dslrBooth for Windows v6.40.3 – Animated Video Overlays

Animated Video Overlays

Take your videos to the next level by adding animated overlays. Animated overlays add interest and excitement to your videos and result in a more polished look. Add multiple overlays to your video settings and have them rotate through with each new video session.

Select from our built-in overlays, purchase from our online store, or add your own. As an industry first, you can change the overlay’s color and opacity directly in dslrBooth in near real-time.

Checkout our support site for more details.

Animated Video Overlays at Our Store

Since animated video overlays require experience in motion graphics, we have designed an additional 10 overlays in each of portrait, square, and landscape format. Check them out at our online store.

Multiple Image Overlays and Sound tracks

Under video settings, you can now choose multiple image overlays and sound tracks and dslrBooth will rotate through them so your sessions don’t all look and sound identical.

Additional Video Resolutions

Choose between different resolutions including square format (720×720) under Video settings.


Done Button Reinstated

Due to feedback from our customers we have added the DONE button back to the sharing screen.

LumaShare for Sharing and Slideshow

lumashare-logo-1024bConnect our LumaShare iOS app to dslrBooth to allow guests to share their videos and photos via iPad. LumaShare will fetch the photos and videos from either dslrBooth or fotoshare.co when connected to your local wifi network or the internet and display them on the iPad. Guests can share their sessions, including videos and photos from their session via Email, SMS, Airdrop, QR Code and more.

LumaShare also supports playing a slideshow of all your videos and photos to Roku, Apple TV, and over HDMI.

Download from the Apple app store.

Bug Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fix for some photos not passing JPEG verification from some Sony cameras.
  • Fix for webcam videos playing black frames in the beginning when green screen is on.
  • Fix for sound cutting out at the end of the video when recordings are very long.


  • Fix for synchronization issue with large number of booths.
  • Fix for 360 video processing failing


  • Fix for video timelines not generating correctly


  • Fix for prints not cut when printing multiple copies from LumaShare companion app.
  • Fix for boomerang sessions freezing app with some Canon mirrorless cameras.
  • Fix rare issue for broken thumbnails of some video sessions.

LumaBooth v3.5 – AI Background Removal, Glam Filter, and Motion Detection

New Features

  • AI Background Removal – Remove your background without a green screen.
  • Glam Booth Filter – Awesome black/white filter for the popular glam look.
  • Automatically Configure Movement for Auto 360 Recording.
  • Send SMS (text) messages from your own number.

AI Background Removal

Using the new AI Background removal feature you can remove your photo’s or video’s backgrounds without having to use a green screen. This is perfect to remove busy backgrounds and leave the focus on your guests. As with green screen, you can select the backgrounds to use. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Background Removal and select AI background removal. Then upload your background images.

AI Background removal supports up-to 4 guests. We recommend that you keep guests close to the camera so that their height is at least half of the image height.

Unlike other apps, there is no additional fee to use this feature.

Glam Booth Filter

We showcased our new glam filter at the Photo Booth Convention in Las Vegas and it was a huge hit. The highly requested glam filter has been added as a built-in filter. Settings > Effects > Enable filters. Choose B&W Glam. Don’t forget to also turn on beauty filter which does skin smoothing for the best results.


Start Boomerang Recording With Spinner Movement

If you’re using LumaBooth with a 360 booth, you can start recording once the arm begins spinning. With this new update, we added automatic configuration of the sensitivity. Simply, tap Configure Sensitivity, start spinning the 360 arm and LumaBooth will learn the rotation speed. Next time, the app will automatically start recording when the arm starts spinning.

You can enable this feature under Settings > Capture Settings > Boomerang/360 > Configure Sensitivity. Once set, boomerang sessions will start as the tablet moves, perfect for 360 booths.

Send SMS (text) messages

By default, our LumaBooth and LumaShare apps send SMS from our phone numbers. You can now get your own phone number from the country of your choice.  This can be setup under fotoShare.co > Settings > SMS Settings.


Bug fixes & tweaks

  • Saved printer will show checked on printer list.
  • Video thumbnails will now show a frame from main recorded video instead of pre-roll.
  • Previous sessions more than 24 hours old will appear in the browse screen.

dslrBooth for Windows v6.40.2 – Vertical Videos & Start Recording on 360 Rotation

New 360 How-to Video

Record Vertical (Portrait) Videos

Thanks to TikTok, vertical videos are now very common as fill the screen of mobile phones. You can now record and process vertical videos in dslrBooth. Choose to shoot videos, boomerangs and GIFs horizontally or vertically. To change the orientation to vertical, go to Settings > Video/360 and select the rotation dropdown to either 90 or 270 degrees (clockwise) to match the orientation of your camera.

video rotation




Start Video Recording With Spinner Movement

Have a video session start when the tablet is mounted on an arm that starts rotating sideways. Configure the sensitivity under Settings > Video/360, Start recording when tablet starts rotating > Configure Sensitivity. Once set, video sessions will start as the tablet moves, perfect for 360 booths.

tablet motion detection

Changing Video Quality

Change the output quality of your video in Settings > Video/360 using the slider. Choose between a smaller file size or high quality.

The default setting in the center is a great start and will work for most cases. If you’re shooting a dim scene at a high framerate, you will benefit from sliding over to Higher Quality. If you want your videos to share faster and have a slower internet connection, slide to the left.

video quality

LumaShare v3.4 – Play Slideshows

Play Slideshow over AirPlay or HDMI

IMG_4612 4

You can now play a slideshow feature to play a slideshow in the background to any AirPlay 2 device such as Roku, AppleTV, AirPlay-compatible Smart TV or Mac.

LumaShare can also play a slideshow over HDMI that you can connect to a TV. To do this, connect your iPad to your TV using a certified Apple usb-to-hdmi adapter. The  Also works with certified Apple usb-to-hdmi adapters.

More information

Easily Navigate to previous/next photo

Navigate across photos using swiping or arrows when each session only has one photo.

Bug fixes & tweaks

  • Fix for software crashing when previous effect was clicked and effects were not yet generated
  • Improve video quality with poor lighting.
  • Fix for video pixelated when using 3D LUT filter.

This update is available if your license or renewal has been purchased within the last twelve months. Click on Help > Check for Updates within dslrBooth. Download the free trial.

LumaShare v3.4 – Play Slideshows

Play Slideshow over AirPlay or HDMI

IMG_4612 4

You can now use the slideshow feature to play a slideshow in the background to any AirPlay 2 device such as Roku, AppleTV, AirPlay-compatible Smart TV or Mac.

LumaShare can also play a slideshow over HDMI that you can connect to a TV. To do this, connect your iPad to your TV using a certified Apple usb-to-hdmi adapter. The  Also works with certified Apple usb-to-hdmi adapters.

More information

Easily Navigate to previous/next photo

Navigate across photos using swiping or arrows when each session only has one photo.

Bug Fixes

• Show selected AirPrint printers when using dark mode. Fix selecting of prints from the recenter printers list.
• Logout last shared Twitter user when sharing a new session.
• Speed-up refreshing photos/videos after adjusting the date date filter.

dslrBooth for Windows v6.40 – 360 Video Booth, Slow Motion and Spinner Support

360 Video Booth/Spinner Support

Create a one of a kind video using dslrBooth’s new features perfect for 360 booths and other short slow motion and video experiences.

New features include:

  • Slow down/Speed up and reverse multiple clips in same recorded video.
  • Capturing at a high frame-rate.
  • Adding an overlay, pre-roll and post-roll video, and a backing soundtrack.
  • Start boomerang session recording by moving the iPad or iPhone, useful for manual 360 spinners.
  • High FPS Capture.
  • Camera Stabilization for boomerang and video sessions.
  • Use iPad/iPhone Pro’s ultra-wide cameras and set zoom.

Record with your High Speed Camera

Many Canon and Nikon cameras now support 60fps and 120fps framerates. 60-120 fps is highly recommended if you wish to use our new slow motion features.  You can now record using your Canon or Nikon camera’s high framerate setting. We have prepared a list of Canon and Nikon mirrorless and DSLR cameras that support shooting in high framerate. The same support article also includes instructions for how-to setup your camera for high framerate capture.

Reverse and Slow down/Speed up video clips

Choose the overall length of the video using the Recording duration slider. You can choose to playback the recorded video either forwards only or forwards then in reverse. Choose to speed up or slow down the video. You can also break down the recording into multiple clips each with its own speed.

Timeline blog

Click on the Preview button to see an example of how the different speeds will affect your video.

Preview button

Soundtrack, Overlay, Pre-Roll & Post-Roll

Customize your video by adding a soundtrack, overlay and pre and post roll video to your video. Using asset manager select from mp3s, mp4s and png files.

Increased Video, Boomerang & GIF Quality

The generated videos for Video, Boomerang and GIF sessions are now in a much higher quality with a smaller file size so your videos can look their best and upload faster.

Glam Filter

We showcased our new glam filter in the Photo Booth Convention in Las Vegas and it was a huge hit. The highly requested glam filter has been added as a built-in filter. Settings > Effects > Configure. Choose Black/White Glam. Don’t forget to also turn on beauty filter which does skin smoothing for the best results. 

blog post

behind the scenes

LumaShare Sharing App

lumashare-logo-1024bConnect dslrBooth to LumaShare to allow guests to share their videos and photos via iPad. LumaShare will fetch the photos and videos from either dslrBooth or fotoshare.co when connected to your local wifi network or the internet and display them on the iPad. Guests can share their sessions, including videos and photos from their session via Email, SMS, Airdrop, QR Code and more. Download from the Apple app store. A new slideshow feature is coming soon to LumaShare.

Checkout out LumaBooth, our sister app

lumabooth_iconDid you know that we also have another booth app for the iPad and iPhone? LumaBooth has most of dslrBooth’s great features and can be used for events where you would rather have a more portable setup using the built-in iPad cameras. LumaBooth also uploads to fotoShare Cloud, our hosting solution and works with the LumaShare sharing app.

Newly Supported Cameras

  • Canon R3
  • Canon M100
  • Canon M3
  • Canon M5
  • Nikon Z9
  • Nikon D780

Retake Session

Once a session is completed guests can choose to retake it by clicking Retake in the upper left corner of the sharing screen. Clicking Retake will delete the session and all its associated photos and videos from the event. You can choose to hide the retake button if you wish.

Retake button

Turn On/Off Cloud Sync

Access your events from multiple devices with dslrBooth’s sync feature. When creating an event, the event along with settings and any assets such as templates, backgrounds, and overlays will upload to the cloud when connected to the internet. Events can be synched across multiple machines while using the same fotoShare account, including accounts with multiple serial numbers.

Choose to turn off the booth synching feature. We do not recommend doing this as it will not backup your event settings and your settings will not sync to your other booths. However, this might be useful in rare circumstances. To pause synching, click the cloud icon at the top of the screen, click on the setting cog and click Pause. To resume, follow the same steps and click Resume.

Note: Clicking pause will only turn off synching for that booth, not all booths using the same license.








We have released a brand new API to allow developers and advanced users to integrate custom apps and 3rd party software with dslrBooth. Using the new API, you can communicate and send commands to dslrBooth.

The API allows you to run the following commands:

  • Start a Print/GIF/Boomerang/Video session
  • Show/Exit the lock screen
  • Print a specific number of copies
  • Share an email/SMS with the final print or video

You can access this under Settings, General, API. API Documentation is available online at our support site.

Play Video Files in Slideshow

dslrBooth’s built-in slideshow features now plays videos as well. Play a slideshow of all session types including photo, boomerang, GIF and video. As new sessions are added they will appear next in the slideshow then resume showing the other sessions.

Access the slideshow through fotoshare.co by opening on your event and clicking on Slideshow at the top right. To open from dslrBooth, click on Tools > View Slideshow.


Bug Fixes & Tweaks

  • Sharing screen options can now be set to the top of screen perfect when using portrait orientation screens on mirror booths. Settings, Display, Sharing.

top sharing buttons

  • Fix for green screen not rotating through all backgrounds
  • Fix for keyboard appearing upon app start up
  • Fix for Print and GIF session not producing prints
  • Updated Video label to include 360
  • Template selection screen NEXT button can now be changed
  • Fix for video soundtrack not playing in LumaShare app
  • Fix for green screen backgrounds not showing correctly when using drag and drop
  • Fix for app crashing when using LumaShare

    This update is available if your license or renewal has been purchased within the last twelve months. Click on Help > Check for Updates within dslrBooth. Download the free trial.

Customer Showcase: 360 Photobooth with LumaBooth

Fotobudki, a photobooth company located in Poland, has been using the LumaBooth software as part of their 360 Photobooth experience.

Przemek Boniecki, the owner of Fotobudki, has been in the photobooth business for 10 years. His business has provided photobooths for all types of events including weddings, corporate events and birthday parties.

What is your company name and site?
Fotobudki  www.fotobudki.pl

Why did you choose LumaBooth for your 360?
I have been selling your software for several years without any problems and I know that further cooperation will be positive. So far we have sold many LumaBooth licenses with our platforms.

When did you start using LumaBooth?
I started using Lumabooth 2 months after the 360 boomerang update.

Which iPad/iPhone do you use? Why did you choose that one?
An Apple iPad with an m11 processor. The iPad renders an image quickly and you really don’t need a PC. There is great mobility and this is what my future client expect, everything to be efficient and mobile.

How did you survive corona closures?
When covid19 came about we were closed but we did not give up and we continue to operate in Poland. We want to enter the European market with 360 platforms and your Lumabooth software.

Do you also rent other types of booths? Which?
We produce Selfie mirror and 360 booth. We have sold over 80 licenses of your Dslrbooth software. Platform 360, we sold several pieces in two weeks of December 2021. In Poland, we are the only one selling the platform and your software.

What lights do you use?
Lighting is linear lamps that are mounted to barrier posts, such as at airports. In combination with each other, they ensure safety at the party and control over the crowd of people

Which platform do you use?
We produce the platforms ourselves. We improve them more and more by installing LED lights or a mirror floor

How do you market your 360 booths?
We sell our platforms via advertising on fb or google. We also offer sales to our clients who have already bought other devices from us.

When did you start offering 360 booths?
We started selling platforms in Poland 2 years ago, right before the pandemic, and then it ended. The re-sale started in September 2021.

How long does it take you to set up and tear down?
It takes about 20 minutes to play with the platform. The assembly may take longer if you need to clean up the confetti 🙂

What’s the most challenging part of running a 360 booth?
The most difficult thing in the 360 business is to observe people who are often under the influence of alcohol, people who want to give something to a person on the platform, but with the help of barrier posts.

How long do you think the 360 popularity will last? Is it growing in your market?
In Poland, 360 is just entering the market and I think it will definitely take 3-5 years. The customer will have a choice whether he wants printed photos or a short film, but everything goes towards short films and quick sharing.

Do you charge more for 360 vs other types?
Of course. The price is higher for rent than for an ordinary photo booth or a sleek mirror. I think that after 2-3 years the prices will be different

Lumabooth v3.3.6 – Camera Histogram & Camera Picker

Camera Settings Histogram

View a live histogram while in camera settings. Use the histogram to better adjust your camera settings such as white balance and exposure.

Updated Camera Settings UI

Easily choose which camera you want to use by choosing the drop down menu in Settings > Camera Settings. iPad that have the ultra wide angle lens feature will have the option to choose between the standard front and back cameras as well as the ultra wide lens front and back cameras.

Front Ultra Wide


















Bug Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fix for downloading events screen freezing when using more iPads than subscription allows for are used.
  • Fix for layout issues for iPad minis.

dslrBooth for Windows v6.39 – Separate Photo/Video Camera Settings

Separate Photo & Video Camera Settings for Canon & Nikon cameras

You can now set separate sets of camera settings for both Photo and Video/Boomerang sessions for Canon and Nikon cameras. This way when you are using a flash, you can have separate settings than when you’re recording a boomerang/video or during countdown when the flash is not triggering.

All camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white balance can be set. dslrBooth will store your two sets of settings and apply the appropriate one as needed. Settings persist across your cameras. This is also helpful in case you have to switch cameras in the middle of your event, dslrBooth will seamlessly apply your stored settings to your new camera.

video camera settings screenshot

Countdown will use the VIDEO/BOOMERANG settings if you enable separate settings under the VIDEO/BOOMERANG tab. When you use separate settings for VIDEO/BOOMERANG, there is no longer a need to use the Canon Auto Exposure setting under the PHOTO tab as your VIDEO/BOOMERANG settings will be used instead. For video, we recommend a shutter speed of 1/60 or 1/50.

If you still want the old behavior of using the same settings for PHOTO and VIDEO/BOOMERANG, you don’t need to do anything. You can turn off the separate VIDEO/BOOMERANG settings. If you are using a Canon camera, you can turn on the Canon Auto Exposure setting (it should still be checked from before).

For newer Canon cameras, you can also set a white balance temperature in Kelvin degrees.

Color temperature

Photo and Video settings can also be applied using the updated Booth Copilot app. Make sure you’re running v1.3.15 or greater.

Screenshot_20211119-150221_Booth Copilot

Template Editor Performance Improvements

Templates will load much quicker when opening the template editor. The template editor is also much faster when creating, copying, editing and importing templates.

You can now choose to delete multiple templates at the same time in the template editor. Click on the Edit Templates button then check each template you would like to delete.

Improved Template Editor for Vertical Screens

To get more space to edit your templates, you can now collapse the side panels of the template editor.

Delete All GIF Overlays

You can now delete all GIF overlays at once instead of individually.

Newly Supported Cameras

We now support the latest Canon and Nikon cameras:

  • Canon EOS R5
  • Canon EOS R6
  • Canon EOS Kiss M2
  • Canon EOS M50 Mark II
  • Nikon Z6 II
  • Nikon Z7 II

Bug Fixes and Tweaks

  • Center print image on sharing screen when sharing buttons are at the bottom.
  • Check for storage space availability before starting new session.
  • Fix for thumbnails appearing blurry when viewing in LumaShare.
  • Fix for original filter not appearing first.
  • Browse screen will no longer hide photos/videos older than 24 hours.
  • Fix for GIF overlays showing incorrectly in some instances.
  • Fix for cancelation of video sessions before videos start recording with DSLR cameras.
  • Improve frame rate for live view with DSLR cameras on slower hardware.
  • Fix slow synchronization after templates or assets had been deleted and other computers were offline.
  • Fix for Facebook accept button appearing too low on vertical screens.
  • Fix for twitter sharing remember last username.


  • Fix for manual trigger not working when session wasn’t manually started before triggering the shutter.
  • Fix for session not starting when a single booth mode was enabled and template selection was the first screen.


  • Fix for photos not showing centered on sharing screen.
  • Fix for software crashing when last or all templates were deleted from Template Editor.
  • Fix for event sync taking a long time when events and assets were deleted while offline.


  • Fix for first photo live view showing dark when start screen live view is off.


  • Fix for virtual attendant animations not showing as deleted or added.


  • Fix for adding before and after capture files to virtual attendant.
  • Fix for handling corrupt Windows WMI repository.
  • Don’t validate free space when data directory is on a shared/network drive.

Lumabooth v3.3 – 2×6 Print Design, Print Alignment, and Easier Retake

2×6 Print Design

If you’re printing to 2×6 paper, you can now design your strip as a 2×6 and LumaBooth will create a 4×6 print for printing on a 4×6 printer which cuts the strip Set your template to 2×6 and make sure to check the option for print 2 copies per page. This allows users to send a single digital copy while printing two 2×6 strips on a single 4×6 page.

LumaBooth print page 2

Scale/Alignment of Prints

File_000 (9)

Sometimes when printing, the printer is not perfectly aligned and can leave your print not centered and not filling the entire paper. Start by going to Settings > Print Setup, tapping Reset to go back to the default settings, then Print test page. The test page will show you whether the print out is misaligned and will provide instructions on what to do to fix the alignment. Based on that, you can adjust your print alignment by using the sliders to adjust Scale, Horizontal and Vertical positions.

You will need to update to the newest version of LumaBooth Assistant to be able to use this feature.


Retake Session

Allow guests to retake their session while on the sharing screen. Retaking the session will delete the current session’s photos, videos, and final strip.

Retake button


Option to disable fotoShare Cloud Uploading

In some scenarios for privacy reasons, you might not want to upload any of your event photos/videos online. In this case, you can completely turn off fotoShare Cloud uploading. If fotoShare Cloud is turned off, SMS and QR code functions will also be turned off as well as they can no longer be used since they depend on uploading to fotoShare Cloud. This can be done under Settings, Sharing.

Visual Progress of Sharing Status

The Sharing Status screen now provides more information on pending and sent shares. A notice will appear if there is no internet connection, shares that are currently pending and up to date if all shares have gone through.

Sharing status

Add Files Using Files Dialog

When adding overlays, videos, green screen backgrounds, and other files to your event (PNGs, MP4s, MP3s, etc) you will be prompted to add them using the Files dialog box allowing you to choose from iCloud, On This iPad, Google Drive, Dropbox and Downloads instead of just the iPad photos gallery. This makes is much easier to add any assets to your event. This is a much more streamlined method of adding these files to LumaBooth as you no longer need to send them to yourself, then open them, then save them to the photo roll, then open them the LumaBooth. With this new method, you upload the files from your computer to iCloud, Google Drive, or AirDrop then choose them directly from within LumaBooth. This also organizes your files as you can have different folders for each of templates, gif overlays, start screens, etc… More Information.

Manual Photo and Video Controls

You can now setup photo camera settings separate from video camera settings. Photo camera settings can be automatic or manual. In photo manual settings, you can set the Shutter speed and ISO. In video settings, you can set exposure compensation.

Bug Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fix for exposure not adjusting properly after a boomerang session where the background is very bright.
  • Fix for Bluetooth remote not starting session with iOS 15.
  • Fix for From email not showing the correct address set under settings when sending a test email.
  • Enter Email window is moved upwards so keyboard does not cover send button.
  • Fix for issue where primary and secondary colors are set to the same color which results in the send email/sms buttons getting hidden. These colors should be chosen to be different.
  • Fix for issue where user could create an account with a space in the email. address, causing user to not be able to log into fotoshare.co.


  • Fix for adding files not working on iOS 11.
  • Stability improvements when app is starting up then goes to background.


  • Add manual camera settings for PHOTO/GIF sessions separate from VIDEO/BOOMERANG sessions.
  • Fix for rare issue where session could not start due to other app using camera/microphone.


  • Fix for crash on capture when PHOTO/GIF Camera Settings > Manual Exposure is unchecked.


  • Fix for issue in synchronizing some overlays and before/after recording files.
  • Clear overlays and before/after video files when creating a new event.
  • Clear thumbnails when creating a new event.
  • Other minor stability and bug fixes.