dslrBooth Reviews

Professional photo booth software

Compatible with Canon, Nikon, GoPro & Webcam
For Windows PC or Mac.

Coral G. from United States
We have been using dslrbooth
We have been using dslrbooth for 1 year. I can say we really enjoy it and what it has to offer. We are a starting out company in Texas and currently have one Photo Booth that was custom made by us. We are working to create our second Photo Booth and will be using dslrbooth for it also. We do use the Mac version and are impressed with the updates you have been coming out with. I would like to have the fonts in the template editor to be seen on the titles instead of me having to scroll and select each one to pick the font style I want.

Michael C. from Canada
Pretty happy with it.
Coming from Breeze so it's hard to make the change over. However I am happy I did. I have one pro licence and one basic and I'm happy with both. Simple to use and I love the animations it comes with.

Diana R. from Canada
Super easy to operate.....still have a few questions but will try to work it out myself first.

Matt W. from United States
great easy program to work
great easy program to work with

James S. from United States
I found the product to
I found the product to be easy to use and intuitive.

Nick G. from United States
Great Software
My nonprofit organization, Stone of Hope Youth, blessed the West Valley community by providing free family pictures with Santa. dslrBooth worked perfectly, especially since we were able to email the families immediately after their pictures with Santa!

Naresh K. from India
Loved the software and was very easy to use even for a novoice.

Mark B. from United States
Sony alpha user
Would've been 5 stars if sony alpha cameras are supported with a direct connection instead of wifi.

Ronald A. from United Arab Emirates
Easy to use. Very user-friendly
Easy to use. Very user-friendly

Ayadi A. from Algeria
I usede this software for my photobooth and i found it awesome !

April F. from United States
Great Product
Used it for holiday parties over the weekend and it was a hit. |Glad to have another product to offer with my business.

Peter S. from United States
It works. Period.
I’ve used this program since early on and it has only gotten better. I recently upgraded to the newest version and it has been working flawlessly. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to start a photo booth business.

Faizal R. from Indonesia
photostrip layout please
photo strip layout and auto cutting please

Mohamed H. from United States
Great software
This software made my life easier, |Thank you guys great job

Suong T. from Canada
Excellent product
It was an excellent product and very to use and customize pro your needs. Fun to play around with and will be using it to it’s full potential

Aesh W. from Australia
awesome product
I love this software because is simple and user friendly but still very advance.

Gerald B. from Austria
DSLR Booth
Hallo|Danke für die tolle Software|Alles funktioniert|Perfekt

Fritz B. from Kuwait
Love it
Love the software, so easy to use.

Maria A. from Australia
Rydges on Swanston
Very attentive, thanks for all your help!!!

Robert T. from United Kingdom
Photobooth made easy
First class - very easy to use.

Pankaj A. from India
Best software for photo booth
I experienced this is the best and easy software to run for selfie booth , expecting to get more of video animation file for booth to be work as attendant

Kellie C. from United States
dslr Booth
Great software program for photo booths. Easy to use with lots of cool features. Used it last weekend for a Sweet 16. Had some issues with it crashing a few times, but overall it’s a great program.

Leonard R. from United States
Standard Version
Just had it for a few days. Simple to use. I have already set up for Thanksgiving with a custom template. Worked perfect with my camera and printer. Can't beat it for the price.

Zyron f. from Canada
Best photobooth software! user friendly!
I enjoyed the trial but the full version is even better!

Blake J. from United States
Wedding Photo Booth.
We had a great time with this program. I worked very well on my computer with camera and printer. It was easy to operate and make changes to.

Crystal L. from United States
Great Product for our Booths!
Easy and Fun for the Customers to Use. Thank you!!

Stephanie M. from United States
So Much Fun!
Worked perfectly for a Halloween party! Easy to use and was a huge hit!

Janet S. from United States
renew licence
I like this product, it is easy to use.

Sheldon C. from South Africa
Great software
I truly enjoy the software great value for money i only have one concern and that is the video feature when i choose to take a video it cuts out live view and before i can use the camera option i need to restart the program. other than that one glitch i have used all the features, tried them out and i am satisfied with the program.

Jeremy C. from United Kingdom
Very Pleased with DSLR Photobooth
So good would be interested in upgrading to the Pro Version..

Timothy A. from United States
Very fun and easy to use! Love the customization options!

Robert S. from United States
DSLR Booth Pro
Very easy to use and find templates for. Great Product.

Mark W. from United States
It Was A Hit!
Set up a simple photo station at my daughter's wedding and it really was a lot of fun! People were visiting the photo station throughout the entire reception.|This was NOT a pro endeavor for me....purely just for fun.|We hit a couple of glitches, nothing insurmountable and came away with about 300 photos.|I downloaded the Pro version the day before the wedding, but could not get it to work with Live View. I assume it was an issue on my end. Even without Live View, it was a hoot, and everyone loved it.|Thanks!

Peter L. from South Africa
Great Software
Perfect software for Selfie Mirrors. Flexable

Chee L. from Malaysia
User Friendly
Good and easy to use , But sometime once in awhile the app crash it selves

Ronnel R. from United States
Photo Booth On the Go
Best photo booth app on the market! easy set-up and it was fun taking pictures with friends and guest!

Melissa K. from United States
Quick and easy
Didn't want to learn new software before an event. So, we renewed. It auto updated all units upon log in.

Johannes H. from Germany
Very good
Very good :thumbsup:Greez from Germany

Rimon S. from United Arab Emirates
WOnderful Program
Really Thanks for your program it is nice but I have small problem that I can't know how to do configuration that sharing email must done under company name not fotoshare email and also how we can make a direct like in fotoshare for our clients and again whats the big different between the standard and pro membership in fotoshare , please help

Bettina P. from Germany
Super Software
Absolutly Perfect Software with much functions

Irene C. from United Arab Emirates
It is good for a
It is good for a begginer like me. I wishthe liveview is free.

Juan C. from United States
The Best Tool for Massive Corporate Headshots
It’s incredible how reliable and intuitive this tools is! If you are a photographer that needs to take and distribute a huge amount of Headshots, this is your lifesaver.

Esther C. from United States
Very cool
I haven't had much time to play around with the program. But so far it's pretty easy to set up.

Ruben G. from United States
Best Photo booth Software in market
Love it ! easy to use and the interface is intuitive. | |Ruben, | |L.A. Photo Booth Experts

Robson S. from Brazil
software excelente. porém seria bom
software excelente. porém seria bom se tivesse a opção para utilizar em outras linguás

Constantine S. from United States
Windows Version
It is an extremely good software and I would use nothing else. It works very with the nonprofit event photography that I am using it for.

Jacob D. from Australia
Absolute best software out there!
Out of all the software I tried, this one was by far a stand out. The only drawback was that I bought the standard edition (which I thought was expensive) but some features like Live view are only available with their professional edition (twice the price). From a business point of view, I think it's a good idea. But from a consumers point of view, I don't think that the lack of certain features is advertised very well. All in all, it is still the best photobooth software on the market, and I love it!

Leah J. from United States
Excellent Software, Excellent Price
This is the only software I've been able to find that was affordable and does an amazing job. I'm able to use my DSLR camera and get super sharp, high quality booth photos. It works seamlessly with my windows tablet, have had no problems with it crashing, etc. The interface is easy and pretty self explanatory, love that you can create your own templates and import custom made graphics, etc. |This software has made my photo booth business a possibility and has allowed me to use a custom built booth.

Martyn H. from United Kingdom
Fantastic value for money Photo Booth software
For the money the package is great. It’s fairly easy to use for me and if I didn’t know how do something I found the answer online. It is a shame it doesn’t come with live view, I can’t imagine it costs that much extra to include as standard and users don’t have the option choose one or four photos. I’m guessing this is to entice prospective buyers into purchasing Pro version.

Cliff A. from United States
I love the fact that
I love the fact that it is easy to use and it worked great on the first event. Also the price is very friendly

Corina L. from Germany
Perfect piece of software with
Perfect piece of software with regular updates!

Mohamad Y. from Malaysia
As expected.
I would be better if you can provide complimentary template together with the software.

Cullen B. from United States
Wedding Photobooth
The easiest and least expensive way to have an awesome photo booth at your wedding!

Alton J. from United States
Love it however I wish
Love it however I wish Icoukd use my IPad to get the best out of the touchscreen option

Tamara P. from Canada
Totally thrilled with my purchase. So easy to use. No issues.

Paul D. from Romania
Good product
Good product by the way , perhaps a litle feature add ? A grid to allign pictures on template with precision ? Just wandering if possible, if allready has it sorry, just checking :)

Paulo S. from Philippines
Almost perfect
The software is good except for the greenscreen.. Im having a problem using it.. do u have any guide on how i can use it.. can you help me? Thanks

Logan B. from United States
Simple but effective
A+ simple easy photo booth software. Very effective. Will use alongside my 2nd photo booth.

Joao D. from Canada
Used it after the update. No issues. But did not try out all the features

Diego B. from Brazil
Muito bom o software.. |Bem pratico... |Parabens!!

Amza A. from Romania
Very quick and helpfull answer!
Very quick and helpfull answer! Thanks a lot !! :top::top:

Leonora E. from Japan
Still learning about the software. Would like to see more You Tube videos on how to start the project to printing the finish project

Christina z. from United States
Good value
Easy to use, convenient, super easy/fast set-up (especially if you buy templates!) It is a bit slow, but have not comparison - so maybe all photobooth software is this slow. Able to adjust DSLR camera settings in app, test run on a 10-year-old party - they all figured out how to run this quickly, so very easy and intuitive for guests to use. Wish more font availability inside template design - only boring san serif fonts (looks like Arial or similar.) Bought a beautiful template, and when imported into dslrbooth, fonts were really boring and plain (the rest of the graphics and background was luxe and fancy, so it didn't go with the plain font.)

Suhardi S. from Singapore
Easy to used very user
Easy to used very user friendly

Alfredo p. from Uruguay
Hi, I'm very happy with the product I would like you to speak spanish language
Hi, I'm very happy with the product |I would like you to speak spanish language

Alfonso L. from United States
Great Software, very helpful and easy to use
Great Software, very helpful and easy to use. Very good design easy to operate.

Timothy G. from United States
Professional Edition
renewed for updates ( updates should be free )

Freshly P. from United States
Dslrbooth software
Software works great! I love it...

Janosch H. from Germany
Best Software for running a PhotoBooth without Problems for Longtime-Rentals
Some of our Customers are renting our PhotoBooth-System for Longtime-Rentals. So we needed a Software wich is running without making Problems for longer Times. dslrBooth is the state of the Art in this Case. Brilliant Guys! | |If you have any questions, the Customer-Service will help you in Minutes! Thats amazing! Thank you!

Sherman P. from Canada
Very simple and reliable. I
Very simple and reliable. I save a lot of $$ as I don't have to do many test prints to get the right color/brightness

Michael M. from Canada
Amazing software and I love
Amazing software and I love the new update!

Philippe f. from France
Simple et efficace
Très simple avec les options indispensables. Fonctionnement très stable.

Jan N. from Slovakia
Thank you we had started the photo booth wedding business in Slovak republic. We bought basic version of software but it is shame for loosing the live view alias mirroring during the shooting .

Vanessa L. from United States
Easy to use!
I've downloaded 4 other photobooth program trials and tried them all. DslrBooth was soooo easy and simple to use! So I bought the standard one Which I'll be using for my daughters 1st birthday party! My favorite part is that I am able to customize everything!!!!

Marco C. from Brazil
Muito bom
Muito bom... Estou muito satisfeito?

Elko H. from Netherlands
It does what it needs to do. Perfectly
Easy and fun to use, easy to maintain.

Christoph V. from Austria
Perfect Tool
Perfect tool for controlling a photobooth

Hagen M. from Switzerland
Super Software und funktioniert einwandfrei
Einfach zu bedienen immer wieder aktuell und falls sich doch ein Fehler einschleicht wird dieser umgehend behoben. Der Support ist grossartig und es wird schnell geholfen. Top Leistung :-)

Joshua R. from United States
So Far So Good
I bought this program to add on to my photography business. I wanted to learn the program quick. I was able to try the trial and learn the functions within a day. A lot of it is intuitive. It was also the most affordable. I used it for two events so far and there have been no problems.

Gaston C. from Israel
Upgrade from std to pro
Thanks for accept my previus purchase.....

Rene M. from Germany
Keine Probleme
Das Programm lief die ganze Nacht ohne Ausfall. Perfekt

Julie B. from United States
Awesome Photo Booth Software
Well worth the investment in this photo booth software.

Jose G. from Spain
dslrbooth photo booth profesional
Estoy muy contento con él, las nuevas mejoras introducidas son muy practicas. ya lo tengo un año y encantado.

Huy N. from Germany
Very good Booth Software with minor issues
Used this for a couple of wedding now and the Software runs pretty stable (surface pro 2, i5, 4GB) |At some point the print button doesn't show after the photos. Had to restart the app. | |When print limit is set, people can still print from the browse menu. |I would like to have a option to disable printing from browse menu after limit is reached. | |Otherwise I'm very happy with the purchase. Love the Template option and direct export. | |Keep up the good work!

Kathlyn K. from United States
had a little trouble with
had a little trouble with printing but overall great software

Pamela V. from United States
Great app for parties, reunions or just plain fun
I like how I am able to customize my own templates. Simple to set up and use

Victor A. from United States
Easy to use
It si a great app. Easy to use. What will it cost to update to pro?

Neil l. from United Kingdom
Great software
Software is fantastic stable and does what it's meant to do. Wouldn't use anything else run 3 photobooths and all 3 use DSLR booth along with our selfie mirror just need a Mac mirror verison so releaee soon.

Gilles B. from United States
Ditched Social Booth and I'm happy
I love this software. Obviously, there's room for improvement (every software does) but I love how easy it is. I was able to master it's in an out in 2 hours. I've done few things to make it crash (from my Social Booth experience) but this darn thing handled it perfectly. Good job on this thing.

Zulraidi S. from Malaysia
dslrBooth Photo Booth Software for Windows - Professional Edition,
Easy to use and perfect software for photo booth. Sometimes software is not compatible esp for green screen.

Marty P. from Germany
Second Licence
I bought already the second licence. The Software gets better and better and has the best Price on the market.

Dian k. from Indonesia
Nice Work!!
DSLRBooth makes my job perfect and run smoothly

Mai N. from United States
I love it! User friendly
The past year I haven’t had any real issues with the software. It is user friendly and simple just how I like it. I recently update the software this past weekend and the software has been glitching more than usual. Freezing has been the biggest factor.

Amir s. from Malaysia
Great software. Very user friendly. Otherwise is very recommended.

Guy G. from Belgium
Best photobooth sofware
Still the best photobooth software, 3 years in use en happy with results, great vallue for the money

Steve W. from Australia
Renewal without hesitation.
A very smooth easy to use application that has everything needed in a photo booth.Cheers

Nicholas T. from United States
worked flawlessly and beautifully. easy to use and can also customize a ton! great value and nothing better for a photobooth. Cant recommend enough. had all sorts of graphics and animations for instructions. super well made

Michael A. from Germany
Software Deutschsprachig
Very good program. Too bad it is not readable in German. This would certainly be helpful for the premium

Eliza-rut D. from Romania
Good software
some bugs when disconecting the camera from the pc, sometimes dslrBooth would crash but in rest nice and usefull software

Disdatas o. from Germany
Top System
Not so often that a software runs without any errors!

Cindy h. from United States
Anxious to see how well the extraction works on the green screen.