dslrBooth Reviews

Professional photo booth software

Compatible with Canon, Nikon, GoPro & Webcam
For Windows PC or Mac.

Oreste M. from United States
Lo mejor
very good program for large and small entertainment companies

Duncan W. from Australia
Love it!
Used this software for the first time on Saurday, 10 October 2020 and was very impressed with it. Amazing! Now looking at converting all my other booths to this software.

Arie J. from Indonesia
All in one Solution for Photo Booth
I've been using dslrbooth since 4 years ago .. at first I used another photo booth application, but since I found dslrbooth, I was so impressed. The software is easy to use, features complete and always updated. as well as the customer support service is very responsive .. thanks dslrbooth

Santiago R. from United States
So far I love the software. It does everything I need it to do and has been working fine. I have done 2 events and have not had any hiccups.

Jaime R. from United States
DSLR Renewal
I absolutely love the DSLR program. Amazing!

Veronica R. from United States
Love my dslrBooth
I truly enjoy such a simple platform. It is easy to create templates and I love the updates that we get. All we need now a is more ways to create Fonts and Design models for templates.

Daniel M. from Germany
Alles super sehr geiles Programm
Alles super sehr geiles Programm

Peter W. from Australia
Awesome product
Have used DSLR booth for 3 years and love it

Techel from Germany
Großes Lob! Ein richtig gutes Programm! Wundervoll!

Wannrat S. from Thailand
Good job
Now your software its make me have many jobs Thanks you so much to hard working to developed it.

Joseph L. from United States
Outstanding customer service, as usual
My assistant was asked to renew our license, but he purchased the license instead. An email and an hour later, we had a refund for the full amount and the correct charge applied. Excellent service and a wonderful product!

Dirk C. from Germany
Hello .. I am very
Hello .. I am very happy with your program. I bought 2 accounts from you with 2 programs and have extended the license several times. Many thanks

Josef S. from Germany
Tolle Softwear mit kleinen Problemen
Ich nutze Ihre Softwear ja schon einige Zeit und finde immer wieder neue Einstellmöglichkeiten. Wenn ich auch mittlerweile ganz gut mit der Softwear vertraut bin, so hakt es immer mal wieder. Ich verwende Windows 10 Pro und mich nervt aktuell - doch auch schon vor dem Update - dass die Kamera (eine Canon 7d) nicht gefunden wird. Dann muss ich die Kamera aus- und wieder einschalten, manchmal muss ich auch die Kabelverbindung zwischen Kamera und PC trennen, dann funktioniert wieder alles. Wenn die Photobox im Einsatz ist und dieser Fehler auftritt, ist das schon sehr ärgerlich. Gibt es dafür eine Erklärung bzw. Lösung? Dann wird die CF-Card immer mal wieder als voll angezeigt, obwohl sie ziemlich leer ist.|Auch hier muss dann im Einsatz die Box geöffnet werden, die Karte aus der Kamera herausgenommen, ggf. formatiert und dann wieder eingesteckt werden.|Für einen technisch Unbegabten kann das durchaus zum Problem werden. Auch hier suche ich immer noch nach einer Lösung. Ansonsten ist das eine tolle Softwear. Vielleicht lassen sich diese kleinen Probleme in naher Zukunft ja doch lösen.|Liebe Grüße aus old Germany|Josef Stukenbrock

Roland P. from Australia
This is fantastic, it made
This is fantastic, it made every celebration extra special.

Joël I. from France
excellent logiciel un peu difficile
excellent logiciel un peu difficile la prise en main mais fonctionne super.

Markus K. from Switzerland
perfekte App
Funktioniert Perfekt. Da gibt es nichts zu beanstanden.

Christian B. from Germany
Works, easy to use
easy in Usability.|But sometimes it hangs doing template work..

Cristian F. from Romania
Un excelent program pentru fotografii și distracție . Cred ca ar mai trebui lucrat la Cromakey, mai ales în condiții mai slabe de iluminare a subiectului!

Herr V. from Germany
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Software. Läuft tadellos u alles funktioniert kinderleicht.

Shelby S. from United States
Works better on my Apple device
I have this on my Macbook devices, as well as, my Windows Surface tablet. Very easy to use with my Mac. When used with my Surface, i tried matching the template background to a specific color, it did not have the option to use the color dropper to match exactly the color i wanted. With my Mac, so easy to match exact xolors with the color dropper. |I have been using DSLRBooth for a few years now. I have renewed my license annually for the past 4-5 years. . My complaint is that I renewed and paid for the 1 year to use this and due to restrictions from our governor, I have not been able to use this product for the past 5 months. I requested if I could have credit for the months that we were mandated for quarantine and non gathering for special events. I was basically told that they wouldn't give me any credit for 5 months of paid NON USE". Even gym membership billings were paused until they opened back up. I just think this was bad customer service on DSLRbooth's part. On a purchase from one of my other photo booths, I was even given a discount due to the current pandemic situation. DSLRbooth could atleast have provided some sort of discount even as small as even a download of maybe 2 templates? |Other than this, as far as the actual software, it is easy to use. But I think Booth Co-pilot can be improved, ie: is there a way to increase printing to more than just 4 prints?

Summer R. from United States
Software is very easy to
Software is very easy to use! Have had no problems within the 3 years I’ve had it.

Marco M. from Germany
great software
it is really the best software for fotobooth you can get!

Sharon J. from United States
Improvements are great
Since the latest update and my 1 year license renewal, the software seems to run faster and more smoothly, and the new look is great.

Tom H. from United States
Great software! Boomerang was a
Great software! Boomerang was a hit.

Riard R. from Albania
Awsome and Quick
It took less than 2 minutes to purchase and activate the product. Awesome experience.

Michael K. from Germany
Very Good
Sehr zufrieden. Gerne wieder :+1::skin-tone-3:

Hung F. from Hong Kong SAR China
AR Function
Pls upgrade more AR function for more entertainment,Nowadays,mobile's AR is more aggressive than photobooth,so your AR function is necessary to upgrade.

Denby P. from United States
Dslr standard
So far works good. Dont like that I have to get a Twilio account.

Melissa L. from United States
Great photo booth software!
This is my third photo booth software purchase from different companies and by far the very best of them all. My staff can't say enough good things of just how easy this software is to use.

Robert R. from United States
Much faster than previous
I recently upgraded my laptop to minimum specs recommended and the program runs MUCH faster than before. Our last graduation was a very fast pace gig and we averaged <4 seconds from image capture to SMS.

Sandra A. from United States
I used the trail period for 2 photo booths I set up for my son's 3rd birthday and then my own. I fell in love with how simple it is to set up and works great for special events. I am a photographer and this is definitely worth the money.

Leonard R. from United States
Green Screen
I updated to professional version and it is working out great. My daughter graduated from University of Arizona and was unable to have graduation at campus like many others. So using the green screen I was able to make it look like she graduated at her school stadium. Easy to use. Thanks.

Wolfgang K. from Germany
Einfach nur : super Software, vielen Dank auch an euren Service.

Ottó P. from Hungary
Good Job! Frendly Price!
I tested a lot of software. The dsrlbooth is simple (this is important) but versatile, perfect.|Peter

Alexander P. from Germany
Guter Support
Support hat schnell geantwortet und war kulant weil meine Hardware zu wenig Performance hatte. Danke hierfür!

Andreas H. from Germany
Alles top
Super Produkt, sehr guter Support bei Fragen.

Bruno T. from Switzerland
Very good
Camera just plug'n'play perfect.|Simple Programm with all the function you need.

Jorge A. from United States
I have been a customer for over 6 years. Updated software works much better. Thank you, Jorge

Georgian b. from Canada
I like it!
Thank goodness I can work on my MAC!!

Kurt W. from Austria
geht si
Man könnte noch mehr aus der software machen . da der preis scon hoch ist.

Steven H. from United Kingdom
At the time of purchase
At the time of purchase there was no reference to incompatibility with Win 7, however this information has I believe been updated. |I’ll still give it 5 stars as I have no complaints with this software whatsoever- it’s feature rich and incredibly great value for money!

Jalkot P. from Indonesia
good support team. very help me

Simone S. from Germany
Super Software für Fotobox
Das ist eine super Software für eine Fotobox auch gut zu bedienen. Was ich nicht so gut finde das man sehr schwer Deutsche Erklärungen findet und der Support immer auf englisch antwortet. Aber trotzdem top Software

Dennis S. from United Kingdom
4 yrs solid performance
Have been using DSLR now for 4 years and it’s been flawless. I love the fact it’s a one off very reasonable price with lots of features. I would definitely recommend....

Stephen B. from United States
To new to tell yet.
So far so good. I’ve had it 3 days now. Having some trouble with the camera telling me the memory card is full. 2gb used out of 32gb. Had to fix the USB from going to sleep. I like the auto camera set up feature. Wish there was a setting to use the memory card or not and download only to the computer.

Randy D. from United States
Very awesome customer service for a fully customizable program.

Jose e. from Mexico
muy buen software, solo le agregaria para video en 3d o 360

Simon S. from United Kingdom
Live Imaging
Great product but wish on the basic package, live view would come as standard.

Martin K. from Germany
Super support
Mega geile Unterstützung bei Problemen. |Geile Software

Gabriella B. from Hungary
dslrBooth Photo Booth Software for Windows - Professional Edition
Perfect software, very user friendly!

Steven W. from United States
I really love and appreciate
I really love and appreciate dslr, it has always been the right photo booth software for me!!

Gerald S. from United States
Awesome software
Great product just what I needed for my photo booth!

Eddie C. from Canada
Simple to use once you get a hang of things, features are awesome and are “must haves"

Baban r. from Romania
very good software for my foto booth!

Steven G. from Gibraltar
Great product
Easy to use|Made the event a success

Kevin W. from United States
License Renewal
I recently renewed my dslr booth licence with no problems. It's a excellent product and with the money.

Sarom M. from United States
Pro Upgrade
Easy smooth transition. Thank u so much Christine. Team dslrBooth is the best!

Alexander F. from Austria
DslrBooth best in the world
Works best for me since 5 years!

Gary H. from United States
DSL Photobooth
The program works pretty good with the Nikon D90 camera, a few tweaks would be nice but overall satisfied with the purchase.

Felipe B. from United States
Excelente programa, facil de manejar y estable

Alain R. from Canada
Very good product, friendly user.
Very good product, friendly user.

Charlene G. from United States
License Renewal a Snap!
Renewing our annual license with dslr is a breeze - easy peezie!

Russell H. from United Kingdom
DSLR Booth Pro
Been using this software since May 2017 and never had any issues. Very easy to use.

Waseem S. from United States
So far is great
I've used it for one event & it gives what we looking for. Thank you

Antonio T. from Italy
I am very satisfied with the software, my customers are delighted with the service I offer. I would love to start a new adventure using other features like Green Screen Replacement. I would be grateful if you could send me a detailed guide for the positioning of the green panel and lights. I use the NIKON D90 and NIKON 5300. I look forward to hearing from you, I wish you all the staff a good day. greetings Antonio

Frank L. from United States
One of the Best programs out there
I have been looking for other photo booths programs but this one by far is one of the best. I gave it 5 stars with no issues I had on my first event.

Cynthia R. from United States
Significantly Improved! BEATS the COMPETITION
It is my second time purchasing this software. I first bought it about 5 years ago for my MacBookPro and had sooo many glitches it was embarrassing. I compared it to other software out in the market now and DSLRbooth exceeded my expectations this time. I'm glad it worked perfectly on my new Surface Pro 7. Recommended!

Jennifer M. from United States
Great for the busy photographer
Great for the busy photographer

Reynaldo E. from United States
Very nice and simple
Perfect for your photobooth business.

Jennifer M. from United States
New business support
I’ve have found the app I have been looking for. Easy for clients to use and stress free for me. It emails or texts the pictures for me. No need to print in a digital age, although it’s easy to set up. Great costumer service and support. My clients love this!

Samuel C. from United States
Great service
Definitely professional service . Was very helpful in trying to find a solution my issue. Highly recommend.

Ralph from Germany
Einfach und trotzdem professionell
Coole Software mit Spass Effekt. Funktioniert perfekt.

Tim R. from United States
Good Software
Good Software, great customer service, glad I made the switch from simple booth

Philip L. from United Kingdom
Easy to set up and use
Bought the latest version on my laptop after the mini pc in my photo booth failed catastrophically. The version on that one was old (v3) and the unit needs to be replaced.\rPatching the camera through the laptop was very easy, as was creating a quick template for the event.\rEveryone who used my booth had a lot of fun, and it earned me a positive review on Poptop.\rMerry Christmas,\rPhil Lewin Photography.

Casimiro F. from United States
Great product....
Worked flawlessly an over exceeded my expectastions.

Mario b. from United Kingdom
great software
Good software, good support. It's a great tool for work

Jesse R. from United States
Thank you for a simple
Thank you for a simple a clean design!

Carlos M. from United States
Great Photo Booth Software
Works great no issues and they always working to make it better

Mok f. from Singapore
Prompt Service and Quality Product.

Chingtai W. from Cook Islands
The must have App to run an engaging photobooth session.

Miguel C. from Peru
deberían incluir animaciones free

Karlos F. from United States
Great Software
I had a special event that wanted a photobooth so I ordered the dslr photobooth software that was easy to install and easy to use. My clients loved the printouts and I did too. Need to order more templates.

Lukas W. from Switzerland
Die Software ist noch nicht bei mir angekommen. Hoffe Sie kommt noch.|Gruss L. Wicki

John H. from United States
Fast and fairly simple
We have been using dslrBooth software, 3 licenses, since 2013. Though it can be a little quirky at times, the speed, relative simplicity, and frequent useful updates make it the best for our use. We have 2 other major software systems on our laptops, yet we almost always use dslrBooth. My only complaint is not being able to speak with a tech on the phone. Email takes too long to fix problems that need immediate resolution.

Sascha M. from Germany
Gutes Programm
Ich bin mit dslrBooth sehr zufrieden !|Toll das an dem Programm immer weiter gearbeitet wird.|Und somit immer neu Funktionen hinzukommen.|Weiter so. !!\rLG.

Sanchez from Costa Rica
Great costumer service!
Great costumer service! Awesome comunication. My computer run a little slower now with the New updates

Jerome D. from Canada
Awesome deal!
One of the best deals around - great upgrade, quick fixes, awesome price! Thank you Team!:+1::skin-tone-3:

Menvin P. from Canada
dslrBooth software
It is very easy to make templates, I wish you can make the settings more organize. And develop more ways of editing the templates. It is very useful software.

Rafael M. from Puerto Rico

Leon A. from United States
User friendly
The best photo booth software i have tried. Just upgraded to the pro version and have not used it that much at the moment. I still have to explore the advanced features of the pro version. Fotoshare ipad app was an added versatility of the program. Lumashare kind of mediocre, workflow not as good as the old fotoshare. All in all, I’m happy with the purchase.

Fata m. from Romania
Good debugs
Good soft. Most of the debugs are working. Satisfied

Mark F. from Saudi Arabia
Best photobooth software
Just having some problems launching boomerang, continously dropping but the product itslef is superb, maybe a bug or whatever i dunno =)

Michelle P. from Australia
Crowd pleaser
I purchased the DSLRbooth for a high school formal. It was a huge success and the render out to provide loads of entertainment. It was heaps cheaper than hiring a photographer for the evening. I’d highly recommend the program.

Gavin V. from United Kingdom
great software
very pleased with my purchase of dslr booth, would recommend to others

Popescu E. from Romania
Nice soft for photobooth
nice soft and easy to work with for photo booth

Vidit S. from Canada
Great package
Great designs. Need Canadian dollar option.

Luc H. from Canada
That sounds like good software but a little expensive
I have not had the opportunity to use it yet. That sounds like good software but a little expensive for the limited use I will do.

Leland D. from United States
Love it
The less I have to worry about the better for me. dslrBooth makes life easy.

Mike B. from United States
Great app
It was a big decision for me to switch photo booth apps, but I'm glad I did. My familiarity with Luma Booth helped me make the transition to DSLR Booth but I still needed quite a bit of help from Christine to figure out some things.

William E. from United States
Great Product! Many Features
dlsrBooth has a wonderful interface for individuals who are even barely tech savvy. With the ability to be a pure digital photobooth, I have all my shows just either email or text thier photos to themselves. This saves me a lot in not having to maintain or setup a printer.\rI would fully recommend this to anyone looking to do their own photo booth!

Andrea N. from United States
Almost perfect
Used this to take celeb op photos at a small “comicon’esque” type venue. I had mostly a good experience with the software. Was not pleased that I could not get my Sony A6400 to sync with the software and had to rent a camera in order to use the software I purchased.