dslrBooth for Mac v2.2

  • Set print limits per session and per event under Preferences, Print.
  • Quick selection for number of prints after pressing the Print button. Max number of prints can be set under Preferences, Print, Max Prints Per Session.
  • Support Canon EOS-1D X Mark II, EOS 80D, and EOS 1300D.
  • Fix for drag and drop on OS X 10.11.
  • Ability to drag and drop layers under LAYERS panel to reorder layers.
  • Template Editor bug fixes for resizing elements with aspect ratio, changing paper size.
  • Hide arrow on sharing screen if all sharing features are off.
  • Fix for automatically printing the correct number of prints set under Printer Settings.
  • Fix to restore missing and corrupt templates.
  • Fix for triggering Nikon D50 and D3200.

dslrBooth for Mac v2.1

New Features:

  • Support for webcams.
  • Add QR Code to Print.
  • Reset Sharing Stats under Settings, General.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Start session: left arrow, right arrow, FN+F5 (F5), FN+up arrow (page up), FN+down arrow (page down). Cancel session: Escape. Print: Ctrl-P. Print multiple copies (Ctrl+ <1 to 9>).
  • Optional Virtual Keyboard for use with touch screens.
  • Improved capture with older Canon cameras.
  • Retry if autofocus fail on Canon cameras.
  • Customize Application Messages (Settings, Display).
  • Slideshow option in main menu. Requires enhanced sharing to be on.
  • Enable/Disable navigation on fotoshare.co (Preferences, Sharing).
  • Memory usage improvements so you can now use dslrBooth for hours or even days on the slowest macs without any slowness.

Release of hashPrinter for Mac

hashtag-sample-prints We’re glad to announce the release of our hashPrinter software for the Mac. hashPrinter allows to you to run a hashtag printing station printing all photos matching a specific hashtag or username from instagram. Guests can choose the specific photo to print or photos can print out automatically. Prints are fully customizable using our powerful template editor. The newly released Mac edition sports the same features of our windows software. If you’re a Mac user, check out the FREE trial version and test it out for your next event.


dslrBooth for Mac v1.9

New Features:


  • Background upload to Facebook Pages (Professional Edition). Preferences, Sharing, Facebook Page.
  • Save and view list of emails of shares. Preferences, General, Status, View Shares.
  • Queue emails when there’s no internet connection.
  • Set custom image on start screen. Preferences, Display, Start Screen Image
  • Set custom location for data directory. Preferences, General, Directories.
  • Display stats for sharing and prints for today and for all time. Preferences, General, Status

dslrBooth for Mac v1.8.3 – Live View for Nikon Cameras

dslrbooth-mac-pro-box_grandedslrBooth Professional Edition for Mac now supports live view for Nikon cameras that have this feature.  Live view allows your guests to see a video preview of themselves before their photo is taken so they can get ready. Live view also works with green screen to show guests in front of any background they/you choose so they can position themselves in the scene.

You can install the update by going to dslrBooth, File, Check For Updates. The latest version is v 1.8.3.

If you’re an existing customer who has the Standard Edition and wish to upgrade to the Professional Edition, please contact our support team for a special discount.

If you do not have not installed dslrBooth before, you can download a FREE trial and test out this and all other features.

dslrBooth for Mac v1.5 – Facebook, Twitter, Audio Prompts

We’re continuing our fast-paced Mac updates and this latest update adds the following:

  • Let guests share to Facebook and Twitter. After the final image has been processed, press facebook or twitter button which lets guests login and post the print to their wall/twitter feed.
  • Professional audio prompts are now spoken before each photo, while processing and at the end of a session. Option to choose Kate, Jack, or provide your own mp3 files.
  • Template Editor improvements. We’ve made it easier to select elements in the template editor as well as improved how layers are ordered.
  • Add countdown to sharing screen. Set the number of seconds for a countdown to advance from the sharing screen to the start screen.

We hope you enjoy this update and look forward to hearing from you.


dslrBooth for Mac v1.3 – UI Redesign, FREE Email and Drag and Drop

As promised, we’re continuing with the updates for our Mac software. dslrBooth for Mac v1.3 was just released and it includes the following features:

  • App now sports the same great looks as our Windows software breaking up the flow into 3 different screens: Start, Capture, and Sharing.
  • Capture screen now shows thumbnail of taken photos and a visual indicator of how many more photos to take.
  • FREE E-mail sharing with Zero configuration. Yes, we provide unlimited e-mail sharing to you and you don’t have to setup any complicated sharing configuration.
  • Drag & Drop Batch Processing. Drag and drop your JPG photos from Finder into dslrBooth’s main window and they’ll get processed just as if your camera had taken them. This is awesome for when you want to quickly test your template changes or if you want to batch process some photos taken outside of dslrBooth.
  • Minor Template Editor UI tweaks bug fixes.
To update, go to Menu, dslrBooth, Check For Updates or install the latest from dslrBooth.com/download.
We hope you like these updates. Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming shortly.

dslrBooth for Mac v1.2.2

We are excited to let you know that after a long wait, we have finally added an integrated template editor into dslrBooth for Mac. You can now create your own templates without having to resort to any 3rd party software. You can start by one of the dozen templates we have preloaded in the software and customize it or optionally you can create your template from scratch. You can easily add images, backgrounds, overlays, rectangles, circles, and text all from within dslrBooth. This makes dslrBooth for Mac much more powerful for even the casual user. For our Mac users, look forward to many more enhancements over the next few months.

You can see a screenshot of the template editor below. To get this update, open dslrBooth, then click on Check for Update. You can also just download the latest version from http://dslrBooth.com/download/mac