.

stack of photo booth photos

Capture photos, GIFs, videos and 360s with the LumaBooth app using either Canon/Nikon or built-in cameras.

Edit photo booth print layout icon

Shape the experience of your photo booth from start screen and branding all the way to print and video.

Share photo booth photo and video icon

Share using email, SMS, Instagram, QR code, AirDrop, WhatsApp, or physical paper prints of any size.

Screenshot of LumaBooth photo booth app with applying effects to photos

Create + Capture

  • In addition to photo booth mode, choose any of: video, GIF, boomerang & 360 booth modes.

  • Use any of the built-in filters such as black/white or create your own LUTs.

  • Add image and animated video overlays.

Print layout

  • Use the built-in template editor to create a custom designed print for each event or save time and shop from ready-made templates.

  • Choose the number of photos per print.

  • Add your own text and images.

  • Include guest signatures and responses.

  • Get high quality paper prints.


Branded Experience

  • Get started using our built-in themes whether for a wedding, birthday or party.

  • Easily set your own background image, font, and colors to keep with your event's theme.

  • Use the Virtual Attendant to guide guests through the experience with built-in or custom video and audio prompts.

360 booth with LumaBooth

    Pristine quality
  • Shoot in 120 or 240 fps to capture smooth 360 footage no matter the speed.

  • Speed ramps
  • Automatically slow down and speed up the video throughout the captured video.

  • Customizable
  • Add animated and static overlays, soundtracks, and before + after videos.


More than just a photobooth app

360 photo booth icon illustration
360 Booth

Capture your guests from all angles for a unique customized video experience.
360 photo booth features

Photo booth backdrop
AI background removal

Magically remove your guests background in photos and videos and transport your guests anywhere in the world.
Background removal features

Illustration of multiple photos to create a photo booth GIF
GIF Booth

Capture several photos and customize with overlays and filters to create the perfect GIF of your guests.

Illustration of mirror booth
Mirror Booth

Guide your guests with audio and video messages throughout the photobooth experience. Use pre-recorded messages or record your own!
Mirror booth features

Glam booth illustration
Glam Booth

Skin softening features give your guests baby soft skin. Black/White or color filters can also be added for a flawless finish.
Glam booth features

Illustration of video guest booth booth
Video Guestbook

Capture your guests warm wishes and loving messages as a keepsake to remember your special day.
Video guest book features

A world of features

Illustration of print layout editor in photo booth software
Built-in layout editor

Customize your print templates without leaving the app.

Illustration of photo booth software camera settings
Camera control

Manually adjust camera settings for perfect captures using Canon/Nikon or built-in cameras.

Illustration of cloud sync feature
Cloud Sync

Your event will seamlessly sync across all your devices.

Illustration of photo booth filters
Import custom filters

Install custom LUT filters for your guests to choose from.

Illustration of video booth overlay
Animated video overlays

Use built-in video overlays or import your own animated video overlays.

Illustration of photo booth overlay
Image overlays

Customize your experience by adding custom image overlays.

Illustration of photo booth sticker

Allow your guests to customize their session with stickers.

Illustration of photo booth survey
Survey & Disclaimer

Allow guests to provide feedback and accept disclaimers.

Illustration of online sharing globe
Online and offline sharing

When guests share by Email and SMS, they will get their photos or videos in real-time. If there is no internet, shares will queue until internet connection is available.

Photo booth backdrop
Green Screen

Shoot against a green screen background and LumaBooth will replace it with any custom background of your choosing.

Easy to use

Powerful, professional & feature packed with the simplicity of iOS, iPadOS and MacOS

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Apps that make your photo booth app experience better

fotoShare Cloud logo

Cloud storage for all booth sessions.

Get a fully customizable microsite for each of your events to showcase your photos and videos

  • 5 GB free storage

  • Unlimited events

  • Unlimited sessions

  • Detailed analytics

  • Fully customizable

LumaShare logo

Standalone sharing station for your booth apps.

Keep the lines on your booth moving quickly by letting guests share their photos and videos at a separate station

  • SMS

  • AirDrop

  • E-Mail

  • Social media

  • Premium support

Have Questions?

How do I purchase?

You can purchase LumaBooth through the Apple app store or through Direct Billing at under App Licenses, LumaBooth.

Does Lumabooth do 360?

360 features are available in LumaBooth for iPad, iPhone and Mac. Features include slow down and sped up video clips, animated overlays and mp3 soundtracks.

Is there a yearly subscription?

There are both monthly and yearly subscriptions through the Apple app store.

How can I use a Canon, Nikon, DSLR or mirrorless camera with LumaBooth?

LumaBooth uses iPad or iPhone's built-in front, rear, telephoto, and wide cameras and also supports Canon and Nikon mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

How much does the LumaBooth app cost?

LumaBooth costs just $18 per month for subscriptions through or $20 per month if purchased through the app store. This allows the use of two devices and includes all capture booth modes, sharing features, survey, disclaimer. SMS sending is included as well as a full gallery (microsite)

Can I turn my iPad into a photo booth?

Yes, it is possible to turn an iPad into a photo booth by using a photo booth app. There are many photo booth apps available for download on the App Store, such as LumaBooth. These apps provide features such as live preview, camera controls, and the ability to print or share photos via social media. Additionally, you can use a stand to hold your iPad in the right position and connect an external printer to print the photos.

What are the hardware requirements?

LumaBooth runs on iPad, iPhone and Mac. See other hardware requirements.

Can I run two events at the same time? How many devices can I use?

Yes, you can run two events at the same time by using your subscription on two different devices.

Can LumaBooth be used on Android?

Android devices are not currently supported. LumaBooth runs on iPads, iPhones and Macs.

Is there a Photo Booth on iPad?

iPads do not come with a built-in photo booth feature. However, you can use the LumaBooth photo booth app on your iPad to achieve better functionality geared specifically for events.

How do I use my iPhone as a photo booth?

The iPhone's camera may capture great-looking photos despite its small screen, and when combined with a photo booth app like LumaBooth, it creates a great photo booth experience. LumaBooth also supports Canon and Nikon mirrorless and DSLR cameras, and is compatible with Mac. Additionally, an iPad can be used in conjunction with LumaBooth to share photos and videos through the LumaShare companion app.

Do iPhones have photo booth?

iPhones do not come with a built-in photo booth feature. However, you can use the LumaBooth photo booth app on your iPhone to achieve an even better experience as the app is built for events such as weddings, birthdays, and parties.

How can I get a cheap photo booth?

A DIY photo booth is a great option for a cheap photo booth as all you need is a backdrop, props, and a camera. You can use an iPad, iPhone or Mac as your photo booth with the help of a LumaBooth photo booth app.

Unleash the fun at your next event with our free trial of the LumaBooth photo booth software for iPad, iPhone and Mac.

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