hashPrinter Update for Windows and MAC

Instagram Support

Instagram has deprecated its API platform and replaced it with a new Instagram API that runs on Facebook. We have received Facebook’s approval to use this new API and have made the required changes to support this new API in this latest update. As of December 11th, all previous versions of HashPrinter will no longer retrieve photos from Instagram. To continue using Instagram, please update to the latest version and follow these instructions.

Unlock Full Screen with Pin Code

You can now require a PIN code to be entered to exit full screen mode. This is useful to stop guests from exiting the application.

virtual keyboard hashprinterYou can set the PIN Code under Settings in the bottom right of the main screen. To enter full screen mode, click on the Lock icon in the bottom right. To exit full screen mode, click on the unlock icon in the bottom right. If a PIN Code is set, full screen cannot be exited until the PIN Code is correctly entered.

hashprinter pin code


Virtual Keyboard

You now have the option of enabling a virtual pop-up keyboard to use when there’s no physical keyboard available such as when using tablets and kiosks. You can turn on the virtual keyboard under Settings in the bottom right and choose a language for the keyboard.

new virtual keyboard hashprinter

hashPrinter v2.6 Released

  • Returns higher resolution Instagram Photo.
  • Fixes rare instagram login issues for Mac users.
  • Non-square photos are fetched without cropping.
  • Compatibility with instagram’s latest changes.

Update by going to Help, Check for Updates (Windows), or hashPrinter, Check for Updates (Mac).

hashPrinter v1.15.1 update

We hope you enjoy these new features to our brand new hashPrinter for Instagram hashtag printing:

These updates were based on initial user feedback. As always, we’re always excited to hear what features you would like us to add to improve hashPrinter.

To get the update, restart hashPrinter and press accept the update and it’ll install automatically.

hashPrinter Instagram hashtag Printing Software

We are glad to announce the release of hashPrinter, a new member of dslrBooth’s line of software, which lets you run your own #hashtag printer using a computer and a printer.

Pick a unique hashtag for your event and hashPrinter will print photos by anyone with that hashtag. hashPrinter can automatically print all photos for this hashtag, or if you wish, guests can select the photos they like and print them out. hashPrinter currently runs on Windows and soon will run on Mac as well.