dslrBooth Reviews

Professional photo booth software

Compatible with Canon, Nikon, GoPro & Webcam
For Windows PC or Mac.

Jason W. from Canada
Worked well once it was set up
There was a bit of a learning curve getting the green screen template set up and running. Support documents and walk through information was available, but I had to drawn from multiple documents to get things rolling. \rI really liked using the fotoshare app because it gave the ability to have a second computer take care of the prints while the main computer managed the photo booth. \rOverall I am happy with the software.

Wayne L. from United States
Great Software that keeps getting even better!
This is a solid platform if you are doing any event photobooth photography. Just did an event where we used DSLR Photobooth to take the photo and then print the same photo twice on a 4x6. Used a circle punch to create the photo insert for buttons! We sold hundreds and hundreds of buttons! This made the process so much easier.

Abdul A. from Singapore
Standard Edition
Softwade is great! Would purchase the professional edition soon.

Wayne D. from New Zealand
Great event software now even better.
The latest release includes the ability to live preview on the computer display which is great. We have been running a script to send the photos to a screen outside the both but can now just mirror the display and let everyone see what is going on inside in real time.

Sarom M. from United States
Pro Edition Upgrade
I’m getting the hang of the new upgrade. Love the customer service, Christine rocks!

Terrence R. from United States
Great experience
Wow the price for what you get is wonderful, and it keeps getting better.

Mark A. from Saudi Arabia
very great apps, we hope you can give some free templates and extend the free updates at least 5 years

Aurelie B. from France
Très bonne application de photobooth des mises à jours constamment et une utilisation facile pour le tarif c’est vraiment top!

Derek V. from United Kingdom
Get better and better!
Now a very mature system that is very stable. Each upgrade offers more and more. I would highly recommend. My customers love it!

Omar h. from Palestinian Territories
Super software
Its really super software i love it :)

Mario K. from Greece
Easy to use, stable operation,
Easy to use, stable operation, GOOD PROGRAM FOR THE COST TO HAVE

Amber B. from Canada
Great !
Used this for 13 years, very reliable.

David D. from Germany
Great Software
some little thins went wrong sometimes. If we would like to record videos or boomerangs with our 5DMark2 Canon, the software stood still and crashed on our windows 10 Laptop with great performance. But all in all its a very great software and only for the pictures and the invent of all the other fetures is this great!

Laura M. from United States
Great product. Very user friendly.
Great product. Very user friendly.

Brian H. from United States
Great app
I just purchased this app make sure you get the professional version to get larger paper sizes other than 4 x 6

Peter W. from South Africa
Good software, my photo booth
Good software, my photo booth business has never been easier. People have a lot of fun with this.

Alexandru-catalin O. from Romania
invoice needed
My request was solved very fast! Thx dslrbooth team!!!

Jorge T. from United States
One the best on the market
Thanks to make so easy than others photo booth programs .

Manuela M. from Austria
Tolle Sache Deutsche Version bzw
Tolle Sache\rDeutsche Version bzw ein paar Erklärungen per Video oder ähnlichen wäre fein

Stevens P. from Australia
I love it
Really easy to manage. Thanks guys

Melanie G. from United States
Fabulous updates!
I purchased this program in 2014 and had not used in in a couple years. The updates are phenomenal! This is so much fun!

Istvan I. from Romania
Thank you very much!|I'm glad I chose the dslr booth.|Excelent Suport team!

Haukur H. from Iceland
First year amazing
The best photobooth software I hace used.

Kevin S. from United Kingdom
Great piece of software at a very reasonable price
Easy to setup, great usable demo could even have used the demo in the field just for printing pictures but bought the software because it does everything you need and very easy to use.

Gavin W. from United Kingdom
Just purchased
Seems like great software, a big improvement on my previous software however I am yet to be able to fit video to work on it, help desk are yet to solve the issue

Sheila M. from United States
Great software!
Been using DSLR Booth for several years now. I love it!

Mike B. from United States
Fast and easy license renewal
It was easy to renew our annual license with a couple of click. We are a big supporter of DSLR Booth and their wonderful staff.

Sheena F. from Canada
DslrBooth is great and easy to use! I'm glad I've purchased it for my starting business. Thank you also to great service!

Cha g. from Germany
Einfache Programmierung, einfache Handhabung und doch ausreichend viele Möglichkeiten. Perfekt für meine selbstgebaute LUXUS Fotobox mit Drucker. Die Gäste lieben es einfach Gruppenselfies zu machen.

Pam S. from United States
Have not had much time
Have not had much time to try it yet but the little we have it seems cool

Christina C. from United States
I have not used as of yet and still in package but looks great and am excited to use!!

Arianna L. from United States
It’s great!
Wish the software hadn’t slowed down so much prior to renewing... felt like some shady planned obsolescence.

Rod S. from United States
Dslrbooth for Mac
I’m so glad you finally made Dslrbooth for Mac. I’ve been waiting for it a long time. I love this photobooth software. Very easy to use and versatile and finally it works with IOS OS.

Vincent R. from France
Everything perfect
- Powerful software|- Simple tu use|- Friendly to set up|- Perfect support\rThank you !

Deandre G. from United States
Great software!
Love the DSLR photo booth software. Works great for events! Reliable, creative, limitless possibilities

Mariano from Canada
Had breezesys for years, ...dslrbooth is better value

Gustian f. from Indonesia
best photobooth app
im so happy use this app, but there is a problem but i think not annoy

Manos K. from Greece
from caleidoscopio
simple and fast and very good program for my job

James T. from United States
Great software!
User and budget friendly. I love the green screen feature. I don’t know how it compares to the competition, but I’d recommend it to both individuals and businesses.

Dan M. from Canada
Great Product
Software is easy to use and runs well.

Donna R. from United Kingdom
Great software
We started a photo-booth to raise money for our school. This software was perfect.

Pavel P. from Czechia
This aplication is for me the best! I have two photo corners machine and for four years using this software. Thanks for this. www.selfiebot.cz

Leo D. from United States
Extremely user friendly
New to the photo booth world. I did tons of research. I purchased a different app for my iPad booth. So far, dslr booth has been awesome compared to other software on the market. Customer service is the best on the market. The dslrbooth community have been a huge help. Purchase software with confidence!

S R. from United Kingdom
Amazing support fantastic program thank you

Jessica D. from United States
Perfect for my Expo Booth
This was a hit for my Business Expo. Pleased with this purchase!

Ditmar K. from Paraguay
I make a lot of new test, and really its much better then the older. i very happy if changes.

Giuseppe S. from Switzerland
Perfect software
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dslr booth werde bald mein 2 lizenz bestellen

Kevin S. from United States
Great Product and Support
Really enjoyed the ability to try out the software and receive great support even prior to purchase. Product is great. Flexible and powerful, yet easy to use and figure out.

Libor J. from Czechia
Super functional
We changed to dslrBooth from another software and we were amazed how well is it made! Settings are super easy and intuitive and everything runs smoothly! Perfect work

Danilo g. from Panama
Very good but still need to improve to fit portrait screens
People loves the boomerang but when using with a vertical screen, the camera live view does not fit the screen so people cannot see themselves completely in the screen, fix this and it will be perfect!! I really love this software.

Josiane F. from Canada
I'v only done test in
I'v only done test in studio until now, seems satisfying for the moment!

Matt E. from United Kingdom
Long term
I have been using the system for several years now and it great the thing that fails is usually the camera or printer thank god the software is solid ...

Gaetan Le Quéré from France
Super mais ...
Bonjour , |J'ai choisi ce logiciel pour l'inclure a ma nouvelle borne photo . Très content du nombre de paramètres qu'il propose . Cependant, des sets animés en Français serait les bienvenus . Je recommande vivement ! :)

Ryan G. from United States
Good App
I like the app and have used it 1 time at a fundraiser. It is a bit slow but other than that I like it.

Saifulizam Z. from Brunei
Great stuff
SO many features to play with, but would be grateful if can connect or sync with other brand of camera example Olympus

Aniq Z. from Malaysia
Good software!
Easy to use, user friendly,|Hope update with Instagram share button!

Margarette M. from United States
thumbs up!
excellent for birthdays and parties!

Clint Z. from United States
Extremely great software
I love it!! much better than breeze software :)

Guyot from France
tres satisfait du logiciel, si
tres satisfait du logiciel, |si on pouvait choisir la langue , ça serait un + ....

Fernando V. from Canada
Surpassed Expectations
Bought this for an event and didn't disappoint! It's great to see a basic version of fotoshare is included with purchase, though it would be nice to know what limitations there are vs the monthly plan.

Joao D. from Canada
Excellent support
DSLR booth is always prompt in solving issues. This software comes with regular updates. |Keep up the good work.

John H. from United States
Love this easy to use software
Only down side to this software is when used on a Mac, and your printer goes into sleep mode, there’s no driver to “wake up” the printer when software starts back up. Works fine on Windows; but not updated yet for Mac users. Once you figure out to handle this glitch, everything works smoothly. Still new to it; but am please at this point.

Boothpix L. from United States
Gets the job done with some glitches
Pros: The software is so far easy to use for both the clients and the booth owner. Very nice template generator. Very customizable. Fast response to printer. Haven’t tried the sharing features or green screen yet. |Cons: live view of camera looks blurry even though pictures come out crystal clear. Wish there was a way to play the gifs automatically at the end of session while photos are printing. There’s been some very annoying glitches. I can’t use my ring light flash because the pictures come out way too bright. I try using the DSLR camera wizard but it makes the whole software freeze and become no longer usable so I have restart the whole surface pro. I’m forced to use my Nikon camera on auto because any other setting makes the software freeze after the first shot. Hope these issues are fixed in future updates.

William H. from Canada
Solid Solution
It is early to tell, but the software package works well and has many great features. Just wish it would let you instant two installations on any system. Buying twice for Window and OSX is annoying. One on Windows and one on OSX would be ideal for me right now.

Andres H. from United States
Love it
So far I love it. Couldn’t be any happier.

Jan M. from Canada
Dslrbooth Mac
Awesome software so easy to use... one concern in particular i do have macbook pro 2017 base model but every time i have to resize my Png image it will stop working..i have to force quit all the time to able to work again...\rJan

Rogelio R. from Italy
Good Photobooth software for my Nikon D5200
I used it in my friend birthday as a first timer photobooter, it’s easy to use,, but sometimes my green background can be seen in some shots but maybe it is my lighting is not good, thanks to dslrBooth !!

Tomas M. from United States
I just opened the software
I just opened the software and have to sa I love it

Charlene G. from United States
dslr Photo Booth Software
As being new mirror booth owner, we were using Darkroom and found it to be very difficult and not user friendly. A friend told us about dslr. We tried to free download and found it to be exactly what we want and need! It is very easy to use. My husband is having a blast with it and we can't wait for our first event!

Vinkensupport from Netherlands
In search of a simple solution for our new booths, we came across many options. After a lot of testing of the various|  other providers, it still kept coming back in the favorite list. When we saw the price, we did not have to think twice about buying a license. And it works perfect! Simple, fast and well thought out!

Daniel B. from United States
The Photo Booth Software You Need
Wanting to do our own booth for our daughters graduation party I downloaded 6 well known software packages to test - the dslrBooth was the first one I would test but once installed it would not load - so I moved on to the other 5 was not to impressed - as I continued to research online one site after another highly recommended dslBooth - so reached out to dslrBooth and they were very helpful getting program up and running (it was a setting in a configure file) - I spent the weekend using the program and discover this a fantastic program - easy to use - and the best part is using Photoshop to create my own backdrops and use them to create customized template - better yet is the approach it uses to create templates with layers similar to Photoshop - I'm using dslrBooth on a Surface Pro 3 tablet and it's built in webcam - haven't used it yet with my Canon 60D - anyway, very excited to master dslBooth before my daughters graduation party in June. At half the price their competition it is definitely worth the cost and easier the learn.

Evelyn R. from Australia
Give you 5 :star:️:star:️:star:️:star:️:star:️

Paul S. from United States
Top Software
Einfach n geiles Tool. Macht richtig Spaß Bilder zu knipsen. Einfach genial. Preis Leistung lohnt sich auf jedenfall. Installieren. Registrieren, kurz einstellen und los geht's.

Paul F. from United States
Great product but...
This product is great! The basic photo both software and automation are fantastic and very easy to setup and use. When you try to do some more advanced stuff it has a few glitches still to be worked out specifically with the green screen effect, customers being able to choose templates & backgrounds and digital props. Some specifics, Not being able to resize the green screen object is real limiting factor for this program. Also if you want use multiple photos and put digital props on it only places them on the figure where the last green screen box position was for the last photo. (this moves the props on all the other photos to reflect this green screen box position).\rOverall great program though you see I gave it four stars. Was great fun for our Christmas door event!

Matt from United States
We love this Photo Booth Software!
After much research and reading reviews, we decided to give dslrBooth a try. What a great decision we made! It is really easy to use and our guests have loved the experience. This is our first photo booth software and the only one we ever plan on using! Thank you for making such a great product that is easy to use!

Dhamar R. from Mexico
me encanto
Es un programa muy fácil de usar y muy buen programa

Melissa L. from United States
Love this product!
Just make the switch from one photo booth software to this one and I'm very impressed! Customer service answered all my questions ahead of purchase and actually did a screen share with me to go over my main concerns before the purchase. So far I'm quite impressed!

Antoine K. from Lebanon
Live view
Live very slow and most do better one . Everything else is perfect

Chengdu T. from Belgium
Work good...shame templates are quiet
Work good...shame templates are quiet expensives

Cedric A. from France
Super logiciel
Idéal pour photobooth très complet

Derrick R. from United States
Great software
This will be my 1st time renewing. Great program very easy to use. 2 thumbs up!

Cathy P. from United States
Second year renewal
The professional edition is easy to use and my customers love the results

Mauricio P. from Honduras
Excellent software
Please make a software for mirror booth

Brad H. from United States
I am so excited to see what all can be done! Our church will love the chance to give fun photos to the community!

Jean-christophe S. from France
A good Soft
A very good soft, runing on 4 of my photocall.\rThe soft must be now more better and integrated that the customers can choose 1, 2 , 3 4, pics with the same themeplate, or select the themeplate they whant after the picture

John W. from United States
It has so many customizable features, and is very easy to understand.

Martin J. from United States
Well worth it for a novice PhotoBoother!
I tried getting freeware to function properly with a DSLR and a Surface Pro and just couldn't work out the kinks. Purchased this a day before a friends event and had 30 people in line waiting to use it by the time I got it all staged. Worked flawlessly for the next 5 hours - not a glitch with over 700 pix. Great Value!

Jürgen from Austria
Dslr Booth
Hallo ist die Software auch auf Deutsch umzustellen, oder nur auf Englisch? lg Jürgen

Junbin L. from Singapore
All is well with some suggestions
Everything working fine. Would like to see scalable size for green screen keyed images

Zenco H. from Brazil
Camera conection
Wifi conection with camera is very useful for me.

Luis M. from United States
dslrBooth knocks it out of
dslrBooth knocks it out of the park with professional features and ease of use. No complaints from me.

Natalie A. from United Kingdom
Love the software, very customisable, great for the price!

Juan G. from Costa Rica
This is a very easy software to use. Its interface is really friendly. There are 2 recommendations I would like to highlight. |1) the photo quality is very low. It should be higher |2) with the standard option we should be able to change the paper’s sizes.

Robert M. from United States
Nice to have green screen and live view feature with webcam
Well worth the upgrade for these new features. Also is was easy to install over the old version|.

Jason W. from Canada
Easy to use software
The program is easy to use and has lots of great features. It would be nice if it came with more print templates, but the program does have the ability to easily make your own custom templates.

Desiree P. from Germany
Super Programm leider nicht auf
Super Programm |leider nicht auf Deutsch :-)

Francesco C. from Italy
Long last!
I am very satisfied with the product that far exceeds my expectations. For some time I was looking for a professional solution for my projects, finally with DSLRBooth I can realize them. Thank you.|Francesco Casini

Jia L. from Australia
Great little tools
We've got it for our company use. It's works fabulous. We use it on windows laptop and using another app linking it to the ipad. There is almost zero delay using them in a system like that. Great apps overall.

Jenna S. from Barbados
Great product!
I purchased the photo booth standard software to use at a School Fair for fundraising, and it was great fun!

Tai P. from United States
Great software
Easy setup, great software and many options to choose how you set your booth. Simple to hand off to volunteers to run it.

Pam F. from United States
Practical + and Affordable, too
I love the features this has. I can create my own templates, save all of the photos taken (going into Thank You cards), their emails, etc, if they entered it. Am still playing with some of the settings - there are so many to use if you want to - but am looking forward to using this software again and again!