Win v. – Added Support for Canon EOS 700D, 100D, 1D C, 6D, EOS M

New Features

  • Added support for Canon EOS 700D, 100D, 1D C, 6D, EOS M (No remote triggering).


  • Make virtual keyboard larger on smaller displays.
  • Changed default layout background back to white.
  • Allow embedding of photo in outbound e-mail template using {image} tag. You can now create your own HTML templates for what you want your e-mails to look like and where you want the e-mail to go, just add the following text:

SMS Sharing and Photo Rotation – dslrBooth for Windows

New Features

  • Share your photos using an SMS message. You’ll first need to configure your settings for this feature to work under Settings > Sharing > SMS.
  • Ability to rotate individual photos in layouts in Layout Creator.
  • Ability to use HTML for e-mail body.
  • All sharing whether it be by e-mail or SMS is now logged including the guest’s e-mail or phone # and the photo that was shared.
  • Tweaks to virtual keyboard placement.
  • Performance enhancements when working with large JPG images.


  • If a layout includes a photo placement that is not the same aspect ratio as the photos getting captured, dslrBooth used to squeeze the captured photo to fit in the photo box. Now however, photos are centered and cropped inside the photo box so your photos are not distorted.
  • When converting prints to black and white, the overlay is no longer converted to black and white.