dslrBooth Reviews

Professional photo booth software

Compatible with Canon, Nikon, GoPro & Webcam
For Windows PC or Mac.

Jeffery M. from United States
I need to play with it for a little longer, but as of now I'm satisfied

manti a. from France
logiciel parfait et bien pensé !

İrfan Y. from Turkey
Program çok başarılı çalışıyor, çok
Program çok başarılı çalışıyor, çok memnunum. Bence tek bir eksik var, tasarım düzenleme ekranında görsele yakınlaştırma yapabilmek istiyorum. Fotoğraf çerçevesinin tam olarak istediğim yere denk geldiğini görebilmem için :pray::skin-tone-2:

Ole H. from United States
I'd purchase this photobooth software again.
great photobooth software. worked right away. still learning how to customize some of the many features. Worth the purchase for DIY photobooth business or for your business.

DAVID F. from United States
great program
easy to use, and I'm a newbie to this

Deo B. from Canada
Getting use to it but
Getting use to it but I think I need trainig

Manoel J. from Brazil
duração da lincença
ao comprar a versão pro eu posso usá-la por quanto tempo?

Willie S. from United States
I like this software.
I'm enjoying the software, I wish templates were in added to the software. But overall the software works well. It gets the job done.

Carolyn C. from United States
3rd time in love!
DslrBooth is GTREAT. This is my 3rd time purchasing (standard and pro editions for Windows & now stadard on Mac). Seems like every 2 or 3 years there is an event that calls for a photo booth set up. All the items one can customize is why I keep coming back. Glad to see there is a license renewal now - perhaps I will save some money just keeping it current!!

Veronica R. from United States
Love the upgrades
Love this software and how it improves my production on the Booth Side.

Alena H. from Czechia
Great App
Great App with many features and it is working very well.

Isaac S. from United States
A success!!
I needed a set to use for a family engagements. It was a great hit. Easy to set up and use was able to use the camera from my mac. Process was smooth!!

MARIA G. from Spain
He comprado la versión Windows, pero quisiera saber si hay probabilidades de cambiar y poner el de ipod. Gracias

Ken B. from Philippines
Excellent App!
Excellent app! My events are easy, simple and professional.

Silvia T. from United States
Excited with our renewal purchase
Excited with our renewal purchase of DSLR Booth. It's easy to use!

Aw S. from Singapore
dslrBooth Photo review
It is great to use. Is there a tutorial to learn it as I am new to it?

Stanley H. from United States
So far so good!
So far so good! Trying the 360 and other features that wasn’t in the standard version.

Markus T. from Germany
Sehr gute Software. Hatten viel
Sehr gute Software. Hatten viel Spaß!

Karem E. from Egypt
Excellent easy to handle I
Excellent easy to handle I recommend to buy it

Corinne W. from Switzerland
great software application for a
great software application for a photo booth for a reasonable price

Helmut V. from Germany
Ist gut zu bedienen, leicht anzupassen und die Fotos meine selbst gebauten Fotobox sind alle supergut geworden. Love it

Tobias V. from Germany
Easy an perfect
It was very easy and without any problems. I’d received the the download linke just in time. It was great. Many thanks to the team.

Michelle E. from United States
Last Minute
Helped me a lot at an event. Thank you!!!

Erin T. from United States
Good photo booth app, occasionally buggy
The program is great and has a lot of options to customize the interface for you event. I like the templates and the different ways for guests to access the photos. The only issue is it is sometimes buggy and will crash, especially when trying to customize the virtual assistant. Otherwise great product.

Studio E. from Indonesia
So far so good. everything runs well & smooth. Would be much better if this software can connect dslr camera through wifi. thanks

Elisa J. from New Zealand
We've used it 3 times
We've used it 3 times so far and it is working well. We had a question and customer service was quick to answer and provide a solution.

Johannes M. from Germany
Great Software, but a little bit expensive
Great Software, it works very well. But it should Cost Like the other Softwares

Gabriel L. from Brazil
Qualidade Do DSLRBooth
Aplicativo Excelente para trabalhar

Kate K. from Canada
Very easy to use and understand as long as you have a working knowledge of Photoshop, everything about the program is super easy. Easily customizable to the needs of each job.

Karl S. from Austria
Sehr gute und bedienerfreundliche Software,
Sehr gute und bedienerfreundliche Software,|Leider habe ich noch keine Erfahrung im Dauertest !

Emiliano G. from Argentina
Is perfecto. Please preview video
Is perfecto. Please preview video gopro

cristian o. from Romania
Excellent service and excellent customer
Excellent service and excellent customer experience.

karlos from United Kingdom
Great software.
Before I picked the software I wanted to use I tested 4 different options 2 expensive 1s and to lower budget ones. i found this one which is very simple to use once you get use to is and does the job nicely. very happy

Rubens B. from Brazil
Falta de tutorial ou manual em portugu}es
O software é excelente, mas falta um bom tutorial ou um manual em português. Poderia pelo menos ter um manual online que fosse possível usar o tradutor do Google.

Jake W. from New Zealand
Top reliable product,
Great product, would like to see more custom features on updates

Carla L. from Italy
un software facile e veloce da usare

Foto .. from Italy
Wonderful software, easy to use,
Wonderful software, easy to use, it seem to be perfect

Stacey S. from United States
It was suggest from another boother to try your software, so far it seems like a great fit.

Riley B. from United States
This Product is Accurate and Polished
Everything about dslrBooth is spot on. It works excellent and it works well in our custom photo booth. Our only complaint/change we wish was made is the requirement of a twillo account. If there was a way to add the text feature that does not require an additional 3rd party application we would utilize this future much more. We as a company actually recommend not using the SMS function and use the email or QR Code functions instead. This SMS is the only weak point we have with this software, other than that, it is fantastic!

Matthew C. from United Kingdom
Impressed with the software so
Impressed with the software so far

aria n. from Indonesia
i wanna upgrade to profesional edition

edwingeluk from Netherlands
De photoboots software is geweldig alleen is het moeilijk om uit te vinden hoe je een start button aanmaak in de software

RELIC P. from Kenya
Great software, easy to use, friendly, great post-purchase support! :muscle::skin-tone-4:

JACOB P. from United States
Amazing application
this app is incredible, it can run all the functions a photobooth needs. well worth the money spent.

Lucas C. from United States
I love this software, easy
I love this software, easy to work, the only think the should change is give more options like twilio to send sms.

RELIC P. from Kenya
Love it. Very efficient, friendly, easy to use and colourful software . Thanks :pray::skin-tone-4:

Alexander E. from Germany
Easy to use. Was a
Easy to use. Was a perfekt evening.

cristian o. from Romania
A Plus
Very good software and excellent team.

James C. from United States
DSLRBooth and Canon 5D Mark II combination results in ‘Incredible’ photos!!
I had not used it in a couple of years…. So I had to relearn how do make my own templates. Different computer and some issues getting my 5D Mark II to work right. But that was due to using a 2012 iMac and using a patch to load the latest MAC OS on it. But, as far as DLSR Booth software, no issues. Great program. I actually bought a 2012 27 inch iMac in mint condition for $150.00. So it is perfect. I set it up on a table with my Canon 5D Mark II behind it. My template is larges and pretty Hi-Res, so the final collage the software creates is super clear and sharp.

Adina B. from Spain
Casi perfecto
El Soft es erdaderamente bueno, mucho mejor que otros.|Solo echo en falta 2 funciones.|La pausa entre foto y foto.|y el poder mover el cuadrado donde se hace el Live view, ya que cuando lo utilizo en el Fotomaton espejo, el Live View queda muy abajo y los invitados salen mirando para abajo.|Por el resto las funcionalidades y el Software son una maravilla

Barry T. from United States
Barry the DJ
Works great I appreciate everything you guys rock.

Jan V. from South Africa
Love It
It is an awesome program once you start to know it.

Mary H. from United States
Works amazing! I love everything
Works amazing! I love everything I can do with it!

Markus H. from Germany
Seit Jahren bin ich zufrieden
Wie immer, hat alles bestens geklappt?

Mark T. from New Zealand
Im still on trial but
Im still on trial but i think i will enjoy it:blush:

Angie R. from United States
Off to a slow start
I have several different software programs. Everything from the Microsoft Suite, to a Cricut, to sublimation programs and embroidery programs and the help available for all of these is superior to DSLR booth. I have high hopes but have wasted a lot of time with things that could’ve been quickly resolved with better help tools.

Alexandru M. from Spain
Very good
Im using this software since 2017 and y recomend it

Alfredo L. from United States
Best Photo Booth Software Ever
We have been using this software for over 5 years and it just keeps getting Better

Lee D. from United States
Photo Booth
Love this product always adding new features to improve it.

ErikJan B. from Netherlands
After the period of lockdowns
After the period of lockdowns during the pandemic, I can now again enjoy and return to events and celebrations. Dslrbooth software is helping me creating that experience for visitors.

Richard K. from United States
Like an old school photo booth
A photographer friend recommended the DSLRBOOTH app for Mac and it was easy to use and delivered exactly the product to make my clients thrilled. Already have bookings for another event. My only suggestion and I understand the reason. But having a Wifi connection is not always easy outside the studio when on location. It was a challenge (that I overcame) but still a challenge.

Sebastian M. from Germany
Very good Programm!
Very good program! I have a lot of fun with it and you can change a lot of things! Very nice! I would advertise this program to other friends! I am very happy! Thank you!

Laurie O. from United States
my renewal was easy to do. I had forgot to renew in October and I was able to renew my DSLR plan with no issues.

Luiz R. from Brazil
Great software. Light, visual and functional.
Great software. I intend to buy other licenses. The manufacturer could generate a discount coupon for new licenses. I have other equipment and I intend to change everyone's software, but without a discount it has to be little by little.

FREDERIC B. from France
Excellent Logiciel
Je suis très satisfait des nombreuses possibilités qu'offre ce logiciel. Ayant acheté d'autre produits de la concurrence auparavant, je recommande celui-ci qui est le plus abouti à mes yeux.

Philipp I. from Germany
Alles Prima
Hat auch am Sonntag gut und zügig funktioniert

HAMON from France
Super logiciel fonctionne très très bien j'en suis super content

Latia J. from United States
I love the program I’m
I love the program I’m still getting use to it but overall very clean program

Jurie S. from South Africa
New Features Come Standard
Wonderful product, it has always been a rock sold app a that keeps adding new features. In an event environment you cannot have things fall apart on you, that is why you want DSLR Booth!

Ron J. from United States
Has always worked as it
Has always worked as it should and updates are on point

Tracy R. from United States
Simply the Best!
Thank you for creating awesome software and having great customer service. I’ve been amazed at some of the features I’ve discovered and you keep evolving! I’m simply amazed and so glad I was introduced to your products! dslrBooth, Luma Booth, Fotoshare, Luma Share and can’t wait to try the all new 360 options! Tracy

guellali m. from Algeria
First time
Very happy white my purchase it works great thanks

Dynamic B. from United States
My Now favorite DSLR Photo Booth Software.
I purchased the DSLRBooth Professional Edition for Windows. This is the 3rd DSLR software I've used and I was Blown away on how easy it was and user friendly. I jumped the gun and wanted to use it for an event. Learned it that morning and was able to use that night.

Schwebel C. from France
Always so good !
Always so good since i bought them ! |Spécial mention for French translate !

Cathy P. from United States
Ultimate software
Always my go to app. Never disappoints easy to use.

Carla O. from Australia
Love this software
Have been using the Professional version of the DSLRBooth software for years and it never lets me down.

Kathy C. from United States
Lots of fun!
We used the green screen feature and it was fun but it took some time to work out the bugs with the camera picking up the green screen due to the person's shadow. A few times the software would stop responding when pressing the shutter (print) button, so it delayed flash causing people to be caught off card. That was probably because we were changing the background so often. Overall it was really fun for everyone involved and I'm excited to do more events.

Joseph M. from United States
Great! Very happy I purchased. I had some questions and they were answered quickly!

John B. from United States
Working Great
Had to disable the Video Acceleration due to the Live Preview being jittery. Once that was disabled it worked flawlessly. Works with the photo printer I have. Will be using it for a fundraiser next week.

Woonsang C. from South Korea
good software
Now I'm using your software in Korea.

Neil F. from Belgium
Really nice! (but some fearures missing)
Really Nice product ! Would be verry interesting to be able to personalize a little bit more (like the button color, size) and to be able to send original pics at the same time without have to navigate all the menus. Also I can understand that fotoshare is also your product but the professional edition of dslrbooth should allow us to choose our own mail server or cloud. Hope to find some new features soon :)

Dimitri C. from France
Thank you so much for all exchanges with Christine

Joel V. from United States
One of the best Photo Booth softwares
I enjoy using DSLRBooth, it is easy to use, straightforward. Photo layouts are easy to make right from the software. Thanks keep up the great job.

carlos o. from Chile
Excelente software cero problemas

James C. from United States
Love it so far!!!
I just received this and have only played with it at home. So far I really like it. We will give it a good test at Christmas and new year.

Hendra D. from Indonesia
Very Good, I like Thank
Very Good, I like Thank U so much

Kaycee B. from United States
Makes my job easy!
The program is quick and easy to use. A fun way to save memories. Love it all. Thank you!

Saravana J. from United States
Love the automation of this software
Love the automation feature of the software. I mainly use it so i can take pictures and immediately send it to print. This is my one-man setup for breakfast with santa event at my community.

Keisha J. from United States
Best photobooth software around!!
I love DSLr Booth. I am a return user. I have used this software for all three of my booths including the magic mirror.

Paul E. from United States
Awesome photo booth software
Software has so many options and takes a while to learn and use half of the options.

sam c. from Malaysia
User Friendly, No complicated operation, easy to use for beginner

Arie J. from Indonesia
recommended photobooth app
i'm using dslrbooth since 2017.. good service.. instant activation.. thankyou..

Johnrey M. from Australia
Easy Money
Quick and easy purchase. Easy to understand, easy to make money out of it

Smart C. from India
Love It
Nice and great software for photo booth... Loved it...

Luigi G. from Italy
Ottimo software
Siamo soddisfatti del prodotto, siamo una piccola azienda che produce dispositivi per photobooth, ci siamo affidati a voi per la gestione software.

Stephen S. from United States
Great software
Loads of features, easy to use!

Bruce F. from United States
Very nice.
Slowly working my way through the software and finding things as I need. There does need to be some better instruction for some things, such as creating an initial print template in photoshop and bringing it over, which I did figure out on my own. The software is easy to use and I very much recommend it.

Rachel R. from Australia
First time user
So far I am loving this software. Super easy to use, heaps of YouTube videos tutorials out there.

Anyana S. from United States
It was easy to use
It was easy to use and no hassel. Just need to learn the program before using

Nicole C. from United States
Amazing Experience
Some things a lil difficult but ..u have great support

Kathy D. from United States
Worth every penny!
Works great! Have had no issues at all! Highly recommend!