dslrBooth Reviews

Professional photo booth software

Compatible with Canon, Nikon, GoPro & Webcam
For Windows PC or Mac.

Fery S. from Indonesia
dslrbooth standard edition
it’s very helpfull for my hobbies

Leona S. from United States
Super Fun!
I bought this for a father daughter dance event. Everyone had a great time taking pictures.

Stefan L. from Romania
This software is absolutelly awesome. It has all the features I need.

Peter w. from Australia
Awesome product
Easy to setup and easy to update, would recommend to anyone

Tony P. from United States
Loved it
I love this software great way to start my lil business.

Aravindhsibi A. from India
Very easy to use and customisable

Daniel T. from United States
Great tool
Very easy to use and set up. Template editor is also straight forward and intuitive.Would definitely recommend buying it.

Dennis D. from Canada
Works perfect for my needs...lots of options and the help desk is amazing

Melvin S. from Indonesia
this app is very good! so easy, fully support. |can be, print mode 4x6 can display, 2 4 6 print? because on 2x6, the result print is not precision

Pamela L. from United States
Love It
The best app ever and very easy to use

Robert S. from Germany
Gute Software - mit Luft nach oben
DSLR Booth ist meine aktuelle Wahl für meinen Fotobooth. Ich komme mit der Software gut zurecht, auch wenn hier und da die Menüs etwas frickelig erscheinen. Wichtig ist mir vor allem eine stabile Laufzeit, ohne dass ich Angst haben müsste, dass das Programm plötzlich ausfällt. Ich nutze DSLR Booth mit einem Microsoft Surface Pro 2, bin also auf Touch und FullHD gezwungen. Nun zu den Mankos und dem verfehlten Potential:\r- Die Menüs lassen sich nicht in der Größe verändern, sodass ich häufig Probleme habe, das Fenster nicht verschieben zu können. Entsprechend wechsel ich in den Portraitmodus, verschiebe das Fenster nach unten und wechsel wieder in die Panoramaansicht.|- Nach den letzten Updates hadere ich mit der Geschwindigkeit des Programms. Hatte ich noch vor kurzem eine Latenz von 5 Sekunden nach Aufnahme bin ich jetzt bei ca. 14 Sekunden Pro Foto nach Aufnahme - eineutig zu lang|- Schriftarten lassen sich nur auf dem Template ändern|- Touch-Eingabe auf Menüpunkte löst häufig schon ein Foto aus|- Video-Wierdergabe verzögert, sodass sie nicht sofort nach Foto auslöst\rAlles in allem marginale Fehler, aber die gehen zu Lasten eines Rundum-Wohlfühl-Gefühls

Cory B. from United States
Great DIY
Having a party want to do something fun. Easy to use with what you already have. Hooked up my laptop to my printer and done!|Everyone loved it! |They used it all night!!

Pierre from Brazil
Good morning, how many PCs can I install?

Matt B. from Australia
Does exactly what it says on the box
Great product, bought it for my brother's 18th and worked like a charm. The price tag is probably a little high for the way we were using it, but you can certainly get your money's worth using the filters and templates

Mark W. from United Kingdom
Great software still working it
Great software still working it all out needs to work on 2 or 3 devices

Ramon O. from United States
DslrBooth Great Software
DslrBooth Photo Booth works great will recommend to anyone.

Bier V. from Germany
Best ever
Best support, great stability ion right hardware !

Deborah B. from United States
dslr photobooth software does the job!
Bought the dslr photobooth software and in a couple ole days put it to the test! Easy to make logo template for the event. Makes everybody happy to get a photo on the spot! Use to take event shots, take home, photoshop and then mail. dslr photo booth standard makes it so easy to shoot, print, and then done! Thanks for a great easy set up! Big hit of the event that supports the free medical clinic in our community!

Juan V. from Guatemala
Hello ... So far it
Hello ... So far it has worked well, although I must say that I have used it a little .. very soon I will give more comments. The only thing that I regret is that it can not be used in Spanish language, that would help more ...|Regards..

Christina Z. from United States
Easy to use!
The software is easy to load and easy to use. It took me a little bit to get the templates set up but I had a successful event using the green screen capability in the professional version. We will definitely be using this software again for our events.

Christopher C. from Trinidad & Tobago
So far so Good
Hi Guys,\rSo far so good. Downloaded the trail and was able to get a full understanding of the software before buying. Tested it out at an event this weekend and it worked like a charm.\rI am quite satisfied thus far and if I have any issues I will be sure to contact your team.

Janicemay I. from United States
Love it!
I’m in love with this software… its really simple to use and offers great presets to you when shooting photo booths at parties.

Josef S. from Germany
First use of Photobox
Hello\rI presumably have double-registered!\rI'm happy with the software at the moment – but I don't know all the functions yet.|What I noticed – I use an older Canon 7d – that with the greatest picture quality on a 32 GB CF card after about 100 pictures The message comes "card full".\rGreetings from Germany\rJoseph Stukenbrock

Herr f. from Germany
Good Software
This is my second time where i bought the DSLRBOOTH software. It works good for me.

Hermann M. from Germany
Good Software
I install it and it easy to do the configuration. The template editor shoul have some more funcitions.

Michael S. from Austria
Ich bin sehr zufrieden.|Das einzige Manco: keine Anleitung in deutscher Sprache

Van v. from United Kingdom
Perfect fun for a wedding party !
It was great to be able to play around with the system for a few a weeks to check that the DLSR and Printer all worked before buying. The dslrbooth was easy to personalised with our background and logos, and was easy to set up. All of the guests enjoyed the photobooth, took home the memories, but the digital copies are saved on the tablet and can be printed again or sent around.

Jonathan H. from United States
Bought this software for a
Bought this software for a fundraising event and it was a huge hit!

Maricris C. from Philippines
Hello very nice booth software thank your for in your response immediately everytime theres a technical error...

Vincent B. from Netherlands
Easy to use software very flexible.

Gabriel N. from Paraguay
Debería de tener también en lenguaje español

George M. from Canada
The Photo Booth software is very easy to use
We are using this software more than 3 years now and every year the company did a lot's of updates and improvements to the software. Everything in the software has logic and is easy to use. Is the opposite of Microsoft Office suite where nothing makes any sense. I recommend this software from all my heart

Wayne H. from United Kingdom
excellent value excellent product
excellent value excellent product|very happy with the updates rivals much more expensive software out there at the moment easily keep it up.

Oliver T. from Australia
Top notch
Recently moved from the garbage fire that is Social Booth and started using dslrBooth instead... couldn't be happier. 100% stable, better performance and output, better options and better support.

Albert H. from United States
New Functions
I like being able to sort templates alphabetically or by date and the digital prop option works great. Can't wait to use it at an event.

Kyle M. from United Kingdom
Great software, could do with having a video feature ?
Not really had a chance to use it fully yet but can’t seem to find a video function if there is one ?

Steve W. from Australia
Long time user
I have always used DSLR Booth (5 years) and it is the most user friendly, with all possible options you could want or need. Wild Photo Booths. Australia

Colby T. from United States
New photobooth business
Really happy with the purchase, each step of the way the software makes it easy. Offering digital copies of the photos, printing 2x6 strips, a simple photoshop like template maker, all of it is very accessable. \rI'd like to know if there's a way for cross platform template sharing. So I use a Mac at home, but a PC for the photo booth, the Mac is easier for me to navigate since I've grown up using that platform, so I want to be able to create a template on my Mac, save it, and access it on my PC while at a gig. So I suppose a cross platform sharing for templates, for the 2 downloads you get when purchasing the software (primary and secondary computers), would be my one critique at this time.

Pauleen R. from United States
great but...
i oove it but it is a little slow

Deborah M. from United States
I love it
I recently used it for a event at the Salem Fair, it did a wonderful job, the only problem I had was with the templates I ordered, I had to create my own templates, hope to get that staight because I orded quite a few

Veronica R. from United States
Love it...quick to learn and easy to set up. Wow and the price totally affordable for standard. Can't wait to use it again.

Pamela V. from United States
Easy renewal process
The renewal process was simple and speedy

Graver B. from United States
Works excellently
Not much more I could ask for. Because of dslrBooth I was able to make a homemade photobooth for my wedding that took STELLAR pictures for incredibly cheap compared to pretty much any "professional" photobooth out there. It was fantastic. Instantly recognized my on-site photo printer and my Nikon D5500. So awesome. Highly recommend.

Fotobook F. from Costa Rica
Excellent Software
Excellent Software, thanks for all support.

Herberth V. from United States
Excellent product, works right out of the get go.
Downloaded app from website, tested it with my actual set-up, installed the photo printer, print some test units. All worked fine, so I bought the package. It was a great opportunity to test the soft before buying it. Unlike the competition Simple Booth, you pay first then test, if it does not work, you are out $30. They should be called Simple Theft instead.|DSLR Booth is the best software out there, easy to set up, test, customize and it WORKS.

Joseph S. from United States
So far so good
Used it for a wedding photo booth client was happy and worked well all night

David M. from Costa Rica
Is very very good. Almost 5 stars
I use it for mirror photobooth.\rMy only complain is the signature, the area given to sign up is to small, sometimes two or three people want to sign the photo and there is only space for almost only one..\r And would be amazing if you add emoticons to it, like the photomaster software. \rEverything else is really easy to use, I tried almost all others demos and decide to purchase this because I thought is the best.

Sam A. from United States
Best Photo Booth software I found on the market
This is an awesome piece of software super easy to use very reliable from my experience so far

Camille A. from Canada
very helpful
easy to talk to, direct to the point and hassle-free customer support. Love it! Been with dslrbooth since day 1 and have no regrets at all

Tony T. from United Kingdom
So easy to use
This software is so easy to use. Made my own templates with the editor. No issues setting up with web cam to practice and my Nikon D5000 and D40. Great results. Added a touch screen easily as well. Software is easily customised to give the controller and effects you are after.

Paul N. from Germany
I love the software it is awesome and well thought out well done guys!

Robert H. from United States
Easy set up and use
We really enjoyed it and were surprised how well it worked.

Tal P. from Thailand
Very good software !
I think in general its the best software on the market. I have tried them all, and this one is easy to work and have lots of features.\rThe only reason you guys did get 5 stars are due to missing key features that other softwares offer such as:\r1. Upload to facebook in another template. This feature is offered at Darkroom And let you choose a different format to upload to FB. If i shoot a 3 act strip , with DSLRbooth it will upload as 2 strips attached. But in Darkroom i can choose to upload it in a 4x6 postcard with just 3 pics on it. I dont know if you noticed, but NO ONE wants to share a picture that is 2 strips with 6 small pics that are the same. It just doesnt look good !! \r2. Boomerang that is over 1 second. It would be great to hav the option to shoot for 1.5 and 2 seconds.\r3.Greenscreen video animation background, and not just a still pic.\r4. Screen overlay not just in GIF... Why not for printing pics as well ?? \r5. Better Mirror booth features

Molinaro G. from Italy
Very Good
Simple to use, very good support. I hope you will insert a contest mode in the software to make it perfect!

Reinier M. from Canada
This is an awesome software but I still need to learn more about it

L l. from Italy
Sarebbe stato il massimo se si poteva inserire la scelta della lingua italiana visto che opero in Italia , e l'aggiunta di props digitali non sarebbe male anche con una grafica un po più accattivante .|per il resto un software di facile utilizzo e affidabile.|grazie

Jeffrey R. from United States
This software is easy to use and it’s affordable. It allows you to have so much variation in the way your photos look. It gives you the option to make your own templates. It also lets you put filters on your photos. I seriously recommend you to get it.

Lydia F. from Spain
Comparandolo con otros software que
Comparandolo con otros software que existen en el mercado, este es mucho mejor.

Silviu B. from Romania
2 words
A good software. Intuitive and very complex but not hard to understand. Rapid and complete. For me it s the perfect choice for my handmade photobooth. |I m still traing to get the best from it.

Noel C. from United States
One of the best
Well believes I done research this has best the best

Justin G. from United States
Easy to use and everyone loved it
Software was easy to use and it was a hit at my daughter graduation.

Simon J. from United Kingdom
Great and simple but needs more
Need more backgrounds for event types|Ability to have a slideshow after set idle time|Auto background uploads to services such as zenfolio.|Wicked app though. Thanks guys

Ashley P. from United States
Great Program
Love this program. But for a photo booth the live view is beyond important. So you must go with the professional version. And the tech support team is very fast on responding messages about issues. So glad I went with them.

Daniel G. from Canada
Love this software
I love dslrbooth! This app is reliable and feature-rich + easy to use + it's the less expensive option! it's a real no-brainer.

Kelly F. from United States
Software recommend!
Simple enough to set up and have your guests operate, yet complex enough to get the result you imagine. I recommend!

Lindsey W. from United States
Easy peasy!
Such a quick and easy software to use.

Alvin 1. from Dominican Republic
Muy bien!
excelente programa, muy intuitivo

Jennifer S. from United States
Love it!
I have been using Snapshot Studio Pro for the past 4 years and it was continually crashing and the interface was clunky. dslr Photo Booth blows it out of the water and is less expensive, too. I will recommend it to everyone I know who does photobooths.

Elijah b. from Philippines
This software was awesome
You can almost customized and personalized every detail. I really like it.

Edson O. from United States
buen recurso
es un excelente programa y facil de usar

Zambeste L. from Romania
software update
had all the support from assistance. thanks!

Julio s. from Spain
Standard version
I have one version professional and now I to buy the standard version for other pc and all is good, thanks, I will like that the program is in Spanish in the future months

Maximilian M. from Germany
nice and easy
I bought the pro version, the customers had a lot of fun.\rIt is very easy to handel and there are a lot of things you can do.\rHighly recommended together with the fotoshaire software.

Carlos S. from Brazil
Best software
Best software to photo booth, excellent.

Orellana from United States
This software was better than
This software was better than expected. Absolutely love it!!!

David L. from Belgium
Really Nice we just still have A message saying « liveview is enable in pro mode... » that we can’t desable

Haukur H. from Iceland
Instant hit in my first photo booth party!!
I bought dslrBooth professional edition and used it only two days later in my first photo booth party. It was an instant hit and I already have many requests for my new booth.|Easy, fun and works without any problems

Aaron G. from United States
Awesome Software
very user friendly. Big party pleaser at the wedding

Mark B. from United States
Last Minute Set-Up - Flawless
I had played with the trial version a few times but never hooked up to a DSLR. I purchased the software 2 hours before the big event. Hooked up the camera and printer, created a new template with event logo, added a custom start video and set everything in place 25 minutes before the event was due to start. Software worked perfectly. I would definitely recommend dslrBooth. The customization options are fantastic.

Eduardo p. from Spain
Muy buen funcionamiento
Hemos comprado el software para una empresa de fotomatón y va de lujo.

Jeff M. from United States
Worked awesome!
Had our fist event, everything worked flawlessly! Looking forward to the next!

Norman P. from Germany
Works Great on my Mirror Booth!

Pam B. from United States
Fast setup
Ez to use software and great customer service. Will come back and comment more after event.

Kevin W. from United States
dslrBooth Software
I love dslrBooth its easy to use its works wit a multitude of cameras webcams and tablets (check the specs). I have the standard version and its great for the events i'm doing now but i'm looking to upgrade to professional when i build a few more kiosk. I highly recommend this software to anyone just getting into the photo booth business one for quality and two for price you cant beat it.

Mike B. from United States
Easy renewal
The renewal process was very simple and we love the software and templates.

Benoit G. from Canada
idiot proof
very easy to set up ... would've like the pro ed to have more GIF capabilities|overall a good Bang for the buck

Dirk L. from Germany
Best Photo-Booth Software!
I am very satisfied with the software and the service!

Kamen E. from Bulgaria
Very good softwear
Very nice soft actualy. Simple and friendly to use. I like it! :)

Trina C. from United States
I have no problems with the software it's awesome

Felix S. from Dominican Republic
Excelent !!!
I purchased the pro version the same week that I was going to use it at a wedding. It was very easy to learn and set up. At the wedding it ran flawless, very intuitive, very good file administration. I just want it to have a counter of pictures printed, maybe it has it and I have not found that yet !!!. I can recomend it !!! Now I will try the green screeo option, it looks very good also !!!

Christina R. from United States
Great App, has some bugs
while using the application on a traditional, PC laptop, the single photo option disappeared. Some of the guests at the event wanted to keep individual photos, and not just the sheet of all 4 in the template. Not sure why this option disappeared, mid-event.\rOtherwise, the app was a fabulous addition.

Holly G. from United States
We love it!
It makes managing and using our photo booth sooooo much easier. Thanks!

Ralph S. from United States
Keep it Going
I am still loving dslrbooth software. It is going to take me a mighty long way in this business.

Gabor N. from Romania
I udsed the photobooth and everything works properly. The software has many options. I am very pleased.

Justin r. from United States
Ive bought other programs which are confusing, lag and 6 times the price. dslrBooth worked so smooth the first wedding. With fotoshare it was a breeze. I love how simple the program is to set up and alter templates. Definitely recommend to those who build their own set-ups.

Gerry M. from United Kingdom
Brilliant piece of software. Easy to use and make the booth run like a dream

Mark K. from United States
A great photo booth software
This software is so flexible that it can be configured to work in just about any type of setup. Author actively develops the software, so there are new features from time to time.

Terry T. from United States
I used the program just
I used the program just once and it seemed to work very well! Customer service via email is superb!!

Emrah Ü. from Turkey
Perfect dslrbooth
great program perfect:thumbsup:

Saharas C. from Thailand
Very good app to do a photobhooth !!
Love how it works ! Quite flexible for settings.

Mark P. from United States
Excellent software and support. The software is east to use and understand