July 30th, 2023

LumaShare 3.7 – UI and Sharing Status Improvements

New Features and Improvements

  1. Change Behavior for Populating New Sessions: We have updated the order of sessions displayed to show the newest sessions on the top. The sessions screen will auto scroll to the top and re-sort when a new session is added automatically.
  2. Print 2 Per Page: You can now set LumaShare to print 2 per page when using an AirPrint printer (Settings > Printing > AirPrint > 2 Per Page).
  3. Sharing Status Tweaks: We’ve made several improvements to the sharing status, including animating the sharing icon when there are pending shares.
  4. Sharing Status – QR Code Stats: Added two new items under Sharing status to track online (fotoShare Cloud) QR Code sharing and offline (local Wifi) QR Code Sharing.
  5. Track WhatsApp Shares in fotoShare Cloud: WhatsApp sharing phone numbers are now tracked in fotoShare Cloud.

Bug Fixes

  • Allow Country Code More Than 3 Digit for SMS Settings: We’ve updated the SMS settings to allow for country codes with more than three digits.
  • About LumaShare: You can now enter a device name under Settings, About. This is useful when contacting support.


  • Fix printing to printer connected to dslrBooth or LumaBooth.

Download the latest version of LumaShare from the Apple App Store.