Windows Update v2.5.1.9 – You’ve got mail!

You guys asked us for an easy way to let guests share their photos by e-mail and we listened. With this update, there’s now an e-mail button in the bottom right, clicking it will allow your guests to enter their e-mail address and receive an e-mail with the image as an attachment. To get this feature working, go to Settings, Sharing, E-mail, and setup an e-mail provider. We even have a few e-mail providers pre-loaded in there such as gmail. Enter your username and password and click Test Connection. If it succeeds, you’re ready to use this feature.

This update includes a bug fix to an issue where users had to re-enter their settings and serial # every time following an update. We apologize for this annoying bug and you won’t have to deal with this for all future updates.

You can also set a different time before your first shot than your following shots to give your guests enough time to get ready.

Finally, we added a keyboard shortcut to the Green Settings Window using CTRL+g.

dslrBooth for Windows Released – New UI and Customized Screens

We have spent the last few weeks rewriting a good portion of the foundation of dslrBooth. The changes you can visibly see are:

  • Improved User Interface.
  • Easier to use settings.
  • Ability to set what is displayed before a new session starts. You now have one of three options:
    • Previous Print
    • Overlay Image
    • Custom Image. Here you can add your company logo, instructions for users, etc…
  • Ability to set a custom smile screen. This is the smiley face image that is displayed at the end of the count-down when the camera is auto-focusing.

We are now better prepared to add a slew of features that you have requested and are confident that you’ll love the updates we’ll be releasing this summer.

As always, we want to hear your voice. What do you think of this update? What features do you want us to add? Let us know in the comments or contact us directly.