June 28th, 2013

Windows Update v2.5.1.9 – You’ve got mail!

You guys asked us for an easy way to let guests share their photos by e-mail and we listened. With this update, there’s now an e-mail button in the bottom right, clicking it will allow your guests to enter their e-mail address and receive an e-mail with the image as an attachment. To get this feature working, go to Settings, Sharing, E-mail, and setup an e-mail provider. We even have a few e-mail providers pre-loaded in there such as gmail. Enter your username and password and click Test Connection. If it succeeds, you’re ready to use this feature.

This update includes a bug fix to an issue where users had to re-enter their settings and serial # every time following an update. We apologize for this annoying bug and you won’t have to deal with this for all future updates.

You can also set a different time before your first shot than your following shots to give your guests enough time to get ready.

Finally, we added a keyboard shortcut to the Green Settings Window using CTRL+g.