LumaShare v3.5 – Run on iPhones and play Vertical Slideshows

Support for iPhones

In addition to running on iPads, LumaShare now also runs on iPhones. This is perfect for quickly setting up a sharing station or for using the phone to cast a slideshow to an Airplay device or TV.


Support Vertical slideshows

To better showcase your vertical videos, LumaShare now supports playing vertical slideshow to a TV or monitor that is in portrait orientation.

Sharing buttons

You can now choose the location of the sharing buttons.

Bug Fixes & Tweaks:

  • Fix for emails HTML not sending when video is too large.
  • Add the ability to copy and paste SMS numbers.
  • Fix for manually uploaded photos to not showing on LumaShare.
  • Improve connectivity to dslrBooth + LumaBooth apps.

apple storeDownload the latest version of LumaShare from the Apple App Store.