October 16th, 2013

Win v. – Green Screen Improvements

We have overhauled the Green Screen functionality in our Professional Edition and added the following features:

  • Add multiple backgrounds instead of just 1. You can choose to have the user’s choose the background they wish to use or have dslrBooth cycle through your backgrounds automatically.
  • Live View Green Screen – Live view can optionally replace your green screen with your chosen background with the same outstanding results as the main photo green screen replacement.
  • Foregrounds – When adding a background, you have the option to add a foreground as well. This is useful for making Magazine Covers, multi-layer backgrounds, cartoon/person cut-outs, etc…
  • Key Color – You can optionally set the key color to remove. The automatic setting does a great job of setting the key color but if you want complete control over chroma keying, you can now pick your color.
  • New intuitive Green Screen Preferences window that’s much more intuitive.
  • Performance Improvements – You can now green screen using larger background images and processing is much faster.