August 27th, 2014

dslrBooth for Windows

New Features:

  • Integration with (VKontakte) social media site for guests to post to their walls.
  • Ability to turn booth into shooting video only. Add option to fully customize video start screen.
  • Drag + Drop to import photos for processing into dslrBooth for those scenarios where you want to post-process photos into a print without having to load them into dslrBooth data directory one by one. Now, select the number of photos in windows explorer, drag and drop them into dslrBooth, and they’ll get processed.


  • Brighten live view on Canon cameras that do not have an option to turn off Exposure Simulation. Cameras included: T1i, T2i, T3i and their European counterparts. This is useful if you’re shooting with a flash and your live view is very dark since the camera does not know there’s a flash connected.
  • You can disable Smiley Say Cheese photo by adding a – under Settings, Shooting, Say Cheese textbox.
  • Auto advance on sharing screen for videos after # of seconds between groups have elapsed.
  • User Account Control pop-up will no longer appear every time the application is started on Windows 8. It’ll only appear to make the required firewall changes if they have not been setup already.
  • UI enhancements for using template editor on smaller screens.