dslrBooth Reviews

Professional photo booth software

Compatible with Canon, Nikon, GoPro & Webcam
For Windows PC or Mac.

Jeff M. from United States
Worked awesome!
Had our fist event, everything worked flawlessly! Looking forward to the next!

Norman P. from Germany
Works Great on my Mirror Booth!

Pam B. from United States
Fast setup
Ez to use software and great customer service. Will come back and comment more after event.

Kevin W. from United States
dslrBooth Software
I love dslrBooth its easy to use its works wit a multitude of cameras webcams and tablets (check the specs). I have the standard version and its great for the events i'm doing now but i'm looking to upgrade to professional when i build a few more kiosk. I highly recommend this software to anyone just getting into the photo booth business one for quality and two for price you cant beat it.

Mike B. from United States
Easy renewal
The renewal process was very simple and we love the software and templates.

Benoit G. from Canada
idiot proof
very easy to set up ... would've like the pro ed to have more GIF capabilities|overall a good Bang for the buck

Dirk L. from Germany
Best Photo-Booth Software!
I am very satisfied with the software and the service!

Kamen E. from Bulgaria
Very good softwear
Very nice soft actualy. Simple and friendly to use. I like it! :)

Trina C. from United States
I have no problems with the software it's awesome

Felix S. from Dominican Republic
Excelent !!!
I purchased the pro version the same week that I was going to use it at a wedding. It was very easy to learn and set up. At the wedding it ran flawless, very intuitive, very good file administration. I just want it to have a counter of pictures printed, maybe it has it and I have not found that yet !!!. I can recomend it !!! Now I will try the green screeo option, it looks very good also !!!

Christina R. from United States
Great App, has some bugs
while using the application on a traditional, PC laptop, the single photo option disappeared. Some of the guests at the event wanted to keep individual photos, and not just the sheet of all 4 in the template. Not sure why this option disappeared, mid-event.\rOtherwise, the app was a fabulous addition.

Holly G. from United States
We love it!
It makes managing and using our photo booth sooooo much easier. Thanks!

Ralph S. from United States
Keep it Going
I am still loving dslrbooth software. It is going to take me a mighty long way in this business.

Gabor N. from Romania
I udsed the photobooth and everything works properly. The software has many options. I am very pleased.

Justin r. from United States
Ive bought other programs which are confusing, lag and 6 times the price. dslrBooth worked so smooth the first wedding. With fotoshare it was a breeze. I love how simple the program is to set up and alter templates. Definitely recommend to those who build their own set-ups.

Gerry M. from United Kingdom
Brilliant piece of software. Easy to use and make the booth run like a dream

Mark K. from United States
A great photo booth software
This software is so flexible that it can be configured to work in just about any type of setup. Author actively develops the software, so there are new features from time to time.

Terry T. from United States
I used the program just
I used the program just once and it seemed to work very well! Customer service via email is superb!!

Emrah Ü. from Turkey
Perfect dslrbooth
great program perfect:thumbsup:

Saharas C. from Thailand
Very good app to do a photobhooth !!
Love how it works ! Quite flexible for settings.

Mark P. from United States
Excellent software and support. The software is east to use and understand

Amer A. from Jordan
Very good
It’s easy and friendly to deal with

John H. from Australia
Photo Booth Newbie
Really impressed with how easy this software is to use. Templates are brilliant and very flexible

Sevin M. from Canada
No need for any other software
We use the Pro version for our business and glad we made the purchase

Hans-peter M. from Germany
Folgender Text: "live view available
Folgender Text:\r"live view available in professinel Edition|Disable from preferences -> Enable live view"\rist während des photografierens in der Standart Edition leider nicht auszustellen.|Ansonsten super software!

Anna T. from Poland
Dobra aplikacja, latwa w użyciu.
Dobra aplikacja, latwa w użyciu. Polecam

Sam B. from United Kingdom
Really Good Tool
I think DSLRBooth is an excellent piece of software and it worked really well with my MacBook Pro, Nikon D90 & Epson printer setup. Once you have got everything setup it virtually works on its own I just had to press the spacebar and everything starts to work allowing me more time to chat with clients and even get involved in the photos. Even the option to auto print is a great feature. I will admit that it took me a little while to get used to the options and I done a lot of testing how things worked but the free trial really helped with that. My only disappointment was the template maker it’s pretty awkward to use especially when working with a lot of layers. You con’t really create grouped layers so you have to keep locking and unlocking them. But once I had it all setup I was really happy how it turned out. I would really really like to see more animated screens at the start and also between pictures just to make it look more professional. All you can do is change the background image and change the text at the start, you can’t even change the font. Overall I am very happy with how the software works and how it has helped me set up my new Photo Booth business. Many thanks.

Emrah Ü. from Turkey
Very good
wonderfully easy to use perfect

Anselmo R. from United States
Nice software
I like it, there are few features than help to be unique and very attractive to the public, You can customise really easy.

Friedemann C. from Germany
dslrBooth is a powerful photobooth software
Very good and stable program. Only the template Designtool could be more sophisticated (e.g. you cannot change the thickness of the signature pen).

Glenn L. from Belgium
Dslr photo booth software Mac pro
Very nice software program, easy to use and like it a lot!

Melissa W. from United States
Easy and Fun
Great software. Easy to use and makes it very inexpensive to run a photo booth.

Darrell M. from United States
Great product for a good price
Great software for the price you pay.

Cesar C. from United States
Great product!
Great product and very easy to use.

Markus N. from Germany
Weil working!
Build up my Booth by using a tablet.

Pallavi s. from India
It will be good if you have some ready solutions for anti gravity option also.

Robin D. from France
Simple et efficace
J'ai appris à utiliser le logiciel en 20 minutes. Toutes les fonctions sont faciles à utiliser. Je le recommande!

D. K. from United Kingdom
Its never let me down....perfect value for money..

Alex S. from United States
Great product
I have the canon that is not recommended but have great results. will upgrade camera eventually but it works well.

Anita M. from Australia
Just does the job
After my current photo booth program kept falling over, this program is like a breath of fresh air. Intuitive and just does the job. Hasn't let me down.

Daniel D. from United States
Great product. I continue to use this for all our club events. Makes making memories easy.

Rachele B. from France
Good software
A really nice software that makes people smile and laugh. A good way to give pictures as souvenir on events. Sadly the live view doesn’t work with my camera

William M. from United States
Great Software
We have used this for over 3 years. Works great at every event.

Michael B. from United States
Outstanding Purchase
Used it for a fundraiser...worked like a charm. Easy to setup...connected to my Cannon TSi6 Rebel, no problems. Used a HP printer no issues at all. Changed templates on the fly, printed 500 photo strips. Money well spent...

Joe A. from United States
Great Package of Software
Does much more that I expected it to do. It didn't take long to learn and has had no glitches so far. Very pleased.

Sven G. from Switzerland
Excellent Software
Huge amount of features in professional edition.|Templates can be easily designed (design graphics in 3rd party applications & just import them into dslrbooth template tool)\rIt requires a good technical knowledge to configure everything (social media stuff etc.); but once done - very easy to use.\rProfessional cameras are fully supported; thumbs up :-)\rWhat I don‘t know yet: How stable the software will run when its in use for a few hours.|(Demo version which i‘ve tested did crash after a certain time or did produce issues like that the camera did not stop shooting).\rPrintung features not yet tested (different formats etc.), but I‘m pretty sure that this will work like a charm too.

James C. from United States
Preparing for 1st even
I have my first event this evening. I have designed my own original template at twice the resolution of those in the store. This will produces a 2,400x3,600 hi-res file using my Canon 5D Mark II images and Hensel lighting. I believe the quality will impress alot of people, and they can have it printed anywhere for a much better quality print that you get from most actual photo booths. I would still be interested in finding a high quality printer that meets my quality standards. I am impressed with the test run how it focuses prior to each shot. Amazing software!

Mike J. from United States
Excellent software
I am very happy with my purchase. Really wished the iPad app was included in the pro package or at least had a full purchase option. But everything works great.

Vaclav S. from Czechia
Excellent application
Application is amazing! All elements can customised. Control application for iPad is great too. I miss only big shoot button on display for remote control shooting. I hope it will be in next version. Thanks Vaclav

Sven H. from Germany
die Handhabung der Software ist gut. Mir fehlt die Deutsche Sprache zum einstellen. Schade |die Funktion zum weiterleiten der Fotos auf einen 2.Monitor(DIASHOW) fehlt mir. Vielleicht beim nächsten Update.

mirtha duran from Argentina
Hola me gustaria saber si esta en caastellano y si el importe es en pesos argentino u otro Gracias

Stephan P. from Germany
Perfect Software for my diy-wedding-fotobooth!\rhttp://www.stephans-pyrmont.de

George N. from Cyprus
Very good
As far as I use the program is working very good

Philippe C. from France
Good product I use it since 4 years for corporate évent.

Ian G. from United Kingdom
dslrBooth for windows professional edition
I haven't had a chance to properly test run all features yet but I am impressed with it so far. A great piece of software and does what it says it does.

Helder R. from Canada
Best Photo Booth Software!!!
I was working with another software before and bought the DSLR Booth as a backup because I was having problems with a printer. Once I started using the DSLR Booth more and more I noticed I keep going back to it more often not as a backup but as my main program.|I love it that there are updates and new feature - it really is a fantastic software and easy to use. Can't wait to see what they come up with for 2018. Keep up the good work DSLR Booth!!!

Joseph H. from United States
Awesome software
The software I purchased from Dslrbooth is one of kind. And the support staff are quick with the responses and very kind. Keep it up, thanks for be awesome.

Smiley G. from United States
It fits my needs
The software makes taking and displaying photos a breeze

Radu F. from Romania
Friendly and helpful customer service!
Friendly and helpful customer service!

Stuart C. from United Kingdom
The best
Best photo booth software out there by far

Fabiana N. from Brazil
Otimo software
Fácil de usar e configurar, só faltou a opção de menu em português

Javier A. from United States
I am having fun with this great program
I wold recommend this it's great fun and easy to use

Mohd h. from Malaysia
Template Layout
Should have mentioned the bleed area. Other than that, it's a superb photobooth software.

Adam B. from Slovakia
I have satisfied so far.
I have satisfied so far. Now I am trying to install photo share cloud and I hope it will works perfectly.

Roel P. from Philippines
Users Friendly
One of the best photobooth software. Very easy to understand all the functions and easy to operate.

Edward M. from United States
Works great!
Had fun using this for my wife’s birthday party. Just set it up and go. Template was overpriced but live and learn.

Jay L. from United States
Great product. Using it for over 5 years
Great software, easy to use and many options to customize the prints.

Gordon m. from Canada
Easy as 1,2,. 3 and you're done

Manuel F. from Austria
Thanks for this very simple and great software!!

Herr b. from Germany
Great program - works proper with my "Surface"

Chad A. from Canada
Great product for ease of use and quality
Thanks for the product. Was exactly what we needed to get things going fast and effectively.

John F. from Canada
Easy peasy
I had used other software for several years as our church runs about 400 sittings through two photo booths with professional photographers. It worked like a charm. The only obvious miss was being able to select more than one photo during the email option from the iPads we used. Beyond that, great product! Easy setup. Handled hundreds of happy family photos.

Luvarne O. from Saudi Arabia
It's everything I needed!
I wanted an automated photo booth that is simple, practical and flexible. The dlsrBooth does just that! I just hoped that it's license is "for life" and doesn't really force its users to upgrade yearly at a cost. But overall, the dlsrBooth performance is superb and does as expected. The interface is also convenient and nice to use.

Edna K. from United States
NYE Party Hit!
I am extremely pleased with my purchase. The photo booth was the highlight of our NYE Bash. I only chose the email option to provide guests which they loved and thought was so cool. Now my SIL wants me to use it for her wedding. Uh oh more work for me... :)

Tamara F. from Australia
Good Software
So far so good! I haven’t had any big problems yet and the small one I did the dslr team got back to straight away and rectified it straight away.

Christian S. from Philippines
Easy and I like it!
The application is very easy to use. Yet, I hope that with regards the text, the color can be changed. :-)

Kasa N. from United States
Five Stars
It's easy to use and worked without issue.

Larry W. from United States
So far so good, still evaluating the product. thanks....

Ralph Z. from United States
Worked really well for my jobs party and event we held!!

Jeff H. from United States
We have used DSLRBooth for several years now and it just keeps getting better!

Francis O. from Singapore
The sofeware is.running fine. As a new user I get the help from.my friends. Will be better if u have a PDF user guild for me.to explore the excellent sofeware. Tk X Christmas.

Christiane H. from Germany
Very good
Very good, i Love it :heart:️

Coral G. from United States
We have been using dslrbooth
We have been using dslrbooth for 1 year. I can say we really enjoy it and what it has to offer. We are a starting out company in Texas and currently have one Photo Booth that was custom made by us. We are working to create our second Photo Booth and will be using dslrbooth for it also. We do use the Mac version and are impressed with the updates you have been coming out with. I would like to have the fonts in the template editor to be seen on the titles instead of me having to scroll and select each one to pick the font style I want.

Michael C. from Canada
Pretty happy with it.
Coming from Breeze so it's hard to make the change over. However I am happy I did. I have one pro licence and one basic and I'm happy with both. Simple to use and I love the animations it comes with.

Diana R. from Canada
Super easy to operate.....still have a few questions but will try to work it out myself first.

Matt W. from United States
great easy program to work
great easy program to work with

James S. from United States
I found the product to
I found the product to be easy to use and intuitive.

Nick G. from United States
Great Software
My nonprofit organization, Stone of Hope Youth, blessed the West Valley community by providing free family pictures with Santa. dslrBooth worked perfectly, especially since we were able to email the families immediately after their pictures with Santa!

Naresh K. from India
Loved the software and was very easy to use even for a novoice.

Mark B. from United States
Sony alpha user
Would've been 5 stars if sony alpha cameras are supported with a direct connection instead of wifi.

Ronald A. from United Arab Emirates
Easy to use. Very user-friendly
Easy to use. Very user-friendly

Ayadi A. from Algeria
I usede this software for my photobooth and i found it awesome !

April F. from United States
Great Product
Used it for holiday parties over the weekend and it was a hit. |Glad to have another product to offer with my business.

Peter S. from United States
It works. Period.
I’ve used this program since early on and it has only gotten better. I recently upgraded to the newest version and it has been working flawlessly. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to start a photo booth business.

Faizal R. from Indonesia
photostrip layout please
photo strip layout and auto cutting please

Mohamed H. from United States
Great software
This software made my life easier, |Thank you guys great job

Suong T. from Canada
Excellent product
It was an excellent product and very to use and customize pro your needs. Fun to play around with and will be using it to it’s full potential

Aesh W. from Australia
awesome product
I love this software because is simple and user friendly but still very advance.

Gerald B. from Austria
DSLR Booth
Hallo|Danke für die tolle Software|Alles funktioniert|Perfekt

Fritz B. from Kuwait
Love it
Love the software, so easy to use.

Maria A. from Australia
Rydges on Swanston
Very attentive, thanks for all your help!!!