dslrBooth for Windows

This brings brings a couple of commonly requested features:

  • Option to move thumbnails during capture to top, bottom, left or right.
  • Option to set countdown colors.

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Remove sharing links on emails if removed from email template.
  • Memory usage tweaks.
  • Better handling of facebook errors for posting to facebook pages.
  • Speedup loading of settings window.
  • Bug Fixes.

hashPrinter Instagram hashtag Printing Software

We are glad to announce the release of hashPrinter, a new member of dslrBooth’s line of software, which lets you run your own #hashtag printer using a computer and a printer.

Pick a unique hashtag for your event and hashPrinter will print photos by anyone with that hashtag. hashPrinter can automatically print all photos for this hashtag, or if you wish, guests can select the photos they like and print them out. hashPrinter currently runs on Windows and soon will run on Mac as well.

dslrBooth for Windows v3.12.9.1


  • Add ability to set a Country Code for SMS messages.
  • Simplify E-mail configuration. There’s no longer a need to configure your mail server as we take care of that for you. Simply setup your FROM address and we’ll handle the email delivery for you.
  • Improvements for animated GIFs for older computers and Windows XP.
  • Bug fixes for live view for some Canon cameras.
  • Properly rotate preview image under Green Screen Preferences for portrait photos.