Mirror Booth

Entertain and guide your guests throughout their photobooth experience

Man standing in front of large mirror booth display with flash on top.
Video animation and audio recording to play with a mirror booth app
Video and Audio Prompts

Use the app’s professional built-in animations and audio prompts to guide your guests

Mirror booth display being touched by a hand while mirror booth software is running.
Immersive Experience

The guest experience is built and optimized for use on a large touch display

Person signing on a mirror booth software
Interactive Features

Let your guests add stickers, emojis or signature to the final print

Perfect for weddings, corporate events, parties, birthdays, sweet 16s, and other celebrations.

Mirror booth video animation illustration
Customized animations

Use the built-in animations or upload your own for a one of a kind experience for your guests.

Guest signing to customize print in photo booth app.
Guest signature

Further personalize the booth experience by having your guests draw their signature and incorporate it into their print.

Sticker smiling emoji
Stickers & emojis

Add fun to the experience by allowing guests to add built-in or custom stickers and emojis to their print.

Screen editor interface of mirror booth app
Built-in screen editor

Customize the screens that your guests see to perfectly fit your event with your own graphics, logos, and buttons.

Share photo booth photo and video icon

Easily share your photos and videos via email, SMS, AirDrop, QR Code as well as print your photos.

Print photo booth layout
High quality custom prints

Get the highest quality prints by using the built-in template editor to add your logo, text, or other graphics.

Girl in dress posing in front of mirror booth with camera animation playing.

What is a Mirror Booth?

A Mirror Booth uses a large life-size mirror to allow guests to see themselves and pose while they are guided by short video animations. Unlike traditional photo booths, Mirror Booths are more interactive as guests can add their signature, stickers, and emojis to their final print by touching the mirror.

Which app to use

You have two options in regards to what software you can use to run your Mirror Booth

Microsoft Windows PC Logo

Mirror booth software compatible with Windows

Highest quality due to using Canon and Nikon cameras that offer the best sensors and optics.

Apple iPad Logo

Mirror booth app compatible with iPad and Mac

Very easy, convenient and portable setup for small size roaming mirrors.

Have Questions?

What is better, a photo booth or a magic mirror?

The magic mirror feature is an add-on to a traditional photo booth. The magic mirror animations draw your guests in and carry them through the experience with creative video animations, stickers, and signature. The magic mirror is more interactive but more difficult to transport.

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