dslrBooth for Windows v5.5.16.1

This is an update addressing performance issues faced by users who use dslrBooth with no internet connection. After 1.5 – 3 hours, application would lag with v5.4 release. This issue has been addressed with this update.

Update also fixes issue where dslrBooth was not properly shut down on some Windows 10 machines and in that case, it would not be able to restart cleanly.

Please install the update by going to Help, Check For Updates or download directly from http://dslrbooth.com/download

If you had issues these last few days, we strongly encourage you to connect your camera and run dslrBooth through 30 sessions with no internet connection. You should have no issues after installing the update.

If you do have any additional concerns, please contact our support team at http://support.dslrbooth.com. If you need technical support, we can help you faster if you go to Help, Send Debug Log, and let us know the Case ID when you contact our support team.

We apologize for anyone who has had issues with dslrBooth over the last several days and we thank you for your patience.

dslrBooth for Mac v2.2

  • Set print limits per session and per event under Preferences, Print.
  • Quick selection for number of prints after pressing the Print button. Max number of prints can be set under Preferences, Print, Max Prints Per Session.
  • Support Canon EOS-1D X Mark II, EOS 80D, and EOS 1300D.
  • Fix for drag and drop on OS X 10.11.
  • Ability to drag and drop layers under LAYERS panel to reorder layers.
  • Template Editor bug fixes for resizing elements with aspect ratio, changing paper size.
  • Hide arrow on sharing screen if all sharing features are off.
  • Fix for automatically printing the correct number of prints set under Printer Settings.
  • Fix to restore missing and corrupt templates.
  • Fix for triggering Nikon D50 and D3200.

dslrBooth for Windows v5.4.30

Updates included in this release:

  • Allow sorting of green screen backgrounds by dragging and dropping from Green Screen window.
  • App will now remember the last used green screen and default to it for a new session.
  • Add button to print a test copy from the template editor.
  • Add additional placeholder fields to be used in HTML E-mail Templates. Image Page URL (fotoshare_url) and (attached_image_url). Removed character limit on email template. These changes should allow for much more flexibility when designing email templates.
  • Properly handle margins when printing with printers that can choose between borderless and bordered prints.
  • Better layout of sharing buttons on smaller screens.
  • Enlarge hotspot for entering/exiting full screen for smaller screens.
  • Add Keyboard shortcuts for choosing a template on the start screen (Right/Left/Space or Enter).
  • Disable Virtual Keyboard on Settings window.
  • Gallery of previous prints now displays photos sorted from newest to oldest.
  • Display loading graphic while sharing to guest’s facebook wall.
  • Fix space bar not working after printing.
  • Disable setting of data directory to network share.
  • Bug fix for issues with older Canon cameras that did not support liveview.
  • Template Editor bug fixes.