Win v. – QR Codes and E-mail Sharing Icons

QR Codes

We’ve made it even easier to get your photo booth photos to your guests on their mobile phones. Once a print is created, a QR code is generated that is displayed in dslrBooth. Once a guests scans that barcode using their phone, they are directed to the photo on our site.

E-mail Sharing Icons

E-mails now include sharing buttons for facebook, twitter, google+. This allows guests to quickly share images they receive to social networks. E-mails are customizable using a template. You can put the sharing buttons anywhere by adding {share_icons} where you wish.

Additional Display Options

  • Added option to start dslrBooth directly in Full Screen when the application is launched. Useful when dslrBooth is used in enclosures or for anyone who wants to save a step when starting up.
  • Added option to hide the Start Button. Useful when triggering dslrBooth using a USB button.

Other Improvements:

  • Virtual Keyboard sports a new look that both looks better and is easier to use.
  • Complete Hiding of windows taskbar on Windows 7 and Windows 8 in full screen mode.

As always, to get this update, simply restart dslrBooth while connected to the internet.

Win v. – Added Support for Canon EOS 700D, 100D, 1D C, 6D, EOS M

New Features

  • Added support for Canon EOS 700D, 100D, 1D C, 6D, EOS M (No remote triggering).


  • Make virtual keyboard larger on smaller displays.
  • Changed default layout background back to white.
  • Allow embedding of photo in outbound e-mail template using {image} tag. You can now create your own HTML templates for what you want your e-mails to look like and where you want the e-mail to go, just add the following text:

SMS Sharing and Photo Rotation – dslrBooth for Windows

New Features

  • Share your photos using an SMS message. You’ll first need to configure your settings for this feature to work under Settings > Sharing > SMS.
  • Ability to rotate individual photos in layouts in Layout Creator.
  • Ability to use HTML for e-mail body.
  • All sharing whether it be by e-mail or SMS is now logged including the guest’s e-mail or phone # and the photo that was shared.
  • Tweaks to virtual keyboard placement.
  • Performance enhancements when working with large JPG images.


  • If a layout includes a photo placement that is not the same aspect ratio as the photos getting captured, dslrBooth used to squeeze the captured photo to fit in the photo box. Now however, photos are centered and cropped inside the photo box so your photos are not distorted.
  • When converting prints to black and white, the overlay is no longer converted to black and white.

Windows Update v2.5.1.9 – You’ve got mail!

You guys asked us for an easy way to let guests share their photos by e-mail and we listened. With this update, there’s now an e-mail button in the bottom right, clicking it will allow your guests to enter their e-mail address and receive an e-mail with the image as an attachment. To get this feature working, go to Settings, Sharing, E-mail, and setup an e-mail provider. We even have a few e-mail providers pre-loaded in there such as gmail. Enter your username and password and click Test Connection. If it succeeds, you’re ready to use this feature.

This update includes a bug fix to an issue where users had to re-enter their settings and serial # every time following an update. We apologize for this annoying bug and you won’t have to deal with this for all future updates.

You can also set a different time before your first shot than your following shots to give your guests enough time to get ready.

Finally, we added a keyboard shortcut to the Green Settings Window using CTRL+g.

dslrBooth for Windows Released – New UI and Customized Screens

We have spent the last few weeks rewriting a good portion of the foundation of dslrBooth. The changes you can visibly see are:

  • Improved User Interface.
  • Easier to use settings.
  • Ability to set what is displayed before a new session starts. You now have one of three options:
    • Previous Print
    • Overlay Image
    • Custom Image. Here you can add your company logo, instructions for users, etc…
  • Ability to set a custom smile screen. This is the smiley face image that is displayed at the end of the count-down when the camera is auto-focusing.

We are now better prepared to add a slew of features that you have requested and are confident that you’ll love the updates we’ll be releasing this summer.

As always, we want to hear your voice. What do you think of this update? What features do you want us to add? Let us know in the comments or contact us directly.

dslrBooth Professional for Windows v2.1.1.10 – Live View Options

dslrBooth now supports displaying live view with the camera in portrait (vertical) orientation with live view. Previously live view only worked in landscape (horizontal) orientation. Additionally, when using live view, you have the option to flip the image to mirror your guest’s movement. This is useful if you’re displaying the live view image to your guests as it’s much easier and natural for them to move to the right and see their image move to the right. The final image is still in its natural orientation as that’s how photos are always taken. Both options are under Preferences > Shooting.

We hope you enjoy these tiny improvements and as always, we’re open to hear your suggestions for future improvements.

dslrBooth for Windows v2.1.1.8 – Black/White options

Black/White Images

With wedding season upon us, we’ve received several requests to support black/white images. We have listened and in dslrBooth for Windows, you now have two options for handling black/white both of which can be set under Preferences.

The first option is to convert all images Black/White.

The second option allow users to choose if they’d like their print in color vs black/white. The user gets to see a preview of the final image in both so they can make an informed decision. We never quite understood why other photo booth software forces users to choose color vs black/white before they’ve even started.

If you’re handy and want to wire up some buttons to select color vs black/white. Set the color button to send the C key and set the black/white button to send the B key.

Live View

Also based on popular demand, we’ve changed our live view to show a mirror image of guests so they can easily tell which direction they need to move to.

As always, keep those suggestions coming and help keep dslrBooth the most loved photo booth software out there.

Custom Layouts in Professional Edition – v2.1.1.0

As promised, we’ve updated dslrBooth Professional to allow custom layouts. This is done by using an intuitive graphical layout creator. By using the layout creator, you can create any arrangement of photos you can imagine with no boundaries. This also opens the door for 3rd party designers to create overlays and layouts for dslrBooth.

In addition to layouts for 4×6 paper, we’ve also added support for 4×8, 5×7, 6×8, 6×9, and 8×10 in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

You can find more details here. We hope you enjoy this feature and would love to hear your feedback.

dslrBooth Professional Edition Released – v2.0.1.0

Professional Edition for Windows

We’ve released our two top requested features in a professional edition for Windows 7 and Windows 8 of our software. These features are:

  • Live View which allows people to see a video of themselves before the camera takes a picture. This is supported by most recent dslr cameras.
  • Green Screen (Chroma Key) allowing the replacement of a green or blue background with a custom background. We’re using state of the art Green Screen technology and in our usual style have taken out all the complexity of doing green screen. The process is completely automated and effortless.
We’d love for you to try out these new features before you buy our professional edition. Both features can be tested in our Demo or Standard Windows editions with the only limitation of having a watermark on the video/images.
We have one more feature in the works for our professional edition such as adding customizable layouts and allowing custom paper sizes. This feature should be out within a couple of weeks.
We think you’ll love this new edition and we’re eager to hear your feedback.

Standard Edition for Windows

Our software that’s always been available and has the core features is now called the Standard Edition. We managed to throw in a few features in this release including:

  • Layout/Overlay Wizard to streamline the way to choose your layout and brand with your overlay. This is now available with a realtime preview of how your prints will come out.
  • Faster connection to Nikon cameras.
  • Retry triggering camera up to four times when camera is unable to autofocus.
  • Minor Redesign of Start Button and lower bar.
As always, this is a free update if you already purchased dslrBooth within the last year.
Also as of this release, if you’re on Windows XP, you’ll need to also have Windows Media Player 11 installed. This is a free update from Microsoft and is needed to support our new features.

Updating From Older Versions

You’ll need to uninstall dslrBooth, download the latest version from our website and install it.

Professional Edition for Mac

At this time, we do not have a Professional Edition for the Mac but let us know you’re interested by filling this form and you’ll encourage us to build it.

Release Notes v1.0.381 for Mac – New Layouts for dslrBooth for Mac

As promised a few weeks ago, we’ve added 4 more layouts to our Mac software. Now both Windows and Mac versions have the same layouts for you to enjoy. In addition, based on popular request, we’ve added a brand new layout to both our Windows and Mac editions. Hope you enjoy them.