dslrBooth for Windows v4.10.29

New Features:

  • Ability to resize and and move photos relative to each green screen background.
  • Support for Canon EOS 5DS / EOS 5DS R / EOS REBEL T6s / EOS 760D / EOS 8000D / EOS REBEL T6i / EOS 750D / EOS Kiss X8i.
  • Online album name can now be changed from the main screen.
  • Rotate photos 180 degrees if live view is set to rotate 180 degrees.

Bug Fixes:

  • Better handling of auto-focus failures with newer Canon cameras.
  • Increase size of keyboard on email/sms sharing windows.
  • Use count down color selected under settings.

dslrBooth for Windows v4.9.15

New Features

  • Create a single 2×6 template that can be printed 2 per page. Choose 2×6 under Branding, Paper Size, then check Print 2 per page.
  • Live view can be displayed on the start screen. Enable under Settings, Shooting, Live View, Display on Start Screen.
  • Live view can be set to rotate 90, 180, or 270 degrees. Set under Settings, Shooting, Live View, Rotation.
  • Pressing P during any screen will silently print an extra copy of the last print.
  • Improve notification when printing.
  • Add milliseconds to name of print file to allow sorting with original photos.
  • New shortcuts: CTRL+F to enter/exit full screen. Backspace/Escape to cancel a session.
  • Process multiple photos with green screen by copying and pasting them into dslrBooth data directory.

 Bug Fixes

  • Optimized placement of virtual keyboard on smaller screens.
  • Fix for some PNG overlays not working with Green Screen.
  • Better compatibility with Sinfonia CS2 and other printers with faulty printer drivers.
  • Fix for handling corrupt fonts.
  • Fix for handling photos from some Sony cameras.

dslrBooth for Windows v4.8.18


This release includes a major improvement to green screen leading to even greater results than before. Green screen removal now also adds support for slower PCs. There are several other updates in this release:

  • Support for Nikon D5500, D3300, D7200, D750, D810, D4s
  • Allow Facebook Pages to post to a person’s facebook profile.
  • Faster Live view.
  • Speedup printing.
  • Option to select which effects to use.
  • Disable Animated GIF if # of photos is 1.
  • Better checking for internet connection when using Facebook, Twitter to work with networks where Ping is blocked.

Download the latest version now or restart your dslrBooth to download it automatically.

dslrBooth for Windows v4.2.9.1

  • Faster processing of final image.
  • Support for larger photos on 64bit operating systems.
  • Center Final Image if all sharing options are disabled
  • Added slideshow option for all photos in current album. Press slideshow option on main menu to open the slideshow. As a bonus, if you have chromecast, open the slideshow in chrome, click Google Cast button and your slideshow will play wirelessly to your tv with the chromecast plugged in.
  • Support for Canon EOS 7 Mark II

dslrBooth for Windows

This brings brings a couple of commonly requested features:

  • Option to move thumbnails during capture to top, bottom, left or right.
  • Option to set countdown colors.

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Remove sharing links on emails if removed from email template.
  • Memory usage tweaks.
  • Better handling of facebook errors for posting to facebook pages.
  • Speedup loading of settings window.
  • Bug Fixes.

dslrBooth for Windows v3.12.9.1


  • Add ability to set a Country Code for SMS messages.
  • Simplify E-mail configuration. There’s no longer a need to configure your mail server as we take care of that for you. Simply setup your FROM address and we’ll handle the email delivery for you.
  • Improvements for animated GIFs for older computers and Windows XP.
  • Bug fixes for live view for some Canon cameras.
  • Properly rotate preview image under Green Screen Preferences for portrait photos.

dslrBooth for Windows v3.11.11.2 – Animated GIFs, Full Screen Password

New Features:

  • By default, generate animated GIF which can be shared by users. It’ll display on bottom left hand side of sharing screen and is clickable. You can turn this feature off under Settings, Sharing, Enable Animated GIFs.
  • Add option to password protect full screen mode with a PIN code. Find this under Settings, General, Security PIN.
  • Add Resolution dropdown in template editor to allow 600x600dpi printing for printer that support this resolution.
  • If app is started in full screen mode (Settings, Display, Options, Start in Full Screen Mode), it will not check for updates. This gets rid of any potential pop-ups when using dslrBooth in a permanent installation. To check for an update, turn off this option and restart dslrBooth.
  • Minor bug fixes.

dslrBooth for Windows v3.10.6.1 – Camera Setup Wizard

DSLR cameras are awesome, but for many, they have way too many settings that it gets overwhelming. Here at dslrBooth, we’re all about making running your own photo booth a breeze. To that effect, this update brings an awesome camera wizard that will guide you to set up your dslr camera to take properly exposed photos that are neither too bright or too dark. Whether you’re not using a flash or you’re using an on-camera flash or an external flash, our wizard will guide you and even automatically change the camera settings for you to optimal settings to make sure that your photos look their best.

Download the latest version from dslrbooth.com/download or simply startup dslrBooth and agree to install the update.

This release also contains minor bug fixes as well as the following:

  • Add option to turn off/on live view auto exposure to accommodate really old Canon dslr cameras.
  • Experimental support for live view on Nikon Df. If you’re using one, contact us and let us know how it’s working for you.

dslrBooth for Windows v3.9.11.1 – Effects (Instagram) Filters

  • Added the ability to let guests select filters or automatically apply a certain filter to all images. This is similar to instagram filters that have been pretty popular. Turn on this feature under Settings, General, Effects.
  • Settings > General > Sharing stats now counts the number of actual prints coming out of printer rather than the number of unique files that have been printed.
  • Allow setting description field for images uploaded to Facebook Pages.
  • Add the option to turn off thumbnails while on the capture screen (Settings > Shooting > Show Photo Thumbnails).
  • Better handling of margins when printing to crop less when printing borderless.
  • Better validation of images for photos from some Sony cameras.