FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Photo Capture

Is my camera supported?
Most Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras from the last 3 years are supported. Check out this list.

Do you have live view? Can I see myself before taking the picture?
Yes, this feature is available in our Professional Edition for Windows and can be tested in our Demo or Standard Windows Edition. There’s no live view for the Mac at this time.

Why does my camera stops working after leaving my photo booth for a few minutes?
Your camera is set to go to sleep to conserve battery life. Turn off that setting in your camera.

Do you support green screen / chroma keying?
Yes, we have the most powerful green screen functionality in the photo booth industry. This feature is available in our Professional Edition for Windows and can be tested in our Demo or Standard Edition. See examples.

Can I use a button or a foot switch to start capturing images?
Yes, we have a tutorial here. This is only applicable for Canon and Nikon cameras.

My camera is not connecting
Close EOS Utility if you’re using a Canon camera or close Nikon Camera Control if you’re using a Nikon. Also see the following question.

My camera is not triggering or I’m having focus issues, it takes too long to focus
Put the camera in Aperture or Manual mode.
For Nikon cameras, put camera in AF-S mode and Auto Area AF (Large rectangle).
For Canon cameras, put camera in One Shot AF and Automatic AF Point Selection (Default Mode).

Live View is not working for me
Live view is only available in our Professional Windows Edition but can be tested in our Demo or Standard Windows Edition.
To get live view working:

  • Make sure your camera is supported. Check Supported Cameras for compatibility.
  • Verify you’re using our Professional Windows Edition.
  • Under Settings, Shooting, set Time Before First and other Photos greater than 3 seconds. This gives enough time for live view to display
  • Under Settings, Shooting, Live View, Check the option for Enable Live View.
  • A live video preview appears after you press the touch screen or trigger using the keyboard shortcut.

When using a flash, some Canon and Nikon cameras display a very dark picture during live view as these cameras do not account for the flash firing and instead are displaying the wrong exposure.  The solution is to go to your camera’s settings and turn off exposure simulation and that give you a properly exposed live view video feed. Canon 40D and higher have this feature. Canon T3i and less do not have this feature. Nikon D7000 and higher cameras have this feature.

Can I have a photographer at the camera framing and clicking the shutter while the software does the rest?
Absolutely, You’ll just need to set our software to not trigger the camera.
Windows: Settings, Shooting, Trigger Camera Automatically
Mac: dslrBooth, Preferences, Trigger Camera Automatically

How do I exit full screen mode?
Press F11, F, or ESCAPE. If using a touch screen monitor, triple click in the bottom left hand corner.


How do I hookup an AC-powered flash strobe to my camera if my camera has no socket for it?
Higher-end cameras have a PC Sync socket where you can plug in your AC Flash Strobe. For lower-end cameras such as the Nikon D90 or EOS 6D, you’ll need a PC Sync adapter.


Do I have to print my images?
No. You can set automatic printing to off in the preferences. After, if there’s an image that you want to print, on windows, click CTRL-P  or the print icon. On Macs, press Cmd-P.

Will printer XYZ work?
Yes. We support all photo printers. We really recommend you use a dye sub printer as you’ll get much better prints worthy of your photo booth.

Can I print in black/white or sepia?
Yes, if your printer supports it. Set this up in Print Settings.

What size paper do I need?
Standard Edition: Our layouts are all sized for printing on the most popular photo paper size: 4″x6″.
Professional Edition: Add ability to create your own layouts and other paper sizes: 4×8, 5×7, 6×8, 8×10.

Hints + Tips

What shortcuts are there?
The following apply for our Windows Edition:
Space, Right/Left arrow, F5, PageUp, PageDown Starts Session in Auto mode or triggers camera in Manual mode if camera supports triggering from computer.
F11 or F Toggles full screen mode. Triple clicking on shot # (x/y) in bottom left also enters and exits full screen.
P Reprints last print.
CTRL+g Opens Green Screen Preferences Window

How do I run a slideshow of my images?
We have a blog post about this.

Operating System Support

What Operating System do you support?
Windows: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. We recommend Windows 8. Pro Edition requires Windows 7 or 8.
Mac: OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8. We recommend OS X 10.8.

Does dslrBooth work with Windows 8 or Windows RT touch screens and tablets?
Our software is optimized for use with touch screens and Windows Tablets. You’ll need the full version of Windows 8 and not Windows RT to use our software.


Is the license annual or for life? How about updates?
Once you purchase, the software is yours to use forever. Additionally, we’ll supply you with one free year of updates, new features, and e-mail support.

I lost my serial #, how can I get it?
No problem, we can automatically email you your serial #.

What Is the difference between the Standard and the Professional Edition?
The Professional edition has all features of the Standard edition plus Green Screen, Live View, and Custom Layouts. These features can be tested in our free trial as well as the standard edition.

May I install on multiple computers?
Yes, you may install on one primary computer and a backup computer at the same time. Also, if you need to change computers, feel free to uninstall then re-install on your new computer.

What are the restrictions of the FREE Trial?
The free trial has all the functionality of the full version that you can purchase. During the trial, every print image will have the dslrBooth logo superimposed on it.

What is your refund policy?
See previous question. We offer you a fully functional free trial version of our software for you to test for as long as you need. There is absolutely no reason why you should buy the software then change your mind. As our software is available digitally, it really can’t be returned once we generate you a serial number. Sorry about that and we hope you understand our reasoning.

General Support

I still need help, how can I contact you?
We’re pretty prompt in answering questions, Contact us.

Where are you located?
We’re located in New Jersey, United States.