LumaShare v3.6 – Offline QR Code and WhatsApp Sharing

Offline QR Code sharing

Enhance the guest experience by allowing them to easily download their photos and videos without internet connectivity. Guests can now receive their photos and videos instantly over WiFi.

See how-to setup offline QR code sharing on our support site.

offline qr code sharing 2

WhatsApp sharing

Guests can also now share their photos and videos via WhatsApp by simply entering their mobile phone number on-screen and scanning a QR code.

Select the WhatsApp option on the sharing screen. You will be prompted to enter your number then a QR code will appear. Scan the QR code with the WhatsApp camera and a link will be copied and pasted for you to share your photo or video. You can view and download your guests’ WhatsApp phone numbers under Settings, Sharing Status, WhatsApp.


Other improvements:

  • Improve AirDrop sharing by hiding other sharing options.
  • Fix for vertical photo thumbnails showing blurry on 2×6 strips.
  • Fix for playing photo slideshow not properly updating with new photos.
  • Moved sharing buttons up on iPhones so they do not touch home bar.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

LumaShare v3.5 – Run on iPhones and play Vertical Slideshows

Support for iPhones

In addition to running on iPads, LumaShare now also runs on iPhones. This is perfect for quickly setting up a sharing station or for using the phone to cast a slideshow to an Airplay device or TV.


Support Vertical slideshows

To better showcase your vertical videos, LumaShare now supports playing vertical slideshow to a TV or monitor that is in portrait orientation.

Sharing buttons

You can now choose the location of the sharing buttons.

Bug Fixes & Tweaks:

  • Fix for emails HTML not sending when video is too large.
  • Add the ability to copy and paste SMS numbers.
  • Fix for manually uploaded photos to not showing on LumaShare.
  • Improve connectivity to dslrBooth + LumaBooth apps.


  • Fix QR Code not appearing if internet access is slow or intermittent on booth app.
  • Fix issue that occurred when an on-going session is opened in LumaShare not showing all new items.
  • Improve stability when running events with a few hundred sessions.

apple storeDownload the latest version of LumaShare from the Apple App Store.

LumaShare v3.4 – Play Slideshows

Play Slideshow over AirPlay or HDMI

IMG_4612 4

You can now use the slideshow feature to play a slideshow in the background to any AirPlay 2 device such as Roku, AppleTV, AirPlay-compatible Smart TV or Mac.

LumaShare can also play a slideshow over HDMI that you can connect to a TV. To do this, connect your iPad to your TV using a certified Apple usb-to-hdmi adapter. The  Also works with certified Apple usb-to-hdmi adapters.

More information

Easily Navigate to previous/next photo

Navigate across photos using swiping or arrows when each session only has one photo.

Bug Fixes

• Show selected AirPrint printers when using dark mode. Fix selecting of prints from the recenter printers list.
• Logout last shared Twitter user when sharing a new session.
• Speed-up refreshing photos/videos after adjusting the date date filter.

LumaShare v3.1

Updated Main Screen

The main guest screen now displays more thumbnails to allow for easier scrolling through sessions.

Export Shares

You can now export completed and pending shares to a CSV file including guests’ email addresses, phone numbers, and other sharing types. Settings > Sharing Status > Export.

Print Pop-up

The print pop-up now displays a + and – sign to make it easier to change the number of copies.

Next and Back Buttons

Next and back buttons have been added to the full screen view to view other photos/videos from the same session.










This update also includes:

  • Adds new animations when transitioning across different screens.
  • Adds a progress bar as a visual indicator so guests know how much time they have left to share their photos. The timer is restarted with every sharing action.

LumaShare (formerly fotoShare) app update 3.0

New Redesigned App

The fotoShare iPad app has been renamed to LumaShare to avoid confusion with the fotoShare Cloud hosting service. If you haven’t used the app before, LumaShare runs on an iPad and is a companion to both dslrBooth and LumaBooth. It lets your guests go back and view all photos, prints, GIFs, boomerangs, and videos from the booth and share them or print them. The entire app has been redesigned with a sleek new interface and guest-facing screens are customizable.

Group Session Items

Items of the same session will now be grouped together provided the latest version of dslrBooth or LumaBooth is used. On the main screen, guests can choose their session which will include their photos, prints, GIFs, boomerangs and videos.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (3rd generation) - 2019-10-03 at 13.08.03

Share Multiple Items

Once a guest chooses a session, they can share multiple items at the same time over email, sms, twitter, airdrop or print.


You can now have guests answer optional or required survey questions that will appear before their photos can be shared or printed. This can be used for asking for data collection or for complying with local data protection laws.
Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (3rd generation) - 2019-10-03 at 13.13.35 RESIZED

Set Max Prints

You can set the max number of prints per session or max number of prints per event to limit the amount of prints chosen by your guests.


Bug Fixes & Tweaks

This update also:

  • Fully supports iOS 13.
  • Supports larger screens.
  • Fixes blocked emails when sharing to yahoo email addresses.
  • Allows admin to set whether boomerangs can be shared or not.


  • Improves overall stability and performance.


  • Fixes printing of individual photos.
  • Fixes disclaimer agree button if theme color is white.
  • Fixes disclaimer warning if guest doesn’t agree to disclaimer.
  • Removes printing of multiple copies. Feature will be added back at a later date.

fotoShare for iPad Update v2.7.5

Download and Display Video

Download, display and share video. Requires latest versions of dslrBooth.

(Will be available for LumaBooth in next update)

Time Limit for Displayed Photos

Option to limit the displayed photos/gifs/prints to be within the last specific number of hours (Settings, General, Limit to Last x Hours).

Remove Facebook

Remove Facebook sharing as Facebook no longer allows posting to guest’s wall from 3rd party apps.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for sharing option not auto-opening after disclaimer is accepted.
  • Fix for some rare SMS sharing issues when there is no internet connection available.