dslrBooth for Windows v6.40.3 – Animated Video Overlays

Animated Video Overlays

Take your videos to the next level by adding animated overlays. Animated overlays add interest and excitement to your videos and result in a more polished look. Add multiple overlays to your video settings and have them rotate through with each new video session.

Select from our built-in overlays, purchase from our online store, or add your own. As an industry first, you can change the overlay’s color and opacity directly in dslrBooth in near real-time.

Checkout our support site for more details.

Animated Video Overlays at Our Store

Since animated video overlays require experience in motion graphics, we have designed an additional 10 overlays in each of portrait, square, and landscape format. Check them out at our online store.

Multiple Image Overlays and Sound tracks

Under video settings, you can now choose multiple image overlays and sound tracks and dslrBooth will rotate through them so your sessions don’t all look and sound identical.

Additional Video Resolutions

Choose between different resolutions including square format (720×720) under Video settings.


Done Button Reinstated

Due to feedback from our customers we have added the DONE button back to the sharing screen.

LumaShare for Sharing and Slideshow

lumashare-logo-1024bConnect our LumaShare iOS app to dslrBooth to allow guests to share their videos and photos via iPad. LumaShare will fetch the photos and videos from either dslrBooth or fotoshare.co when connected to your local wifi network or the internet and display them on the iPad. Guests can share their sessions, including videos and photos from their session via Email, SMS, Airdrop, QR Code and more.

LumaShare also supports playing a slideshow of all your videos and photos to Roku, Apple TV, and over HDMI.

Download from the Apple app store.

Bug Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fix for some photos not passing JPEG verification from some Sony cameras.
  • Fix for webcam videos playing black frames in the beginning when green screen is on.
  • Fix for sound cutting out at the end of the video when recordings are very long.


  • Fix for synchronization issue with large number of booths.
  • Fix for 360 video processing failing


  • Fix for video timelines not generating correctly


  • Fix for prints not cut when printing multiple copies from LumaShare companion app.
  • Fix for boomerang sessions freezing app with some Canon mirrorless cameras.
  • Fix rare issue for broken thumbnails of some video sessions.

LumaBooth v3.5 – AI Background Removal, Glam Filter, and Motion Detection

New Features

  • AI Background Removal – Remove your background without a green screen.
  • Glam Booth Filter – Awesome black/white filter for the popular glam look.
  • Automatically Configure Movement for Auto 360 Recording.
  • Send SMS (text) messages from your own number.

AI Background Removal

Using the new AI Background removal feature you can remove your photo’s or video’s backgrounds without having to use a green screen. This is perfect to remove busy backgrounds and leave the focus on your guests. As with green screen, you can select the backgrounds to use. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Background Removal and select AI background removal. Then upload your background images.

AI Background removal supports up-to 4 guests. We recommend that you keep guests close to the camera so that their height is at least half of the image height.

Unlike other apps, there is no additional fee to use this feature.

Glam Booth Filter

We showcased our new glam filter at the Photo Booth Convention in Las Vegas and it was a huge hit. The highly requested glam filter has been added as a built-in filter. Settings > Effects > Enable filters. Choose B&W Glam. Don’t forget to also turn on beauty filter which does skin smoothing for the best results.


Start Boomerang Recording With Spinner Movement

If you’re using LumaBooth with a 360 booth, you can start recording once the arm begins spinning. With this new update, we added automatic configuration of the sensitivity. Simply, tap Configure Sensitivity, start spinning the 360 arm and LumaBooth will learn the rotation speed. Next time, the app will automatically start recording when the arm starts spinning.

You can enable this feature under Settings > Capture Settings > Boomerang/360 > Configure Sensitivity. Once set, boomerang sessions will start as the tablet moves, perfect for 360 booths.

Send SMS (text) messages

By default, our LumaBooth and LumaShare apps send SMS from our phone numbers. You can now get your own phone number from the country of your choice.  This can be setup under fotoShare.co > Settings > SMS Settings.


Bug fixes & tweaks

  • Saved printer will show checked on printer list.
  • Video thumbnails will now show a frame from main recorded video instead of pre-roll.
  • Previous sessions more than 24 hours old will appear in the browse screen.