joyBooth Portable Photo Booth

The booth you've been waiting for

joyBooth is the most affordable and portable photo booth ever made to let you run a professional photo booth using your dslr camera and your tablet.


One piece design with no seams or holes in a beautiful white texture.


Easy to transport. Enclosure weighs 8 pounds. Stand base and column are 22 pounds.


Rise above the competition with a profesionally designed and manufactured high quality booth.


Photo booth enclosure. Light and portable for one person to carry and rugged for commercial use. Exquisite professional finish made out of aluminum. Dimensions: 16"x16"x7.5". Proudly made in the USA.

Stand. Elegant white stand with removable round base having a slim footprint so your photo booth is stable and secure without being obtrusive. Rod extends 43" to 71". Base diameter is 18". Weight: 21.7 pounds.

Camera mount supporting tilting inside the enclosure. Accommodates all DSLR cameras and lenses. Any DSLR camera + lens with combined depth less than 7 and lens diameter up to 78mm (3 1/8") will work. Tilt camera +/- 15 degrees by using knob outside of the enclosure.

Tablet mount. Securely and safely mount your Surface Pro 3 or 4.

Light mount. 5/8" inch stud on top of enclosure can be used to securely attach an external strobe coupled with a beauty dish or an umbrella.

Camera Tilt


Do you ship worldwide?

At this time, we can only ship to the addresses in the United States. If you're not in the United States, Let us know you’re interested and we can let you know once our joybooths are available to ship to your country.

What else will I need

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or Surface Pro 3 Tablet.To date, we have not found another tablet that can match the Sufrace Pro.s performance and reliability. The tablet mounts inside the joyBooth and connects directly to your dslr camera and optionally to your printer using usb cables.
  • A supported Nikon or Canon DSLR camera
  • dslrBooth Professional. Of course we recommend our very own dslrBooth Professional for Windows but free to use any photo booth software you like.
  • External Adjustable Strobe (Flash). 150 watts or greater. Don't fall for people trying to sell you a booth with continuous lighting. It.s simply not enough light for professional results. We recommend Flashpoint 320M.
  • 16" Beauty Dish or Umbrella. This provides beautiful high-end lighting for the modern fashion look. We recommend Flashpoint 17" Beauty Dish or 20" Umbrella.

Optional Items

  • A printer. If you wish to print, we recommend the Epson Picturemate when starting out or a commercial Dye Sublimation printer such as the DNP RX1 or Mitsubishi CPD70DW.
  • 4-Port Powered USB Hub. If you wish to connect a printer, the tablets only have 1 USB port so you will need this USB hub to connect both the camera and printer to the tablet.

Can't I make my own enclosure

We’re huge fans of doing it yourself but trust us, you’ll save yourself time and money buy buying joyBooth. We spent tens of thousands of dollars and went through a dozen prototypes and until we settled on the perfect combination of form, function, and portability. There’s no reason for you to reinvent the wheel. Still don’t believe us? Go for it but don’t say we didn’t warn you and of course make sure to use our software :)

Can I just use an iPad instead of the tablet?

Many people wonder why not just use an iPad, while we love the iPad, unfortunately it does not support communicating with the camera so it cannot be used.

Limited quantities available at our online store.

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