Green Screen (Chroma Keying)

What Is Green Screen?

Green Screen allows you to use any image as the background for your photos. See the Las Vegas background above as an example.  In order to do this, you’d put a solid green backdrop behind your subjects. For example, the photos above were taken during an expo where we really did not have a real Last Vegas backdrop. Instead, we setup a green solid fabric behind Elvis and his new friend and shot these photos. dslrBooth has a very powerful green screen function that is able to remove all the green background from the photo and replace it with your new background image. This feature is only available in our Professional Edition. You can also see this quick tutorial below for step by step instructions.

How Hard Is It?

The process is completely automated using our state of the art green screen technology. The above photos were shot using a single light source which was a strobe fired into an umbrella off to camera right. There were some pretty bad shadows behind Elvis and his friend to the left but dslrBooth took care of perfectly removing them.

What Green Screen Background Do I Need?

You can use any solid green screen background. We highly recommend a background that is heavy enough to not let light pass through it from behind. Don’t worry about wrinkles, our software will make those disappear. If you’re shooting large groups of 3 or more, you’ll need something that’s 10 feet wide and 10 feet high. We recommend this one.

What about My New Background Image?

You can choose any JPG image to be your replacement background image. Your imagination is your only limitation. We recommend that your background image is the same dimensions as your overlay.

What options can I change?

By default, dslrBooth automatically picks the ideal settings to get you great results. You do have the option though to tweak settings a little bit. The three settings you can change are:

  • Key Color: This is the background green or blue color you need to be removed.
  • Sensitivity: Remove less or more green from the background.
  • Highlights: Remove less or more green from the bright parts of the photo.
  • Shadows: Remove less or more green from the dark parts of the photo.
Can I have guests see the background replaced during live view as well?
Yes, you have the option to have green screen replacement done to the final photo or the final photo and live view (if your camera supports it). Change this under Green Screen > Green Screen Removal.

Can you walk me through the process?

  1. Setup green background and a light. The bigger the light, the better the results.
  2. Connect your camera, start dslrBooth.
  3. Go to Green Screen, Green Screen Removal, disable Green screen by selecting None. Close Green Screen Preferences window.
  4. Take one or more photos while tethered with dslrBooth running. These are your Sample test photos.
  5. Go to Green Screen, under Green Screen Removal choose Photo + Live view or Photo Only .
  6. Add one or more Backgrounds using Add Background button in bottom left. A background is what replaces your green background.
  7. dslrBooth will show you a preview of your test photo with the green removed and replaced with your background image. If you’re happy with the results, close the window. Go to step 8.
  8. If you want to tweak the results, adjust key color, sensitivity, highlights, and shadows using the sliders until you’re happy with the results. Close the window.
  9. You’re done. Start taking pictures and dslrbooth will remove the green from all future photos and replace it with your chosen background image.

How do I get better and consistent results?

You’ll get pretty good results with the Auto setting. If you want even better results, you can go with the manual settings.
  1. Use 1 flash positioned centrally or two flashes to the left and right of your camera at approximately 45 degrees.
  2. Set your camera’s White Balance to a preset (usually flash) or set a custom white balance. This stops your camera colors from changing shot to shot.
  3. Set your camera to Manual with shutter speed 60 or greater (to freeze your subject) and aperture 4.5 or greater (to get everything in focus).
  4. Set your flash to a manual setting so the same amount of flash is fired with every shot.
  5. Take a few test shots adjusting your aperture/shutter speed and flash until you get a well lit photo.
  6. Make sure your camera is connected.
  7. Start a session in dslrBooth by touching the screen or pressing the Space bar.
  8. Click on Green Screen, Select Photo to choose a photo you have just taken with your green setup.
  9. Optional: If the last photo you took is not displayed, Click Change Sample Photo: Choose one of your original photos from the camera showing your green screen.
  10. Click solid color next to Key Color.
  11. Use dropper to click on one of the green background in your sample photo (as you press the left mouse button and move over the photo, you’ll see the Key Color change).
  12. Adjust Sensitivity, Highlights, and Shadows until you’re happy with the results
  13. Close Green Screen window.
Your future photos should be properly chromakeyed now.