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Pristine Quality

Shoot in 120 or 240 fps to capture smooth 360 footage no matter the speed.

Changing speed of 360 photo booth video
Speed Ramps

Automatically slow down and speed up throughout the captured video.

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Add animated overlays and static overlays, soundtracks and before and after videos.

Create a unique experience using our apps to capture guests in 360° and instantly get a dynamic branded video to enjoy and share.

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Multi-device compatibility

For use with GoPro 5-11, Canon/Nikon mirrorless and DSLR cameras or iPhone & iPad

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Play a realtime slideshow of your guests' videos on a big screen using AirPlay or HDMI to enhance the guests' experience

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Realtime sharing

Have guests share using email, SMS, AirDrop or QR Code using our companion LumaShare for iPad & iPhone sharing app

Cloud sync of 360 video booth settings across devices
Cloud sync

Photobooth event settings sync across all your devices. Set up your event at home, at the office, or anywhere with an internet connection

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Online gallery

360 videos seamlessly upload to our secure sharing site, fotoShare Cloud, to create an online gallery for your event.

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Awesome support

We stand behind the software we build. Our extensive support site, videos, and US-based support team is here to help you when needed

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What is a 360 booth?

Unlike a traditional photo booth, a 360 booth captures high quality video of your guests in a high framerate for several seconds with the camera spinning around them. The app then takes the captured footage, and based on your preference, speeds up and slows down several parts of it. It then adds a static overlay of your choice such as a logo, monogram, or an image.

Based on your settings, the app can add an animated overlay from the built-in options or a custom one you supply. It can also add a music soundtrack and finally it can add an intro and outro videos to create a final video clip that is ready for sharing.

360 sample videos from our customers

What is needed for a 360 photo booth

  • A motorized 360 platform with an arm spinning around your guests.

  • A high framerate camera such as GoPro, Canon, Nikon, iPhone, or iPad.

  • A bright LED ring light mounted to the spinner arm.

  • LED lights are a plus and improve quality and ambiance.

  • LumaBooth or dslrBooth app to capture the video, speed it up and slow it down, add music, overlays, intro/outro, and effects.

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Which app to use

You have two options in regards to what software to run to capture and process your 360 video footage.

Windows logo

360 software for Windows

Highest quality due to using GoPro, Canon and Nikon cameras that have the best sensors and optics.

iPhone/iPad logo

360 software for iPhone, iPad or Mac

Very easy and portable setup with only having to setup an iPhone or iPad on the 360 arm.

Have Questions?

Which software do I need?

You can use dslrBooth Professional on a PC computer or tablet running Windows 10 or Windows 11. To use on an iPad or iPhone you can use LumaBooth.

What are the hardware requirements?

LumaBooth requirements

dslrBooth requirements

Can I use a GoPro?

Yes, with dslrBooth Professional for Windows you can use GoPro Hero 5 through 11 to capture and process 360 photo booth videos.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes you can download the free trial of dslrBooth or LumaBooth.

Where can I purchase a spinner?

Check out our recommended hardware.

Can I share via QR code?

Yes dslrBooth booth software, LumaBooth booth app, and the companion LumaShare sharing app have QR code sharing. LumaShare additionally supports offline sharing by QR Code when there is no internet connection.

What is the best app for 360 photo booth?

The best app for 360 photo booth needs to capture high frame rate video footage, offer camera stabilization, change clip speeds, and apply static/animated overlays as well as a background soundtrack. The dslrBooth and LumaBooth apps offer the easiest solution to run a 360 photo booth with tons of features at an unmatched value.

Is GoPro good for 360 photo booth?

GoPros are action cameras, they are designed to be small, durable, and can capture high frame rate footage, which makes them ideal for capturing high-quality video conditions.

What equipment do you need for a 360 photo booth?

To set up a 360-degree photo booth, you will need the following equipment: a 360 spinner platform, a ring light, and a photo booth app such as LumaBooth or dslrBooth. LumaBooth uses an iPhone, iPad, Canon, or Nikon camera. dslrBooth uses a GoPro, Canon, or Nikon camera.

How do I set up a 360 photo booth on my iPhone?

Download the LumaBooth photobooth app from the Apple app store. Once downloaded, create your account and purchase your subscription. Go to Settings > Capture Settings > Boomerang where you can set up your 360 video by choosing a preset to speed up and slow down clips. You can then add overlays, music, and before and after videos.

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