LumaBooth Professional Photo Booth App for iPad Released


We are happy to announce the release of LumaBooth, our professional photo booth app for the iPad. LumaBooth puts you in complete control with fully manual control of the built-in cameras for consistent and high quality photos and prints. LumaBooth includes many of dslrBooth’s powerful features such as customizable templates, generating animated GIFs, and sharing to e-mail, sms, facebook, and twitter. You can also print to both Airprint and legacy desktop or professional printers.

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Release of hashPrinter for Mac

hashtag-sample-prints We’re glad to announce the release of our hashPrinter software for the Mac. hashPrinter allows to you to run a hashtag printing station printing all photos matching a specific hashtag or username from instagram. Guests can choose the specific photo to print or photos can print out automatically. Prints are fully customizable using our powerful template editor. The newly released Mac edition sports the same features of our windows software. If you’re a Mac user, check out the FREE trial version and test it out for your next event.


Announcing SlowGo, Slow Motion Booth Software

slowgo_tileWhile photo booths are still going strong and very popular for all sorts of events, there’s a new kind of booth that’s gaining traction in events. This booth is called Slow Motion Booth or SloMo Video Booth and the idea is pretty simple yet genius. You record your guests acting out by going crazy, dancing, jumping, kicking, punching, belly flopping, throwing items for a few seconds at a very high speed then playback the video 10x slower. The results speak for themselves.

“We are totally and completely obsesssed with slow-motion video booths.” —Huffington Post

This is the video that started the trend (way before SlowGo was released)

Up until now, the only way to shoot Slow Motion was to use a $7k-$30k camera which is out of the budget for the large majority of folks. Luckily, there are a few cameras on the market now that shoot slow motion (240fps) with very good quality. This got us thinking, perhaps we should help people run slow mo booths similar to how we were pioneers with releasing dslrBooth for running photo booths. The result is our new software SlowGo which connects to your camera, performs a count down, shoots video the slow motion video, downloads it, slows it down, plays it back to your guests and allows them to e-mail it to themselves. As far as we know, this is the only software of its kind available to the public. At this time, SlowGo is compatible with the GoPro Hero4 Black Edition. We’re working to add support for additional cameras in the near future.

If you’re still reading this, chances are you’re pretty interested. Great! Download a FREE Trial of our software, run it with your GoPro camera and have a blast. We’re very eager to hear what you think of SlowGo, so let us know your feedback and suggestions.

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What does footage from SlowGo look like? We’ve dome some preliminary tests and it looks great as long as you have enough lighting. We’re putting together a shoot and will share footage with you very soon.

Here’s another example for your entertainment and yes, this too was shot before SlowGo was released:

hashPrinter Instagram hashtag Printing Software

We are glad to announce the release of hashPrinter, a new member of dslrBooth’s line of software, which lets you run your own #hashtag printer using a computer and a printer.

Pick a unique hashtag for your event and hashPrinter will print photos by anyone with that hashtag. hashPrinter can automatically print all photos for this hashtag, or if you wish, guests can select the photos they like and print them out. hashPrinter currently runs on Windows and soon will run on Mac as well.

Share your photo booth photos using your iPad and our new fotoShare App

dslrBooth is always looking for ways to enhance your photo booth events and we’d like to share with you our latest app called fotoShare for the iPad.

The long lines are over
fotoShare allows your guests to share their photos from a different station using an iPad. This frees your booth to focus on what it does best, capture photos.

Easy Sharing
Your guests can now share to Email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter directly from an iPad all without any complicated setup

Complement your photo booth
fotoShare works automatically with dslrBooth for Windows to download your photos in real-time and showcase them to your customers.

Get the App Now
Be the spot light on the next event with our fotoShare App. You can now download the app directly from apple app store.

View fotoShare in action

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