dslrBooth for Windows v5.9

New features in this release:

  • Added optional disclaimer that guests must agree to (Settings, General, Disclaimer. Button text can be changed under Settings, Display, Text).
  • Added setting to adjust print margins and scale (Settings, Printing).
  • Added British and German prompts with male and female voices (Settings, Sounds).
  • Added Setting to select webcam quality and frame-rate (Camera, Webcam Resolution).
  • Add video thumbnails to browse view.
  • UI improvements to sharing screen.
  • Disable print button for 3 seconds to avoid accidental multiple clicks.
  • Modify attachments so they cannot be incorrectly cached by mobile email clients.
  • Fix for detection of Nikon D3000 and D3100.
  • Fix selection of live view key color.
  • Move facebook approval window lower on screen so guest can see the print before approving.
  • Make facebook guest login window taller to accommodate cookie notice.
  • Add lock/unlock and browse buttons to video start screen.
  • Lower CPU Usage for Sony cameras.
  • Fix for Sony cameras not getting detected with multiple network cards.
  • Properly relate shares to online image at fotoshare.co admin.
  • Improve quality of test photo on green screen settings screen.
  • Better handling of Canon busy errors. Also added option to delay triggering camera at the end of live view to avoid Canon busy error (Settings, Camera, Canon Delay Capture).

To update, go to Help, Check for updates or download the latest from http://dslrbooth.com/download.

dslrBooth for Windows v5.8.45

New features in this release:

  • The large majority of webcams are now supported. This allows you to use the built-in or an external webcam as a primary or backup camera giving you more flexibility when running your photo booth events. This option is enabled for everyone but can be disabled under Settings > Options > Enable Webcams.
  • Updates to handle changes introduced with Windows 10 Anniversary edition relating to full screen mode, swiping from edge of screen and displaying the Windows virtual keyboard. We recommend not running dslrBooth in Tablet Mode but it’ll work in Tablet Mode as well.
  • On higher-end computers, Live view frame-rate has been optimized to be to twice as fast.
  • Remove restriction that turned off live view after 5 minutes and restart live view if it’s turned off by the camera.
  • At end of countdown, White screen or Say Cheese image now shows a bit earlier than before to give time for guests to react.
  • Fix GIF generation in some rare cases where it was not generated.
  • App size is now 5MB less!

To update, connect to the internet, start dslrBooth, click on Help, Check For Updates.

dslrBooth for Windows v5.7.31

New features in this release:

  • Add survey answers and image data such as date and filename to prints. Template Editor, Add Image Data.
  • Set GIF animation speed. Settings, GIF, Delay Between Frames
  • Drag and drop multiple GIF overlays.
  • Set opacity for home screen unlock button under Settings, Display, Start Screen, Unlock Button.
  • Set transparent window for facebook page approval window.
  • Fix for some Canon cameras randomly disconnecting/freezing on capture screen.
  • Fix Template Editor test print for 2×6 2 per page.
  • Fix for recording video with specific Canon camera models.
  • Display effects window on same monitor as main window.
  • Fix for photo/video clipping on narrow screens.

dslrBooth for Windows v5.6.30

New features in this release:

  • Improved quality of prints.
  • Added Survey feature where you can ask guests text and multiple choice questions before they see their final photo. Settings, Survey.
  • Added GIF overlays feature where you can add a different overlay to every photo.
  • Added screen animation during count down.
  • Ability to have guest approve/decline background upload to Facebook Pages.
  • Fix for Printing a test from the Template Editor.
  • Improved speed of processing templates.
  • Bug fix for issue with Canon SL1.

dslrBooth for Windows v5.5.31

dslrbooth_standard_windows_software_boxNew Features:

  • Cancel session button has been replaced with retake button which will only cancel and start the timer to retake the previous photo and not the entire session.
  • In template editor, order of layers can be changed by by dragging and dropping.
  • Additional options for customizing e-mail body including ability to reference attachment directly, ability to download from iOS devices, and separate button to share photo on fotoshare.co site. Settings can be found under Settings, Sharing, E-mail.
  • Added European paper sizes.
  • Added support for Nikon D5 and D500.
  • Added support for Canon EOS-1D X Mark II, EOS 80D , and EOS 1300D (T6).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for downloading video from Canon 750D.
  • Deleted prints are no longer displayed on browse screen.
  • Fixed aspect ratio on photo + video start screen.

dslrBooth for Windows v5.5.16.1

This is an update addressing performance issues faced by users who use dslrBooth with no internet connection. After 1.5 – 3 hours, application would lag with v5.4 release. This issue has been addressed with this update.

Update also fixes issue where dslrBooth was not properly shut down on some Windows 10 machines and in that case, it would not be able to restart cleanly.

Please install the update by going to Help, Check For Updates or download directly from http://dslrbooth.com/download

If you had issues these last few days, we strongly encourage you to connect your camera and run dslrBooth through 30 sessions with no internet connection. You should have no issues after installing the update.

If you do have any additional concerns, please contact our support team at http://support.dslrbooth.com. If you need technical support, we can help you faster if you go to Help, Send Debug Log, and let us know the Case ID when you contact our support team.

We apologize for anyone who has had issues with dslrBooth over the last several days and we thank you for your patience.

dslrBooth for Windows v5.4.30

Updates included in this release:

  • Allow sorting of green screen backgrounds by dragging and dropping from Green Screen window.
  • App will now remember the last used green screen and default to it for a new session.
  • Add button to print a test copy from the template editor.
  • Add additional placeholder fields to be used in HTML E-mail Templates. Image Page URL (fotoshare_url) and (attached_image_url). Removed character limit on email template. These changes should allow for much more flexibility when designing email templates.
  • Properly handle margins when printing with printers that can choose between borderless and bordered prints.
  • Better layout of sharing buttons on smaller screens.
  • Enlarge hotspot for entering/exiting full screen for smaller screens.
  • Add Keyboard shortcuts for choosing a template on the start screen (Right/Left/Space or Enter).
  • Disable Virtual Keyboard on Settings window.
  • Gallery of previous prints now displays photos sorted from newest to oldest.
  • Display loading graphic while sharing to guest’s facebook wall.
  • Fix space bar not working after printing.
  • Disable setting of data directory to network share.
  • Bug fix for issues with older Canon cameras that did not support liveview.
  • Template Editor bug fixes.

dslrBooth for Windows v5.2.29

next5rdslrBooth now supports the majority of Sony cameras over wifi. Review our support site for a full list of supported camera as well as instructions on howto use with dslrBooth.

Other updates with this release:

  • Bug fix for displaying the browse previous prints button when using multiple templates.
  • Prevent displaying of windows 10 charms bar and other windows features when user swipes from edge of screen.

dslrBooth for Windows 5.1.31

New Features:

  • choose-a-templateAbility to have guest choose a template. You can now favorite multiple templates under template editor which guests can choose from. You can turn this option on under Settings, Display, Template.
  • App will auto-rotate your final image so it prints properly so you don’t need to manually set the page orientation under print settings.
  • Support for JPG photos from Photoshop.