dslrBooth Reviews

Professional photo booth software

Compatible with Canon, Nikon, GoPro & Webcam
For Windows PC or Mac.

Erick S. from United States
Está muy bueno el programa
Está muy bueno el programa lo único que para modificar las plantillas cuesta un poco

Caireen H. from United Kingdom
Happy so far so good
Happy so far so good still crashes when I unplug camera though

Salvador R. from Mexico
Very good product
We are just discovering how much we can do with this software. Very nice tool for photoboot starters

Jerry K. from United States
great program
I used this at an office party and this program made the party a success. I plan on using it again next weekend at 2 other parties. Thanks dlsrbooth.

Fidel P. from Philippines
very happy
love the interface just wish there was a way to reprint the photos

Anthony S. from United States
Awesome Flexibility, Control and Workflow
This software allows you to easily customize templates, capture photos, print photos and share photos via social media.... all in one continuous flow process.

Qumber M. from India
Its wonderful but instead of start screen image and say cheese image can you replace it with some animations.??

Vic E. from United States
I wish the customization is easier and have more option.

Jocelyn L. from Canada
DSLR the best photobooth
I'm happy and I recommend this\rThank you very much

Brian Z. from Canada
I WISH I had switched to dslrBooth three years ago.
I had been using Breeze Systems' NK Remote for my photobooth that I built. It offered a lot of complexity, including green screen. But as I started using it, I realized this complexity was exponentially more problematic. For instance, if I wanted to make a specialized new layout for a client and include one or two of their backgrounds, I had to rebuild in photoshop my layout screen. Then I had to save this into six different profiles, each which had to be very specifically named or it didn't work. It turned into several hours each time I made a custom setup. Several long, maddening hours, before the damned thing worked. \rAnd worked is a loose description. \rThe first time I used the green screen, it took me over an hour of panic while I adjusted the lighting just exactly to get the replacement to work. The screen had to be perfectly flat and perfectly lit. I ended up sending my wife to Walmart to buy some lamps and I duct taped a softbox on a short stand to the top of the booth because my built-in acrylic softbox wouldn't work. I also had to precisely balance a fill flash with a speedlight on slave mode. \rThe last wedding I did, a few months ago, the software simply didn't work, period. It worked on one profile, but if you switched to another, it wouldn't print. I ended up having to use tethered shooting with lightroom, manually dragging shots into a printing template set up just for this contingency, because I could not rely on the Breeze software. It left me so stressed, I thought I was going to have a second heart attack. That was the last time I was going to use Breeze. \rI wondered how anyone could set up a stand-alone unit with that software. I couldn't leave it alone for a minute without the risk of it dying. Also, after a couple hours, it would cause the D4 to crash. \rCompare this to dslrBooth. I installed it, and the interface looked modern, not like a Windows 95. I dragged eight photos in for backdrops, and it just worked. I had a webcam aimed at a loose screen, hadn't even realized it was on, and the replacement still worked. I realized the client changed their company name the day before the event, so I had to change the overlay, pronto. It took 10 minutes (including photoshop time), not four hours. The setup worked flawlessly. The lighting worked with my built-in acrylic softbox in the booth. There was ZERO time spent adjusting every parameter to make it work. It just worked. Period. It was the most stress-free photobooth I've done. \rNow I have to set up for next week. It will take me ten minutes. Thank you dslrBooth. You have a believer in me.

Anthony R. from United States
Loved the system and the ease of use
Overall the systems worked great. I plugged in the camera and the software recognized and pulled it right up, no settings to be changed. we did have one malfunction in the middle of the even where I had to shut the software down and open it back up then reselect the template but other than that it worked great. I did also have to do the subscription for the iPad app so that they could get their pictures without the subscription notice. not a game breaker but annoying. overall made the event a success and went off without a hitch.

Keenan P. from India
Best thing that can happen to a party!
Downloaded the trial Version a few weeks back to test it out and was really impressed with the simplicity and performance of the software. Really loving it! Thank you for giving everyone a chance to Enjoy and make use of something this Fun!

Barbara G. from United States
Great Software
Love this software. After 100's searches for something that would work to take pictures of dogs with santa claus I picked this one. It worked awesome today. Only complaint is not having the picture id (number) show up after taking the photo. It makes it slower and more difficult to tab over to file manager to get the photo number of the originals. Thanks

Jeandany B. from France
This is perfect for a photobooth animation ! Thanks

Michael R. from United States
Simple and intuitive
Software works great and is very easy to master. The background templates you see on the web are not included...even in the pro edition. So you have to spend the money to buy add on templates or spend the time to create your own.

Steve W. from Australia
Excellent 110% service
I made my 3rd purchase of DSLR booth, yes I have tried all the others before making a decision, even just recently again. |DSLR is easy to use, and let's face it Photo booth software has the same ideas, but DSLR have streamlined it. I had a windows 10 problem, DSLR Booth were back to me fast with how to sort it out and when I had purchased standard edition but realised I needed professional the company refunded me what I had spent to purchase standard. Definitely the software I will always use.Steve

Francis K. from Philippines
Great software and easy to use.
Great software and easy to use.

Angelique K. from Australia
Simple to use, lots of features
This software is incredibly easy to use but still has lots of great features.

Rick F. from United States
Fantastic software
There are no limits to what you can do. I tried using other apps that were more expensive and they couldn't even recognize my camera tethered to my PC. You can customize and create your own templates or use the ones provided. Everything can be customized to your needs. Worth every penny. Speeds up my booth exponentially.

Brendan m. from United States
Works as advertised
Loved the software. It worked perfectly as advertised with no problems. I connected my Canon camera and it was automatically picked up by the program. I wish the "Live-View" was included in the standard version, but it wasn't difficult to use without it.

Jayson U. from United States
We love using dslrBooth, never gve us any problem since day one of using the product. Highly recommended

Faizal R. from Singapore
Vertical-Horizontal auto rotate please
very useful and I'd love it | |1. I can't access editing tools when screen on maximize view |2. vertical-horizontal auto rotate to make it perfect please

Jeff B. from United States
DSLR Booth Professional
Great software. Works perfectly with my canon T5. Love the green feature.

Stuart A. from United States
Excellent Product for What it Does
Needed something like this for a Harvest Event and it more than fit the bill. Easy to use and produced great results. Can't wait for the next function to use it.

Sam M. from Canada
Love DSLR Booth. Works great with our 3 units!

Hector G. from United States
Super ChevereExcellent Program
Esta pero bien Chevere el programa! Ningun problema, funciona excelentemente!!

Diego G. from Spain
Hace bien su trabajo
Muy completo. Si hay que sacarle algo a mejorar, sería la posibilidad de poner como pantalla de espera un gif. Ya sería perfecto.

Abdul c. from Bahrain
Awesome System
great value for money, easy to use , prompt support

Bob D. from United States
Great product
Made short work for a photo booth project

David H. from United Kingdom
I love the software, it is easy to use and works perfectly and efficiently :)

Emily W. from United States
I was concerned because I wasn't spending as much money as I could on a booth program. I was also concerned because I do an "open air" photo booth where I man it and take the pictures manually. This program completely allows that option! As well as super user friendly and easy to operate. I wanted to learn how to make my own template, and all I had to do was look on YouTube and dslrBooth has there own channel with helpful videos! I do not regret this purchase one bit! Very very user friendly, easy to print, share!

Craig W. from United Kingdom
Guests Loved It!
Used dslrBooth for the first time in my photobooth at a live event last night & it went down a storm! The software ran without a single hitch all night, and the images are superb. The back-end and customer-facing screen is a lot easier to use than my existing software and everyone loved the cool animated GIF’s. This is now my software of choice as my business moves forward.

Mark U. from Australia
Excellent easy to use software!
Would definitely recommend and will be using this as our go to software from now on for all our booths.

Jane A. from Brazil
DslrBooth está de parabéns! |App muito bem feito e fácil de usar.. Mil estrelas pra vocês!!!!!!

Jerome D. from Canada
Awesome software!
Always looking forward to new updates, best software around.

Kate B. from United Kingdom
Really easy to use. I love the fact we can change the layouts and designs around to suit every client.

Delfin C. from United States
Best Photo Booth product. Easy to use. Customizable. Powerful. Features are wonderful.

Voltaire D. from Philippines
Most software items that I have purchased that claim to be plug and play systems turn out to be plug and pray systems but dslrBooth software really delivers on this aspect that even our D5000 camera was automatically detected and used when I tried it on the unit. Although the customized template is a bit confusing to work with adding the window size restriction that I could not resize the window to see the controls better I still believe this to be a good software purchase.

Eyenigmaimages from United States
Should have switched earlier
I have been using Hashprinter for over a year and have always liked it. I was using a different photo booth software and decided to make the switch to DSLR Booth and boy am I glad. The fact that I can create templates within the software is awesome. I used the software at an event for which we took over 300 photos and the the software worked flawlessly, the green screen feature rocked. All I used was my Canon T5 with a kit lens, A Speedlite with a MagMod flash diffuser and my photos turned out awesome. My guest loved the fact that they could easily select between templates and backgrounds. It was a big hit, and I really wish I had made the switch sooner.\rThanks for a great software.

Graham V. from United Kingdom
Easy to use software
Good piece of software that is really easy to use and does the job well. One or two little annoying things such as buttons being a little small but on the hole very good and works really well.

Pauline S. from United States
Works great
This program worked super for my booth. It allowed me to set up a photo booth at a very reasonable cost and has all sorts of features to produce a custom end product.

Carlos M. from Canada
Nice & Easy
Pro version is simple to set up. Now is time to cash in $$$. Thanks to the dslr team.

Robert M. from United States
Great software!
I have had dslrbooth for the Mac since 2013 when I bought it for my daughter's birthday. Love the ease of use. When I bought it, Mike answered all of my questions. Been a while since I fired it up. When I opened it today, got a new update. Also, have been buying the templates and they are very easy to install. The photobooth has been a huge hit at birthday parties, New Year's Eve, and just for fun. This year will also be using at a Sweet 16 party, Thanksgiving, and New Years again. Great product and people.

Noel M. from Australia
Great product
Does exactly what we wanted. Although relatively intuitive, could do with a user manual for setup and other features explained. If there was one somewhere, I couldn't find it, only links to some YouTube videos

Horst S. from Germany
Sehr gute Software
Einfach zu bedienen und umfassende Funktionen. Perfekt

Ondrej T. from Czechia
Best Photobooth SW what I ever tried
I tried a lot of SW for my Photobooth but this is the best for me. There is some things that can be better but they are still improving it ;-)

Frank K. from United States
Flexible and easy to use
Just bought this to set up a green-screen photo booth for my kid's Halloween party. It was by far the most popular activity! Setup was easy, and everyone intuitively knew how to use it on their own. Fun stuff and suitable for pro use as well.

Michael O. from United States
Great Booth Software
Great and easy to use photo booth software!

Christopher T. from United States
Great Photo Booth App
I researched quite a few photo apps out there & this one seemed like it was going to be the best option for my needs. I set up a photo booth for a nonprofit that I volunteer with & was not disappointed with the results. With any app, there are always small ways it could be improved, but overall, I’m giving it a 5-star rating in its current state :)

Martin W. from Austria
Sehr gutes Programm
Perfekt wir haben sehr viel spaß damit

Frelian B. from United States
Dslr booth
I like it it is really user friendly specially when it comes to adding my own templates it is awesome.

Charrita R. from United States
Fast, simple, fun, affordable, perfect
Loved using this program. It gave me exactly what we needed. Loved the fact that it also gave you a gif file for social network uploads. My clients had a great time and out of all the ones I researched, this seemed to be the best one for me. It also allowed you to put your own logo or wording to personalize every event. That was a plus. It was simple to learn and happy I purchased!

Cheryl N. from Canada
easy to use software, great
easy to use software, great product

Pragna G. from Canada
Great to work with
I like it is easy to send email or print picture.

Christina G. from United States
Great software but I will be upgrading soon
I purchased the standard software to use for a recent wedding because I wanted to try it and be able to print without the watermark and I love it. Wish I would have bought the pro version to begin with. Will be upgrading soon. Hopefully there is an upgrade price rather than having to purchase the entire thing again.

Bert h. from Belgium
Good product though rather expensive
Software recently tested at school to make “Halloween”-pictures. About 10% needed a second or third take before the background was ok. Sometimes no background at all (only green screen). Overall the results were great, kids and parents were very enthusiastic.

Patrick K. from United States
DSLR Booth works
As a first time photobooth operator / DIY creator, this exceeded my expectations!

Wally K. from United States
All around great software for the money!
I don’t need a fully blown photo booth software system, I was just looking for something for my event work where I need to “shoot n print” right there on site, on demand. I use a DNP DS-RX1hs printer, MacBook Pro and Nikon cameras…this is not an easy combination to find software for. I downloaded the trial version and within minutes, it was working exactly as I needed it to. Tethered up to my D810, software ran beautifully. Being too impatient to look around at the product (which is very intuitive in use) I sent emails to support asking questions. I found my answers by being a bit nosy and looking around the product. Great support though, they always got back to me very quickly. This software has much more customization than I will ever use. If you need photo booth software, this is the product. Its at a great price too. And the people are bright enough to develop for Mac or PC. That alone says it all.

Justin L. from United States
Perfect for our parties
We've used dslrBooth for several of our events — our guests loved it!

Carolina Murcia from Colombia
buenos días quería saber que tiempo tiene la licencia al momento de comprar este producto. Gracias

Kier S. from United States
Great photo booth solution
All in all I love the software, although when when opening it to work on templates I often accidentally trigger the camera and it starts taking pictures of me. I haven’t been using it long, so I’m sure there are a lot of things I will discover along the way, but the day after I downloaded the software we had it up and running on our booth at a huge wedding and we didn’t have any problems.

Mickaël R. from Spain
Photobooth for our wedding
That was really perfect.|Everybody liked this Photobooth and had great fun.|Really a software to recommand !

Dragi A. from Canada
Fast, simple and working with no issues
I used openly once the standard edition off this software. Everything went smooth with no crashing or other issues. Perfect.

Stefanie B. from United States
Love my DIY photobooth
This program is great! So many options and fairly user friendly! I had done DIY photobooths numerous times before with unreliable remotes, but love using this software so that everyone can see what their photo looks like with a countdown to when the photo will be taken.

Belkys M. from Panama
excelente muy practico....lo que nececitaba
excelente muy practico....lo que nececitaba

Anna A. from United States
What a remarkable fun program...and it works beautifully!

Alain B. from Canada
Great product
Just one thing, I Would like the Live View option is available for the standard version for personal use because the professional version is too expensive just for that option!

Margaret C. from United States
I purchased dslrBooth to use for a fundraiser Photobooth. My high school Commercial Photography students operate the booth on special event days during the lunch periods. Students love it so much! It's been super fun and I'm excited to continue using the booth for a variety of future events.

Miguel R. from United States
DSLR Booth Pro
A bit shaky at first but once it updated it has worked as a charm.

Aaron V. from United States
Very well developed photo booth software
dslrBooth software is extremely easy to use for both operators and consumers. By far, the most user-friendly software I've used in the market. Really happy I purchased this software for my photo booth business.

Manuel F. from Germany
Everything you want software
DSLR Booth thinks on everything, it works without problems and is perfect made for want you need it.

Timothy W. from United States
worked good and was easy to use
could use a little more explination on how to use

Emma C. from United Kingdom
Easy to use
Really easy to use and quick to set up. Happy client :)

Gary F. from United States
LOVE the software works great
i wish you had one for my ipad ...LOVE the software works great

Jaime R. from United States
Great User Friendly Program
I would recommend this program 100%

Jose c. from Mexico
Very good software, very easy to use

Alfred S. from South Africa
Easy to Use!
Very easy to use! Installed the app on my mac Saturday morning and had an event the evening where I used it by plugging in my canon 6D. Picked up the camera immediately and was ready to use! I customized the photo with some text and layout and within 5 min was ready to create funky memories for my clients 21st birthday! |Awesome product!

Tobias O. from Germany
Hi,|I use the Programm now for two fotobooth and it works really stably. I only want to configurate the frontend more like to show a company-logo. For example: the user has to choose the template, and I want to show my own background with different colors and a Logo. Is it possible to edit this in the next update?|Thanks |Best wishes |Tobias Oelke|Shows & Artists GmbH|Werinherstr. 45|81541 Munich

Elmer R. from United States
Love the product
Easy to use, and great photo options

Bianca J. from United States
Pretty cool!
I had an event at my church and I thought I would be fun to a have photo booth. After looking at a few options(and realizing that there weren't any high quality free options out there) I bought DSLR booth. It didn't disappoint. Everyone that used it had a great time. The software is super customizable allowing you to make your own picture templates and you can even customize the voice that interacts with the photo subjects. I pretty much made my money back from donations. Great buy and would recommend to anyone.

Richard W. from United States
Did our first photo booth and it was a hit! Looking forward to more. software is great! I would like that it could snap or nudge when you're trying to fiddle the frames around to line things up more precisely though. Or maybe it does and I haven't figured it out yet. But I'm still going 5 stars all in.

Sarah M. from United Kingdom
quick response to email issues great service

Mark F. from United States
Great Tech Support
Mike bailed me out in the eleventh hour...not because of the program, but my lack of understanding. Five stars all the way!

Chuck P. from United States
Pretty powerful fun.
Just figured out how to use green screen with my own background photos - really having some fun now.

Ken A. from United States
Proud Dad
I put together a photo booth for my daughters wedding. Almost all the photobooth software had a free on line try, but the support staff for dslr booth was GREAT! I did this over the Labor Day weekend and they retutn my e-mails each time in one or two hours. I tried three other softwares and DSLR and was the easiest to use. Wedding in 6 weeks and hoping for a great time.

Lisa W. from United States
Works Good
I wasn't sure about this product because other companies claim the customer service isn't fast, but I ran the program with ease, created and imported a custom template, and had both session pictures and originals to share with my clients. Easy to use, and cheaper than the competitors.

Josef R. from Austria
Very good
much function, easy to use, very good support

Cindy F. from Panama
Muy Bueno pero le Faltan algunos cambios.
Soy una persona exigente en lo que ofrezco en servicio para mejorar la calidad cada dia mas, mi consejo es permitir usar flash al momento de haber fotografia, debería haber una opción donde una cámara se pueda ver el live view, y la otra para realizar la foto usando flash, las cámaras canon no permiten usar flash mientras están en live view, la imagen inicial seria mejor si permitiera colocar algún video como imagen inicial, y los accesorios divertidos seria bueno que den la opción de colocar algunos en digital en vivo.

Armin K. from Switzerland
It works stable!
dslrBooth works stable, I encountered no crashes (except when testing the camera in the wrong mode and the camera didn't trigger due to focusing problem, perhaps there should be a timeout?). A two-page manual for beginners would be nice.

Christian A. from Germany
Good software
Does what it says on the tin :) Also support is top notch!

Jacob B. from United Kingdom
Amazing Product.
dslrBooth was everything I wanted and more, so much customisability, I love how easy it was to set up and the wide range of equipment it supports. Highly recommend for any size of photobooth. |Jacob Boodrie.

Oliver W. from Germany
Awesome piece of software.
The possibilities are endless and everything worked perfectly out of the box. I'm looking forwared to discovering everything you can do with dslrbooth.

Jens H. from Germany
It works
Nice clean UI. Does exactly what I wanted to do.

James H. from United States
It just plain works
I expected an uphill battle trying to connect all my stuff together. I had my dslr for about 5 years and don't use it often at all. I've never plugged it into a computer before so I didn't know if the drivers would all be hard to get. I borrowed a printer from a friend so that just added to my gamble. However, the software was very intuitive and just worked the first time. No problems at all. Such a relief. So after one trial sheet (with the watermark) later I gladly shelled out 50 clams for a product that works. Thank you, dslrBooth people. My kids loved it at their birthday party and now I can take it to youth group, and offer it to other families for their parties, etc. I love it. P.S. I bought this for my little girls bday party and her middle name is Hope and I saw that your paypal account is Hope Pictures LLC so that was weird and awesome. :)

Jack M. from United States
So Impressed with this software
We were looking at having a photo booth at our wedding and I'm also involved with a community theater. We have a good Nikon DSLR camera and knew there had to be a way to setup a photo booth area without spending $1500 to $5000 or renting one for hundreds of dollars. This software was affordable and easy to download, setup and use with tons of features and options. We are super excited to use it over the next few months including the weeding.

Oliver A. from Germany
Its cool
Customer spez Upload could be better. Rest perfekt. Br from germany

Georg K. from Germany
Cooles Software mehr als ich erwartet hatte.
Ich habe für ein Firmenevent eine unkomplizierte FotoBox Software gesucht. Mit dslrBooth wurden alle Wünsche erfüllt. Ich konnte ohne Vorkenntnisse die Software bedienen. Alle Einstellungen sind gut Erklärt. Die Software würde ich jederzeit Weiterempfehlen.

Alexandra G. from United States
Easy to use and packed with features
Dslr Booth has a great user interface, and it's very easy to pick up. It has all the features i need. Great product.

Kellie C. from United States
I used this software for the first time on a Sweet 16. It is so easy to use. Since we had a Step & Repeat backdrop we weren’t using the Green Screen. We used a template and it didn’t take us long to be up and running. Very happy with this purchase.

Farid from Indonesia
Is this software compatible with Nikon mirrorless camera (Nikon 1)?
Is this software compatible with Nikon mirrorless camera (Nikon 1)?

Carlton G. from United States
Does what is says it will
Very good product for the price. Wish there was more text control in the final print setup